Love Bravissimo


Last Friday I was lucky enough to win a set of Bravissimo lingerie in Elena’s birthday giveaway, I was very excited at this because I’m desperately in need of some new lingerie and don’t have the funds for any. Kathryn encouraged me to go and get fitted before I choose my lingerie, and I decided it would be a good idea to take her advice because I hadn’t been fitted for 5 years!

When I did get fitted 5 years ago it was at Bravissimo and the only reason I got fitted was because I need a strapless bra for prom and my mum’s wedding, both dresses were strapless! Back then I got fitted at a 38G and I think I’d been wearing a 40F because I could buy cheap bras in Primark, and I had about as much money then as I do now. However, in those 5 years my boobs grew and I went back to fitting myself into the bras that were cheapest and I could afford which meant I was usually wearing a 40G because they were available in ASDA for a while and so I could get a set of lingerie for around £10.

In October after reading numerous blog posts on how bras should fit I decided to take a look at my own. I was wearing a 40G, and I didn’t fit in the cups very well, and so I took the plunge and ordered a 38H online, I’d found a Curvy Kate bra for about £12 on Amazon so I decided it was worth the risk. When it arrived and I tried it on, I knew it fit a lot better than my old bras, the band was firm around the back and didn’t ride up, so I was happy with it. The only downside is I hadn’t bought any bra since and so I was still wearing my old 40G bras.

On Tuesday I got an email from Natasha at Bravissimo letting me know that if I was going to get fitted she would arrange an appointment for me and also let the store know about the set of lingerie I’d won so that I would be able to take it away with me. So yesterday I made a trip to Leeds and went to Bravissimo, I was fitted by Amy who was lovely and by looking at the bra I had on my one and only 38H she decided that it probably was the right size but that the style was wrong for me, and so she came back with a few different bras for me to try on. The first bra I tried on was the Pretty as a Pin Up bra, which has fuller cups and so it meant my boobs weren’t at risk of falling out and I loved it! It was comfortable and did fit a little better than the bra I had on before, I immediately felt better when I had it on because there wasn’t that risk of me falling out, and it looked great! I actually chose not to try on any of the other bras because Pretty as a Pin Up was the one that I loved online and which I really wanted to get.

Amy took me and my sister upstairs where we joined the queue at the tills, she explained that Su would have to put it through the till for me because it was a free set. While we were waiting in the queue Amy had a guess at what size bra my sister was wearing and what she would be, and encouraged her to go for a fitting at Bravissimo. She also told us how she now wears a 30F but used to be wearing a different size I think she said a 34D and how she can only get her bras at Bravissimo. We did have a small wait at the tills because both machines were being a little slow but Su apologised for our wait and let the queue know that they were having a few technical difficulties so nobody was wondering why the queue wasn’t moving as fast as they liked. Once we were at the till Su took over and she was lovely too, she was asking how i’d won the set and told me that she also has the same set of lingerie, and helped me choose which size knickers to get because they were sized in L, XL, 2XL and so I wasn’t sure which size was which.

I had a great experience at Bravissimo and I would recommend to anyone that they get fitted there!


I’m sure by looking at the picture above you can see the difference that my new bra has had, I no longer have wonky boobs, and the straps aren’t going to be falling down my arms like they did before.

Pretty as a Pin Up

Last but not least I offer you a picture of the complete set, i’m sure you’ll agree that it is gorgeous, I can’t wait to wear it!

Tink x

All you need is love!



You may remember that the other week I wrote telling you that I had been made redundant, the reason I wrote it was because I was expecting to see changes in the blog. I’m sure you’ll have noticed already that i’m writing more often, one because I have the time to do so, and two because i’m not worn out from having spent all day on a computer typing. I’ve also had a play around with the sidebar and added some social media buttons, however that’s not what i’ve brought you here for today.

The morning after I wrote my last blog post I received a lovely email from Sarah at Pookledo saying that she wanted to send me a present and that I could choose anything from her shop up to the value of £10. I spent a small while looking through her website and it’s full of many beautiful things, every item on her website is a one of piece because Sarah makes everything by recycling different materials.

When I opened my parcel I found a lovely note from Sarah, wishing me luck on my job hunt, and a beautifully packaged gift.


I love the three hearts and they make the packaging that little bit more extra special.


The brooch looked just as lovely as it did on the website.


I can’t wait to wear it!

I choose this brooch out of all pretty things on Sarah’s website because the heart is made from Indian Agate and the properties of it were ones that called out to me. Indian agate is said to be a soothing and calming stone, which works to bring great strength, these are the properties that I know I will need in abundance while on the job hunt. I also liked that it had the word love on it because I will have God’s love with me when I am searching for a new job and even when I’m at interview.

I will be taking this brooch with me when I attend interviews whether I pin it a blazer when it matches me interview outfit or pin it to the inside of my bag, it will be with me to bring those properties when I need them most.

Another thing that I love is that blogging has introduced me to so many people that I would never have known. I met Sarah back in January at the clothes swap in Leeds, we actually shared a starter at Zizzi’s when we went out for something to eat. The people I have met through blogging have always shown me so much kindness, on the day of the swap Chloe was kind enough to lend me £20 so that I could go and enjoy the meal at Zizzi’s because I had managed to leave my debit card at home! Sarah has shown me the kindness again by giving me this gift.

Tink x

Update 12–100 Day Challenge


Hello folks!

I can’t believe we’re on week 12 and it’s almost over, I’m actually quite glad it’s coming to an end. I’m in a position where I can’t spend much at the moment but I want to be able to pick up a lipstick in the supermarket, or the new MUA palette without thinking there’s so many weeks until I can. I want to be able to pick a bargain up in the sale, even if it’s at ASOS and means it’s actually at a price I would spend somewhere else full price.

However, this week I haven’t spent a single penny. I hit a goal which allowed me to treat myself to a new lipstick but i’m planning on holding off until the challenge has ended before I do so. I’ve limited myself to picking up a lipstick from Superdrug so I won’t be going for a high end one, no matter how much I wish I could.

This week I won 2 giveaways which put me in good spirits, I won a set of Bravissimo Lingerie from Elena who runs Frivolous Mrs D, and I also won a Lindt Easter egg and chocolate bunny from Sera at The Agoraphobic Fashionista. It has made this week much easier knowing I’ve had something to look for and the prize from Sera arrived to day, and on Friday i’m off to Leeds so that I can get fitted at Bravissimo and choose my lingerie set.

I’ve managed to have a great week without spending a single penny, which is a win for me!

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Week 7 - £13.40
Week 8 - £0.00
Week 9 - £14.00
Week 10 - £0.00
Week 11 - £0.00
Week 12 - £0.00
Total - £ 87.61


Tink x

MoneySupermarket - Passion For Fashion 2

I got an email from Best British Bloggers this morning about MoneySupermarket’s Passion For Fashion 2 competition and I decided to take part, mainly because i’m getting bored sat at home. I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping for clothes so I decided to create it into something a little more practical.
There are 3 categories and you’re required to create an outfit for each category coming in under £200. The prize is £1000 for a wee shopping spree, but there are also winners for each category who will win £200 to purchase their outfit. I thought this would be quite easy because I never have that much money to spend on an outfit, but once I’d started window shopping I came up with so many different outfit possibilities.
I decided to create outfits which would be ideal for my holiday to Ibiza at the end of May. “Woah, I’m going to Ibiza” Please tell me I’m not the only one what wants to sing the Vengaboys song when Ibiza is mentioned? Anyway on with the show!


1. Lace Trim Jersey Top – Simply Be £28|2. Floral Print Peg Trouser – ASOS Curve £22|
3. Lace Cat Ears Headband – ASOS £10|4. Flower Cutout Detail Bag – ASOS £35|
5. Toms Classic Canvas Flat Shoe – ASOS £35|6. Limited Edition Flower Bracelet – ASOS £10|
7. Susan Caplan 80s Delicate Yellow Necklace – ASOS £10|8. Passport Holder – ASOS £8|
9. Lion Stone Cocktail Ring – ASOS £10| Total = £133
For my casual outfit I decided to create something which would be ideal for traveling in. I know that I want to be comfortable but I want something which is suitable to wear during the day when I arrive, I don’t want to be walking around in my scruffs. The bag is the ideal size for carrying everything that I need while on the plane, I don’t want to overload myself with lots of things that I won’t use or which will weigh me down when I arrive but i’ll be able to fit a book, magazine, my DS, tablet, phone, purse, and passport in easily along with some miniature deodorant, suncream, and essential pieces of makeup. I don’t have a passport cover but this leopard print one will make it much easier to spot in my bag amongst everything else, so i’ll be able to quickly grab it when needed. I think the jewellery i’ve chosen is simple and delicate which is what the outfit needs, I don’t want to overload myself with colour and lots of pieces of jewellery. The cat ears are just a bit of fun which every outfit needs. I would have added a pair of sunglasses to my outfit but I already have a prescription pair to take away with me.


1. Maxi Dress – ASOS Curve £55|2. Cream Woven Beaded Low Wedge Sandal – New Look £19.99|
3. French Connection Flower Burst Box Clutch Bag – ASOS £60|4. Pearl Flower Necklace – Galibardy £12|
5. Vintage Gold Leaf Bangle – Galibardy £16|6. River Island Flower Garland Head Band – ASOS £8|
Total = £170.99
Although I’m going to Ibiza on holiday, I’m not going to be ‘partying’ we’ve chosen to stay in a quieter location because it’s a family holiday. We’ll be spending our evenings going out for dinner and having a few drinks, so i’ve chosen something that is quite elegant but still relaxed. I think the colour of this maxi dress is ideal for summer and the style of it lends itself to being dressed up or down. I don’t get one well with heels so the low wedges i’ve chosen will get me through the night quite easily and will dress the outfit up. I knew I had to include this clutch when I saw it and so i’ve gone for a floral theme with the accessories, The necklace and the bracelet are statement pieces which I think are ideal for such a simple outfit and will give it a bit of glam without over complicating it. I couldn’t not include the headband because it goes so well with the handbag and keeps it so that the outfit isn’t too dressed up for dinner and quiet drinks.


1. Isis Swim Bra – Elomi £38|2. Isis High Waisted Brief – Elomi £38| 3. Havaianas Slim Classic Flip Flop – ASOS £20|
4. Blue Floral Skater Dress – ASOS Curve £38|5. Pieces Gea Bracelet Pack – ASOS £9|
6. Bow Smart Bag – ASOS £32| Total = £175
As all my outfits are designed with my holiday in mind I created an outfit which is ideal for the beach. I wanted something which wasn’t created of too many pieces, and which I’d easily be able to fit into my bag and that’s why I chose a dress for my cover up. I know that when i go to the beach I won’t be spending my full day there so my outfit needs to lend itself for walking round a town, and having lunch at a cafe, or doing a spot of shopping. An essential for me this holiday will be the Isis bikini from Elomi, it will allow me to have well fitting swimwear so i’ll be able to go and play in the sea without having to worry that I might pop out. You can’t go wrong with a pair of white flip flops and I know they’ll lend themselves to many different holiday outfits not just for the beach. This bag is another one which will allow me to carry everything I need while I’m on the beach while also having space to put my dress in while i’m sunbathing or playing in the sea. The bracelets are just a nice simple touch to accessorise with and add an extra shade of blue.
All 3 of the outfits i’ve created include a floral theme, I hadn’t noticed this until I looked through after but i’m a sucker for florals so i’m not surprised. I’ve had fun creating these collages of images and it’s something i’ve never done before but I may have to do it again sometime!
Do let me know what you think of the outfits i’ve created for my holiday to Ibiza!

Tink x

Corner of Creation – Butternut Squash Lasagne



Now that i’m out of work one of the main things I do is cook dinner, I have most of the day at home and as I can’t afford to pay board then it’s only fair that I contribute in another way.

My mum had said she wanted butternut squash lasagne, and so I set out with making one. I didn’t follow a recipe at all, I just made it up as I went along so I can’t give you an exact recipe but I can tell you what I used and the method I went with.


The first thing I did was collect up all of my vegetables I used, a butternut squash, courgette, red pepper, mushrooms, onion, and sweet potato. I ended up not using the sweet potato though.


I love how colourful it is!


I chopped my butternut squash, red pepper, half a courgette, and a handful of mushrooms and stuck them in a bowl which I put to one side while I fried up some onion. I only used half a n onion as that is all we had, so I fried it up in a minimal amount of oil before adding all the veg.


I would advise you use a bigger pan, mine was piled quite high and as you can see in the next picture I did get it all over the hob. I’d advise adding the courgette, mushrooms, and pepper before the butternut squash so that you can cook them a little with the oil. You might also want to add some garlic before your squash, I didn’t because I was planning on using some tinned tomatoes with garlic in.


I discovered that we didn’t have tinned tomatoes however we did have some passata so I added that to the pan and did my best to get it all mixed together. I added some basil, oregano, black pepper, and barbeque sauce, just to get the taste that I like, and what I expect from a lasagne.


I managed to throw half the pack of lasagne across the kitchen floor! To keep it quite low fat I choose not to add a white sauce and instead just sprinkled a little bit of cheese over the top when it had almost finished cooking.


It went down well, the folks enjoyed it and my mum was gutted that it was my stepdad who got to have the leftovers for his tea the next night because she went out.

This is something that was easy to cook, even if I did use a pan that was too small and created a lot of mess! I prepared and constructed it in the early afternoon so come dinner time there wasn’t much for me to do and my mum came home to a nice clean house.

Tink x

My blog is turning 1!


On 23rd April my blog will turn one and so i’m running a little giveaway to celebrate! I'm also a little amazed that I've managed to keep it up for so long, and I think that's down to the wonderful blogging community.

We all love our birthday presents, sometimes we know what our presents are going to be either because we’ve hinted very obviously, or because we’ve nagged enough, but there’s also those times when you don’t know what you’re going to get, whether it’s from an auntie and uncle you don’t really see, or a friend who knows you well enough to be able to surprise you.

I’ve decided that there will be two prizes for this giveaway, one which I will tell you about and is the main prize to be won, while the other is a mystery birthday gift.

The main prize will be a MAC Lipstick in a colour of your choice. I will most likely be purchasing the lipstick from Debenhams so direct yourself there to see which colour you would like to win.



The giveaway is open to the UK and Ireland only.
You must be following me either on GFC or Twitter
You must comment leaving the shade of lipstick you would like to win. This is the shade that you will receive.
You must leave your email address, this is so that I can contact you if you win.

As always i’ll be using Rafflecopter so there are a number of other ways which will allow you to gain extra entries. All entries will be moderated so i’ll know if you haven’t followed the rules above, and any entries from competition accounts will be deleted.

I've been told that the Rafflecopter tweet is playing up so here is the tweet for you 'I have entered @BethTinkerbell's 1st Blog Birthday giveaway! A chance to win a MAC lipstick or mystery birthday gift.'

The giveaway will run from today until 23rd April.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tink x

PCOS Weight Loss Update



If you have read this post and this post then you will already know that I’m trying to lose weight to help my PCOS. One of the main reasons that I decided losing weight would be a good option is because I feel as though i’m hitting the maximum for me, and also because it is one of the main things I can do to help my PCOS.

4 weeks ago I was prescribed Orlistat which stops the body from absorbing a third of the fat in the food that you eat. My doctor told me about one of the side effects and in her words ‘it might come out of nowhere’ and she was commenting about diarrhoea, because that’s the only way the fat can get out of your body. However, I have not suffered any severe side effects, the worst has been when I’ve eaten chocolate but we do all know that it is full of fat.

I’ve spent a lot of time this month going over the foods I’ve eaten and I have changed my diet. I’m still eating all of the foods that I love but I’m making sure that I cook with as little or no fat if I can. I’ve been taking much more interest in saturated fat content, the RDA for a woman is 20g, i’ve seen people recommend that for breakfast you have 5g, lunch 10g, and dinner 15g, so that over the course of a day taking the tablets you will end up having had 20g. I don’t see this working very well because i’m sure most people like me enjoy a snack and if you were to follow the set out then there would be no space for snacks which contained saturated fat.

I’m not measuring saturated fat in a way of having an allowance for each meal because I think that makes it too restricted, the yoghurt I have for breakfast is fat free so I don’t need to worry about any there, I also have a 10 o’clock snack which is usually a cereal bar at 1g and so with both of these I don’t take a tablet because there isn’t a large quantity of fat. I try to have soup for lunch most days and by making my own at home I can make sure that it is fat free, I have it with oatcakes, and a bag of baked crisps, sometimes i’ll have a mini muffin or two and my lunch time fat content is usually around 3g so i’ll have a tablet with my lunch. Dinner is cooked at home and so we might use a dribble of oil to fry some onions in but then everything else is cooked without oil, usually it’s a bunch of veggies either in a curry, or sauce so i’ll have it with rice of pasta which contain sat fat. I also use Quorn products which are really low in saturated fat making them perfect for replicating the meat dishes the folks have, I’m veggie so have being using them for years but I never realised how low the saturated fat was. I always have a tablet because it’s a larger meal and so there is always going to be a higher fat content.

I’m still having chocolate but I tend to opt for a CurlyWurly, Fudge, or Malteasers, or just a small quantity of chocolate like a row from a bar of chocolate rather than eating the whole bar.

I don’t think I’ve had a day where i’ve gone over the RDA for saturated fat, and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt hungry or noticed a difference. I’m continuing to eat the food that I love which is an important thing for me, it’s all well and good losing weight but if I was to make a drastic change to my diet and eat salads for every meal then it wouldn’t be effective in the long term because as soon as I started eating all the food I loved before then i’d pile the pounds back on.

I haven’t upped my exercise yet, I go for a walk on a Tuesday with my mums best friend and a few other ladies. I've bought some workout DVD’s but I haven’t got round to using them yet, even though I’ve had the time.

One thing I have decided is that I’m going to set myself a long term goal and smaller goals while reaching it. My first long term goal is to drop a dress size by the time I start college in September, however the first small goal I have is to reach a 5% weight loss from my original weight which I have now reached and so as soon as funds allow I will treat myself to a Rimmel lipstick. My next goal is a further 5% loss from my current weight which means I need to lose another 6kg, or 13lbs, I’m not expecting to reach this in the next 4 weeks but if I do then I’m planning on treating myself to an MUA palate.

An important thing for me is to reward my weight loss with something positive that isn’t food, don’t get me wrong on Monday i’ll have a slice of cake when I’m out with Steph and Rebecca, but that’s not a reward, I’ll be having it because I want a piece and i’ll enjoy it. I don’t want to reward myself with clothes until i’ve dropped a dress size because then I can get a few items which fit well for college.

I have yet to see the weight loss have an effect on my PCOS but it is early days and i’m hoping that losing the weight will allow me to see a difference even if it’s just having a period more than once a year. I know that's something some other people with PCOS wouldn’t want but i’ve been lucky in that i’ve never had period pains, it was just an annoyance and I loved the years where I didn’t have one!

I’m planning on keeping you updated every 4 weeks when I go to see the Healthcare Assistant at my doctors surgery, and the weigh in will come from what their scales say my weight is.

Please do let me know if you find these interesting because if you don’t then I won’t continue with them, or I’ll make them a lot shorter. I have a feeling they will be shorter than this in the coming weeks.

Tink x

Updates 8, 9, 10, and 11 – 100 day challenge

I apologise for my lack of updating, however I shall now wrack my brain and try to remember what I did each week.

Week 8

This was the week where I spent time listing a number of items on Ebay and went for the option of making money rather than spending money because lets be honest I really needed to be saving, which I haven’t done much of.

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Week 7 - £13.40
Week 8 - £0.00
Total - £ 73.61

Week 9

My Ebay listings ended this week and I managed to make about £60, which sounds great. However I decided to treat myself with my winnings and bought myself a gorgeous top from ASOS which was £14 with a discount code, and I also purchased part of my mum’s Mother’s Day present.

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Week 7 - £13.40
Week 8 - £0.00
Week 9 - £14.00
Total - £ 87.61

Week 10

Another great week where I didn’t spend a single penny on me but instead spent even more money on my mum for Mother’s Day, along with picking up a present for my Grandma. So it was a successful week, even if I didn’t have any spare money because I got to treat 2 of the most important women in my life.

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Week 7 - £13.40
Week 8 - £0.00
Week 9 - £14.00
Week 10 - £0.00
Total - £ 87.61

Week 11

I was made redundant on 14th which was the day after payday and so I haven’t spent a single penny on me this week because I quite simply couldn’t afford too. I have in fact been going through and cancelling all subscriptions and none necessary outgoings so that I can hope to keep my little car Oswin running. Luckily nothing has tempted me yet but if it does then there may be wish lists coming your way.

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Week 7 - £13.40
Week 8 - £0.00
Week 9 - £14.00
Week 10 - £0.00
Week 11 - £0.00
Total - £ 87.61

I think all in all I’m not doing too bad so far with the challenge and there are now only a few more weeks to go! I’m looking forward to it ending because i’ll be up at Loch Ness and be able to spend any money which may come my way over Easter.

Tink x

There shall be change

Some of you may be aware that I was made redundant last week, and because of this there has to be change.

I've already got myself back on the job hunt already and been sorting our my cv.

I don't think it has really sunk in yet, i've not cried or panicked. I do think it has done me a favour as I was getting stuck in a rut but I am hoping that something new does come along soon.

There is one benefit to being off work and that is I can pay more attention to my blog. I've been struggling to find the time to update and to use products to review and things. I do have some posts that I planned on writing back when I started my blog so hopefully I'll get those done. I'm not sure what direction we'll end up in but there will be change, even if it's only slightly more regular updates, though i'm not promising anything.

Tink x

One Direction!


Hello folksies,

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I went to see One Direction last night! *cue fangirling squeals* The tickets were a Christmas present from my mum for me and my sister to go, we both love 1D and it’s often our music of choice in the car.

I’ll share my outfit with you first and then I’ll share a few 1D pics, so this is your warning that it’s going to be picture heavy.



Top – Cult of Cali
Skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Red Nose – Sainsbury’s

I love this top, it’s great for flashing a bit of skin while still being acceptable, plus it’s still cold outside, I don’t want to be freezing! I picked the skirt up just before Christmas and I find it a wee struggle to find things to put with it because it’s quite a dressy skirt and it’s also quite short meaning it often isn’t appropriate to be worn.

I’ll also introduce you to my baby sister Smegs!

Top – Boy London
Jeans – I don’t know (I’ll come back to you on that one, possibly)
Shoes – Vans

My sister spoilt herself and bought a 1D t-shirt, however she was nice enough to buy a children’s top so that I could pick up a wrist band!


We got ourselves early and seated, so there were plenty of photos taken on my phone, but they are yet to have Smegs’ approval for public releases. Neither of us were impressed with the first support act Camryn, the girls next to us also didn’t like her, I just found that I couldn’t understand what the words were she was singing. She did a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger but even that wasn’t great, though we did get up and dance.

However, we fell in love with the second support act 5 Seconds of Summer, there can’t be a single girl there who wasn’t with us and I imagine there were many boys who joined us in our love! The first thing I did after their set was over was find them on Twitter and start following them.


Smegs has love for Calum that bass player, while my love definitely goes to Ash the drummer, I may have listened to Heartbreak Girl on repeat this afternoon.

You’re about to get pretty much all the good pictures from my Facebook album, so for those of you which i’m friends with, here is the condensed version!

As you’ll be able to see we did have pretty ace seats, there was a small stage towards the back of the arena which we were sat by so it was amazing when they came out to it!







The obligatory shot of Naill’s bum which would have got me killed if we came home without!


We had a fabulous night, and I do wish I could go back tonight, though I’m not so sure Smegs would. Smegs is now suffering from a very croaky voice from all her screaming last night!

Tink x


This is the last week of the plus size workwear challenge. I'm really sad to see it end, i've really loved doing it. I've had the odd week where i've been prepared in advance with photos and others where i've snapped them moments before i've written the post. So thank you Naomi for organising this!

The theme for this week was freestyle, which worked out well for me because Friday's are our dress down day in the office. I actually broke out the jeans this week, i usually avoid wearing them, i love wearing other trousers but me and jeans haven't really found a happy medium since my last pair of black jeans when I was at college.

I love my sheer shirts, I own three, two of which are black and the other is a nude colour. However I only own brightly coloured bras and so they are always on show, i do need to invest in some staple pieces of lingerie.

Jeans - F+F at Tesco
Shirt - Evans

Tink x