MoneySupermarket - Passion For Fashion 2

I got an email from Best British Bloggers this morning about MoneySupermarket’s Passion For Fashion 2 competition and I decided to take part, mainly because i’m getting bored sat at home. I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping for clothes so I decided to create it into something a little more practical.
There are 3 categories and you’re required to create an outfit for each category coming in under £200. The prize is £1000 for a wee shopping spree, but there are also winners for each category who will win £200 to purchase their outfit. I thought this would be quite easy because I never have that much money to spend on an outfit, but once I’d started window shopping I came up with so many different outfit possibilities.
I decided to create outfits which would be ideal for my holiday to Ibiza at the end of May. “Woah, I’m going to Ibiza” Please tell me I’m not the only one what wants to sing the Vengaboys song when Ibiza is mentioned? Anyway on with the show!


1. Lace Trim Jersey Top – Simply Be £28|2. Floral Print Peg Trouser – ASOS Curve £22|
3. Lace Cat Ears Headband – ASOS £10|4. Flower Cutout Detail Bag – ASOS £35|
5. Toms Classic Canvas Flat Shoe – ASOS £35|6. Limited Edition Flower Bracelet – ASOS £10|
7. Susan Caplan 80s Delicate Yellow Necklace – ASOS £10|8. Passport Holder – ASOS £8|
9. Lion Stone Cocktail Ring – ASOS £10| Total = £133
For my casual outfit I decided to create something which would be ideal for traveling in. I know that I want to be comfortable but I want something which is suitable to wear during the day when I arrive, I don’t want to be walking around in my scruffs. The bag is the ideal size for carrying everything that I need while on the plane, I don’t want to overload myself with lots of things that I won’t use or which will weigh me down when I arrive but i’ll be able to fit a book, magazine, my DS, tablet, phone, purse, and passport in easily along with some miniature deodorant, suncream, and essential pieces of makeup. I don’t have a passport cover but this leopard print one will make it much easier to spot in my bag amongst everything else, so i’ll be able to quickly grab it when needed. I think the jewellery i’ve chosen is simple and delicate which is what the outfit needs, I don’t want to overload myself with colour and lots of pieces of jewellery. The cat ears are just a bit of fun which every outfit needs. I would have added a pair of sunglasses to my outfit but I already have a prescription pair to take away with me.


1. Maxi Dress – ASOS Curve £55|2. Cream Woven Beaded Low Wedge Sandal – New Look £19.99|
3. French Connection Flower Burst Box Clutch Bag – ASOS £60|4. Pearl Flower Necklace – Galibardy £12|
5. Vintage Gold Leaf Bangle – Galibardy £16|6. River Island Flower Garland Head Band – ASOS £8|
Total = £170.99
Although I’m going to Ibiza on holiday, I’m not going to be ‘partying’ we’ve chosen to stay in a quieter location because it’s a family holiday. We’ll be spending our evenings going out for dinner and having a few drinks, so i’ve chosen something that is quite elegant but still relaxed. I think the colour of this maxi dress is ideal for summer and the style of it lends itself to being dressed up or down. I don’t get one well with heels so the low wedges i’ve chosen will get me through the night quite easily and will dress the outfit up. I knew I had to include this clutch when I saw it and so i’ve gone for a floral theme with the accessories, The necklace and the bracelet are statement pieces which I think are ideal for such a simple outfit and will give it a bit of glam without over complicating it. I couldn’t not include the headband because it goes so well with the handbag and keeps it so that the outfit isn’t too dressed up for dinner and quiet drinks.


1. Isis Swim Bra – Elomi £38|2. Isis High Waisted Brief – Elomi £38| 3. Havaianas Slim Classic Flip Flop – ASOS £20|
4. Blue Floral Skater Dress – ASOS Curve £38|5. Pieces Gea Bracelet Pack – ASOS £9|
6. Bow Smart Bag – ASOS £32| Total = £175
As all my outfits are designed with my holiday in mind I created an outfit which is ideal for the beach. I wanted something which wasn’t created of too many pieces, and which I’d easily be able to fit into my bag and that’s why I chose a dress for my cover up. I know that when i go to the beach I won’t be spending my full day there so my outfit needs to lend itself for walking round a town, and having lunch at a cafe, or doing a spot of shopping. An essential for me this holiday will be the Isis bikini from Elomi, it will allow me to have well fitting swimwear so i’ll be able to go and play in the sea without having to worry that I might pop out. You can’t go wrong with a pair of white flip flops and I know they’ll lend themselves to many different holiday outfits not just for the beach. This bag is another one which will allow me to carry everything I need while I’m on the beach while also having space to put my dress in while i’m sunbathing or playing in the sea. The bracelets are just a nice simple touch to accessorise with and add an extra shade of blue.
All 3 of the outfits i’ve created include a floral theme, I hadn’t noticed this until I looked through after but i’m a sucker for florals so i’m not surprised. I’ve had fun creating these collages of images and it’s something i’ve never done before but I may have to do it again sometime!
Do let me know what you think of the outfits i’ve created for my holiday to Ibiza!

Tink x