Farmyard Fun

I don’t know about you but finding wellies to fit round my calves is always a difficult task, the last time I bought a pair of wellies I ended up with men's in a size 9, or something equally as ridiculous and even then they didn’t fit well on my calves and they bunched up at the bottom.
I find that wellies are essential when you have family that live on a farm, especially when like me you don’t own much in the way of sensible footwear. There’s lots of gorgeous pairs of wellies about at the moment but i’ve been unsure about trying them, but when Kieron was asking if anyone wanted to review a pair ofvwellies over on twitter I jumped at the chance.. I took a look at the selection Barratts offer hoping there would be a pair which I would be and I found the perfect pair from their selection of wellies.
I chose a pair of mid calf wellies, I thought that they would give me the best chance of fitting my calves in, and when they were in leopard print well I just couldn’t say no! I got them in a size 8 so that I would be able to add some thick socks underneath for when I’m out in the snow. I can’t wear anything too thick with them like jeans because they will bunch around my ankles but I should be fine with thick tights. Unfortunately I don’t know what size my calves are, but at £13.50 they’re well worth trying.
Take a look at the website and you’ll find many gorgeous pairs of wellies, and with the weather being as miserable as always it’s great to have a gorgeous pair on hand to brighten up the day!

Tink x

I was sent these to review but all opinions are my own.