Update 12–100 Day Challenge


Hello folks!

I can’t believe we’re on week 12 and it’s almost over, I’m actually quite glad it’s coming to an end. I’m in a position where I can’t spend much at the moment but I want to be able to pick up a lipstick in the supermarket, or the new MUA palette without thinking there’s so many weeks until I can. I want to be able to pick a bargain up in the sale, even if it’s at ASOS and means it’s actually at a price I would spend somewhere else full price.

However, this week I haven’t spent a single penny. I hit a goal which allowed me to treat myself to a new lipstick but i’m planning on holding off until the challenge has ended before I do so. I’ve limited myself to picking up a lipstick from Superdrug so I won’t be going for a high end one, no matter how much I wish I could.

This week I won 2 giveaways which put me in good spirits, I won a set of Bravissimo Lingerie from Elena who runs Frivolous Mrs D, and I also won a Lindt Easter egg and chocolate bunny from Sera at The Agoraphobic Fashionista. It has made this week much easier knowing I’ve had something to look for and the prize from Sera arrived to day, and on Friday i’m off to Leeds so that I can get fitted at Bravissimo and choose my lingerie set.

I’ve managed to have a great week without spending a single penny, which is a win for me!

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Week 7 - £13.40
Week 8 - £0.00
Week 9 - £14.00
Week 10 - £0.00
Week 11 - £0.00
Week 12 - £0.00
Total - £ 87.61


Tink x