'Pop Yo Colour'

This weeks theme for plus size workwear was 'pop yo colour'. I found this a little difficult because I wear a lot of colour and I wanted to wear something that isn't what I would normally choose for work.

I've been wanting to show you this dress since I bought it but I never got round to it. The lovely Rosie tweeted a picture of it and I wanted it instantly but it was from the straight sized range so I didn't think i'd ever get to own it. Rosie tweeted me and told me that she'd bought an 18 and could have sized down again and that I should give it a go. She also offered me a 25% off student discount code that she had so I couldn't resist buying it.

Dress - ASOS
Hat - Ebay
Tights - Primark

Tink x

Corner of Creation


This is going to be a new little feature on my blog where I can share the things i’ve been cooking or the things i’ve been crafting. I often make and cook the odd thing that i’m proud of and want to share but i’ve been a bit unsure as to whether my blog is the place to do so, i tweet pictures. These are things that I enjoy doing and so i’ve decided to make the space to share them, sometimes I might show you what i’ve made and other times I might tell you how to do it.

It won’t be a feature which will appear once a week or once a month but it will appear as and when I have something which I want to share. It will probably occur more during the summer when I have the time to do more. During the winter it’s always so dark that I don’t want to start crafting but the evenings seem to last a lot longer during the summer!

Tink x

What happened after the doctors?


If you saw this post you’ll know that I went to the doctors last Thursday. The good thing is that my doctor was really understanding and that she said I didn’t have to go back to seeing the consultant which was my big worry. She actually told me that seeing the consultant is a waste of time because they won’t do anything unless you’re having fertility problems. I’m not at the stage where I want to have children so there is no point in me going to see them. I will be going to see the skin specialist but that’s not the reason for this post because until I get an appointment through i’ve no idea what is happening.

By taking control of my PCOS and doing something about it one of the things I need to do is lose weight. It will be really difficult to lose a lot of weight just because of how to help PCOS you need to lose weight but yet it makes you gain weight. I’ve got to the point where i’m fed up of being breathless climbing the stairs, or walking to the shop, i’ve started walking with a group of other people, and i’m going to start up Zumba again. This is one of the things I spoke to the doctor about and she’s prescribed me Orlistat to help me lose weight because the only other thing they can offer is joining a weight management group at the sports centre but it only runs Monday to Friday during the working day, and I’d be unable to take time out of work to do it.

Orlistat stops the body from taking in all the fat from the food you eat, your body still absorbs some of the fat but not all of it, so when it is combined with exercise you start burning the old fat in your body because it hasn’t absorbed enough new fat to burn up. However because you’re not absorbing the fat it has to come back out and so that’s a side effect which isn’t nice but it works on encouraging you to avoid the foods high in fat because the side effect from eating them is not nice.

The idea is that you take 3 tablets a day one before each meal, however due to not knowing how they will effect me and my need to be rushing to the toilet, my doctor has recommended that I start with taking one in an evening at home. Once i’ve learnt how they effect me and which foods are better to eat i’ll be able to begin taking them with every meal. I have been prescribed a 3 month course which is the most they can prescribe you, and during the 3 months I have to have a monthly visit with the Health Care Assistant at the surgery, before seeing my doctor at the end of the 3 months and deciding what we should be doing next. During the 3 months I have to lose 5% of my body fat which is about 1.5lbs a week, which is a healthy rate to be losing weight, if it doesn’t work we’ll think of trying something else and if it does work then i’m not sure where we go from that. I assume that the idea is in the long term that i’ll be eating food with so little fat in that I don’t need to be taking the tablets, and that I can just continue with the healthy diet that I should develop.

I’ve decided that I will blog my journey taking these, because it may be something that someone else finds useful and i’ll make note of the changes I make to my diet too. I am also planning on writing a food diary so that I can clearly see the changes throughout the 3 months. I did think about adding a picture to this post, but I think there will be enough going up on the blog that it should be relatively easy to track any loss.

I don’t have a goal weight in mind for this but ideally i’d like to drop 2 dress sizes and get back to the size 18 I was at about 2 years ago.

Tink x

Updates 5, 6, and 7 – 100 day challenge


I guess I should start by apologising for not having updated you about how i’m doing, the truth is it’s just slipped my mind.

Week 5

I think this was the week that I had trip to Preston, and I did spend £3.49 in Boots on some night cream, but that is the only thing I spent that I wasn’t allowed to spend. I did spend on an over indulgent meal at pizza hut, but it’s one of those things that you just do. We had a really fun trip and I had my first ever visit to Hobbycraft! I loved it in there, it was like putting me in a sweet shop or Toys R Us, it was just so much fun and I had to touch everything.


Me in Hobbycraft wearing the ASOS dress which I bought during week 4.

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Total - £ 60.21

Week 6

This is the week where I didn’t spend a single penny on me because I was busy buying birthday presents and gifts for the Valentine’s swap which I took part in. I didn’t miss not receiving anything for the money spent, but I still got to enjoy spending money. I do enjoy the thrill I get from spending money. However I did choose to spend the gift card i’d got as a Christmas present from one of my wonderful friends and I treated myself to my first ever MAC lipstick, and i’m looking forward to buying more once I’m allowed too.

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Total - £ 60.21

Week 7

I had a few days off work ill this week and when I woke up on Wednesday morning I found an inbox full of emails due to spending money online, I’d placed an order with Yves Rocher taking advantage of a special offer which had been emailed to me. I don’t remember placing the order but I was practical with it, I bought some make up removal wipes, nail varnish remover, and a face mask for £13.40 including postage and I also got a free gift of a 50ml bottle of perfume.

Week 1 - £12.98
Week 2 - £12.50
Week 3 - £10.24
Week 4 - £21
Week 5 - £3.49
Week 6 - £0.00
Week 7 - £13.40
Total - £ 73.61

I’m hoping that this week can be like week 6 where I don’t spend any money on me.

Tink x

'Stepping out of your comfort zone'


I struggled to think of something to wear for this weeks challenge, I’ll try pretty much anything and i’m not one for hiding away these days. I also think that everything in my wardrobe is something that is within my comfort zone, why would I buy it if it’s not something that I love and will wear? I do sometimes think that my choice in outfits is clothing that is out of other peoples comfort zone much more than it’s out of mine.

I decided to take a look at the theme and chose to focus on the word ‘stepping’ and it made me realise that all the shoes that I wear on a regular basis are flats, I don’t get on well with heels and so I decided this week that wearing a pair of heals would be literally stepping out of my comfort zone.




Shirt – Simply Be
Trousers – ASOS Curve
Shoes – New Look

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t actually wear these heels to work, I went on a 3 mile walk last night and my legs are killing me, I could only just about manage walking in flats never mind heels!

Monday – Claire www.amonkeyfatshionista.co.uk, Laura www.whatlauralovesuk.com 
Tuesday - Gina www.fatfitfine.blogspot.co.uk, Rosie www.aroselikethis.blogspot.co.uk
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Friday – Gemma www.pinkgemmaplus.blogspot.co.uk, Amanda www.cruellamcg.wordpress.com

Tink x

Ps. I’ve changed my twitter name from @TinksLostGirls to @BethTinkerbell

My head is all jumbled up.

I'm off to see the doctor on Thursday and I'm not looking forward to it, I know that because I'm going about my PCOS I'm likely to get a telling off.  I haven't been to see the consultant in about 5 years, I stopped going because it was a waste of my time, I went every 6 months to be told to lose weight. They didn't offer me any help, I was told eat low GI and to this day all I know about that is opt for wholemeal. I was only told to lose weight and that they could help me when I want to have children.  

At 15 I had no interest in having children and I was told that the lining of my womb is being destroyed and getting pregnant and carrying to full term wasn't likely to happen. I've just accepted that I won't have children because if it was in a bad shape then, what is it going to be like now? The only thing they did for me was put me on microgynon 30 to balance out my oestrogen to regulate my periods, I stopped taking it about 7 years ago, I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of having periods, I wasn't having sex and even when I did start having sex I wasn't going to get pregnant. When I stopped taking it I went 5 years without having a period and now I get one once a year, it lasts about a week so I can't complain about that.  

I know that at 21 I need to start taking control and caring about my PCOS but I know that whatever I do won't be good enough for them. It takes time and money to visit the consultant and I don't want to have to start going only for them to tell me to lose weight again without having them give me any help. I've tried doing it multiple times and I always fail, I need someone to tell me yes and no to which foods I can eat so that i have someone to argue with when they say no.  

Honestly I just don't know what to do and I need someone to hold my hand and tell me what to do.

February Glossybox

My Glossybox arrived last Saturday, and I really enjoyed opening it, it was just like receiving a Valentine's gift because the box is themed around Valentine's Day.

It looked great with the big bow printed on the box but then I opened it to find 5 products which i'd use and a lovely love heart shaped lolly. So what were the 5 products? I received a sample of l'eau Narcisco Rodriguez, MeMeMe Beat The Blues, MICABELLA mineral blush, Helen E lipstick, and Docteur Renaud rasperry soft cream.

L'eau, Narciso Rodriguez - This fragrance really does smell lovely, I have one fragrance which i stick to and I often avoid smelling others because usually it is only the alcohol that I can smell. I sprayed this on and immediately I could smell that it was a musky fragrance which is really subtle and elegant.

Beat The Blues,  MeMeMe - I can't wait to use this illuminator when I next do a full face of make up, it blends really easily, unfortunately the applicator is very stiff and the bristles have stuck together so I will have to use another brush with it.

Mineral Blush, MICABELLA - i received this in shade Siera Suede which is quite orange in colour in comparison to the pink that I normally wear, I've only tested it on my hand but I do know that I'll have to be very careful and build it up otherwise it could go very wrong for me.

Raspberry Soft Cream, Docteur Renaud - this cream smells glorious,  almost quite edible but I don't advise that! It's a hydrating cream and makes for a very lovely morning moisturiser. At £25 for 50ml I don't think I'll be able to repurchase no matter how much I enjoy using it.

Moisturising lipstick, Helen E - I received this in the shade Marshmallow which is a very bold pink, I think you could call it Barbie pink. I am looking forward to trying it and seeing if I can pull off such a colour.

Also for those of you wondering the lolly tastes great too!

Tink x

Farmyard Fun

I don’t know about you but finding wellies to fit round my calves is always a difficult task, the last time I bought a pair of wellies I ended up with men's in a size 9, or something equally as ridiculous and even then they didn’t fit well on my calves and they bunched up at the bottom.
I find that wellies are essential when you have family that live on a farm, especially when like me you don’t own much in the way of sensible footwear. There’s lots of gorgeous pairs of wellies about at the moment but i’ve been unsure about trying them, but when Kieron was asking if anyone wanted to review a pair ofvwellies over on twitter I jumped at the chance.. I took a look at the selection Barratts offer hoping there would be a pair which I would be and I found the perfect pair from their selection of wellies.
I chose a pair of mid calf wellies, I thought that they would give me the best chance of fitting my calves in, and when they were in leopard print well I just couldn’t say no! I got them in a size 8 so that I would be able to add some thick socks underneath for when I’m out in the snow. I can’t wear anything too thick with them like jeans because they will bunch around my ankles but I should be fine with thick tights. Unfortunately I don’t know what size my calves are, but at £13.50 they’re well worth trying.
Take a look at the website and you’ll find many gorgeous pairs of wellies, and with the weather being as miserable as always it’s great to have a gorgeous pair on hand to brighten up the day!

Tink x

I was sent these to review but all opinions are my own.

Pencil Skirt or Pussy Bow

Hey folks,

This weeks theme is one which I worried about because I don't own anything with a pussy bow and this skirt is the closest I have to a pencil skirt.

Excuse my head being cut off but i'm off work ill and the effort required to make myself acceptable was far too much, taking photos wore me out but they're done.

Skirt - Next (from Ebay)
Blouse - ASOS

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Tink x

How to ‘Werk’ the Blazer


Hello Folks,

This is the first of 5 plus size work wear outfits, as part of the Plus Size Workspiration Challenge, it’s the brain child of Naomi. There will be a new outfit from me each week, but 10 girls are taking part so there’ll be 2 new outfits each day and I will link to everyone who’s taking part below so that you can visit them on the days they’re posting.

Each week has a different theme and this weeks is how to work the blazer. As a general rule I don’t wear a blazer, I work in an office where the dress code is smart casual which really means where what you like as long as it’s not tracksuit/joggers, jeans, or trainers. I love our office dress code because it means that if i’m in a rush and i’ve forgotten to plan an outfit then I can just put on the first thing I find and it’s likely to be acceptable. 



Dress – Simply Be but I bought it from Kaye for a bargain - £9
Blazer – New Look - £12
Tights – Primark – £3 (part of a pack of 3)

I’m not sure the navy works so well with this combo but if I had an oxblood blazer then it would go really well with tights, or maybe I should just get some navy tights. I do own two other blazers but one’s black and the other cream so neither would have worked so well. I did have a different outfit planned but I couldn’t resist wearing this dress when it arrived and so a new outfit was born.

Monday – Naomi www.diamondsnpearls.co.uk 
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I hope you enjoy everybody else’s looks this week!

Tink x

A series of unfortunate events

Hey folks!  

I decided that we need some posts which were a little more chatty rather than boring, hence why I'm writing this in the car on the way to do the food shop, that and I've dropped my phone under my seat!  
Today has been a bit scary! I had to ring a client at work, which is something I don't do. I really don't like calling people who I don't know. I get really nervous and I worry about saying the right thing or not being professional enough. Once I'm on the phone talking I just forget about everything and I'm focusing on getting enough notes which I can understand.  

My poor Oswin had a flat tyre today, I took myself off to the petrol station to put some air in so I could get home. I didn't fancy the idea of getting mucky and changing the wheel. I couldn't get any air in my tyre first time, so I gave my stepdad a call to find out what I should do. He asked if the tyre was completely flat, how am I supposed to know? It's flat enough that I could see it! He couldn't come out and told me to ask for help, I didn't want to look helpless and ask for help from a stranger so I gave putting air in another go and succeeded! I rewarded myself with some chocolate from my hand bag.  

You won't believe what happened when I got to the supermarket to do the food shopping, I only discovered that I'd bloody left £5 at the other supermarket when I was there earlier today! I was in one supermarket ringing the other and luckily someone had handed it in!  
I also have an outfit for you, this is today's outfit. I was feeling ridiculously bloated from last nights Pizza Hut so I went for the super comfy Mimosa pants from Evans. I love these pants but i'm never quite sure how to style them but I don't think I did too bad today, but you can be the judge of that.

To end on a wee high note, I made the brooch I'm wearing!

Tink x