Love Bravissimo


Last Friday I was lucky enough to win a set of Bravissimo lingerie in Elena’s birthday giveaway, I was very excited at this because I’m desperately in need of some new lingerie and don’t have the funds for any. Kathryn encouraged me to go and get fitted before I choose my lingerie, and I decided it would be a good idea to take her advice because I hadn’t been fitted for 5 years!

When I did get fitted 5 years ago it was at Bravissimo and the only reason I got fitted was because I need a strapless bra for prom and my mum’s wedding, both dresses were strapless! Back then I got fitted at a 38G and I think I’d been wearing a 40F because I could buy cheap bras in Primark, and I had about as much money then as I do now. However, in those 5 years my boobs grew and I went back to fitting myself into the bras that were cheapest and I could afford which meant I was usually wearing a 40G because they were available in ASDA for a while and so I could get a set of lingerie for around £10.

In October after reading numerous blog posts on how bras should fit I decided to take a look at my own. I was wearing a 40G, and I didn’t fit in the cups very well, and so I took the plunge and ordered a 38H online, I’d found a Curvy Kate bra for about £12 on Amazon so I decided it was worth the risk. When it arrived and I tried it on, I knew it fit a lot better than my old bras, the band was firm around the back and didn’t ride up, so I was happy with it. The only downside is I hadn’t bought any bra since and so I was still wearing my old 40G bras.

On Tuesday I got an email from Natasha at Bravissimo letting me know that if I was going to get fitted she would arrange an appointment for me and also let the store know about the set of lingerie I’d won so that I would be able to take it away with me. So yesterday I made a trip to Leeds and went to Bravissimo, I was fitted by Amy who was lovely and by looking at the bra I had on my one and only 38H she decided that it probably was the right size but that the style was wrong for me, and so she came back with a few different bras for me to try on. The first bra I tried on was the Pretty as a Pin Up bra, which has fuller cups and so it meant my boobs weren’t at risk of falling out and I loved it! It was comfortable and did fit a little better than the bra I had on before, I immediately felt better when I had it on because there wasn’t that risk of me falling out, and it looked great! I actually chose not to try on any of the other bras because Pretty as a Pin Up was the one that I loved online and which I really wanted to get.

Amy took me and my sister upstairs where we joined the queue at the tills, she explained that Su would have to put it through the till for me because it was a free set. While we were waiting in the queue Amy had a guess at what size bra my sister was wearing and what she would be, and encouraged her to go for a fitting at Bravissimo. She also told us how she now wears a 30F but used to be wearing a different size I think she said a 34D and how she can only get her bras at Bravissimo. We did have a small wait at the tills because both machines were being a little slow but Su apologised for our wait and let the queue know that they were having a few technical difficulties so nobody was wondering why the queue wasn’t moving as fast as they liked. Once we were at the till Su took over and she was lovely too, she was asking how i’d won the set and told me that she also has the same set of lingerie, and helped me choose which size knickers to get because they were sized in L, XL, 2XL and so I wasn’t sure which size was which.

I had a great experience at Bravissimo and I would recommend to anyone that they get fitted there!


I’m sure by looking at the picture above you can see the difference that my new bra has had, I no longer have wonky boobs, and the straps aren’t going to be falling down my arms like they did before.

Pretty as a Pin Up

Last but not least I offer you a picture of the complete set, i’m sure you’ll agree that it is gorgeous, I can’t wait to wear it!

Tink x