'Stepping out of your comfort zone'


I struggled to think of something to wear for this weeks challenge, I’ll try pretty much anything and i’m not one for hiding away these days. I also think that everything in my wardrobe is something that is within my comfort zone, why would I buy it if it’s not something that I love and will wear? I do sometimes think that my choice in outfits is clothing that is out of other peoples comfort zone much more than it’s out of mine.

I decided to take a look at the theme and chose to focus on the word ‘stepping’ and it made me realise that all the shoes that I wear on a regular basis are flats, I don’t get on well with heels and so I decided this week that wearing a pair of heals would be literally stepping out of my comfort zone.




Shirt – Simply Be
Trousers – ASOS Curve
Shoes – New Look

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t actually wear these heels to work, I went on a 3 mile walk last night and my legs are killing me, I could only just about manage walking in flats never mind heels!

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Tuesday - Gina www.fatfitfine.blogspot.co.uk, Rosie www.aroselikethis.blogspot.co.uk
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Thursday – Hanna www.thewardrobechallenge.co.uk, Sara www.confusedbrit.wordpress.com
Friday – Gemma www.pinkgemmaplus.blogspot.co.uk, Amanda www.cruellamcg.wordpress.com

Tink x

Ps. I’ve changed my twitter name from @TinksLostGirls to @BethTinkerbell