OOTD: Christmas Day



I thought I’d share with you the outfit which I wore on Christmas day, I also wore it on Saturday when we had our girlie Christmas night.

I chose to wear the dress which I won from Excite Clothing on the first day of their advent competition on Twitter. I was able to choose anything from their website, and I went for the sequin black chiffon shirt dress. The dress has a gold sequin collar, and sequin cuffs, it comes with a chiffon belt but I choose to add my own from Dorothy Perkins.

Dress – Excite Clothing
Belt – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Look at our homemade bunting in the background!

Chiffon sleeve and sequin cuff.


I really love this dress, it’s comfortable to wear and I didn’t have to worry about my boobs trying to escape, I got a 22 and it was very true to size and my 38H boobs had no chance of escape. If you have bigger boobs than me then I would recommend you size up because if mine were bigger then there would be a bit of gaping.

Tink x

NOTD: Christmas Day Nails



I hope you all had a nice Christmas, and got some fab pressies!

Just a quick NOTD post from me today because I’m off up to Scotland to spend Boxing Day with my mum’s family. We’re even getting more presents because my Auntie decided to keep our presents so that we’d have some to open when we’re all together.

I treated myself to an OPI nail varnish from Ebay last week, from the Holland collection, and because it arrived on Friday, I knew I was going to have to wear it and so decided it would be perfect for my Christmas day nails.


OPI – Thanks A Windmillion
Rimmel – Rock Your Colour Topcoat

It’s a lovely pale bluey green, the listing described it as khaki, but I see khaki as being quite a dark colour which this isn’t.

I struggled to capture the glitter.


Tink x

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello folks,

Merry Christmas!

Today is also my birthday and so i’ve decided to run a birthday give away which is UK only. This give away has just the one prize featuring a number of things which I would love to receive for my birthday!

All the items have been bought by me, and the prize includes products from:

Barry M
Burts Bees
Models Own
018This empty beauty box just happened to be the perfect size for all the goodies.

There's just one rule and which is that you must be following my on GFC or Twitter, I will be moderating all entries and checking them, and don't forget it's UK only.

It will be running for a month, starting today my birthday and ending on my sisters birthday! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tink x

All 24 days of Advent

Just a warning this post will be picture heavy.

I thought I would share with you everything that I got in my advent. As I said yesterday, i've really loved taking part, and a think a variation of this is something which I will add each Christmas, especially if I ever had children. I will definitely take part again because it has been fun the whole way through.

Tink x

On the 24th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me Beetle Drive!

I actually don't think i've ever played this game but it will be perfect for tomorrow! Every year we play a game together as family but we've not bought a new game for this Christmas, but instead of trivia we can for a classic game of speed and luck!

I've really enjoyed taking part in The Advent Present Project and i'm sad to see the end of it. I can't wait to see it back next year!

Tink x

On the 23rd day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me a Hello Kitty Fashion Journal.

I spent time looking through this morning and it looks ace. There's tips on getting a career in fashion, tips on what items should be in your basic wardrobe. There's also space to write things in.

Tink x

On the 22nd day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me an owl bracelet!

I have a few little bracelets like this which I love! I like to put them on when I'm wearing something plain and don't want too much jewellery on.

I also love owls and have a bracelet like this so the two owls can now be friends :)

Tink x

On the 21st day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me a Terry's chocolate orange.

Christmas wouldn't be the same if I didn't get one of these, though normally it's found in the bottom of my stocking on Christmas morning.

It's not Terry's, it's mine!

Tink x

On the 20th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me Dairy Milk.

I opened this just as it turned midnight because I was staying up late to do work. A little bit of chocolate was a great help but I didn't get round to finishing my work.

Tink x

On the 19th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me The Nightmare Before Christmas!

This is the best film ever to watch early, this film csn come out in October. I must admit I haven't watched it yet this year and so it may come out tomorrow night!

Tink x

On the 18th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me Cath Kidston hand cream.

This hand cream is honeysuckle scented which sounds ace and I'm a little tempted to swap it with the Rose one in my handbag.

Tink x

Christmas Traditions


Hello folks,

We’re now only 1 week away from Christmas, which is very exciting!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and the worst time of year, 1, It’s Christmas YAY!! 2, It’s my birthday Sad smile everyone thinks being born on Christmas day is ace but i actually only get about half an hour for my birthday, which isn’t fun. I open presents blow out candles and then it’s back to Christmas.

Still, I am a mad Christmas fan and it is one time of year which I get really excited about. Christmas is full of many traditions for our family. We have traditions which involve us three girls, traditions which involve my mums best friend, and traditions for Christmas day which involve the family.

One of the traditions we have for the three of us is decorating the Christmas tree, we will spend a Sunday going out to choose one, and then we will decorate it. It is so much fun and once the tree is up the Christmas music will come out and we can sing along and have fun. We also start wrapping presents once the tree is up, and we’ll spend an evening wrapping presents together, and each of us has our role, i’m the sellotape cutter, my sister is the paper holder, and my mum does the actual wrapping.

Every year with my mums best friend our first Christmas tradition begins in September or October when we bake our Christmas cake, the only thing as children we are allowed to do is stir the mixture and make a wish before it goes in the cake tins. As i’m an old child now, I do get the job of photographing the process, because no one knows what making Christmas cake looks like. We try to make a different recipe every year because we’re on a quest for the perfect Christmas cake. When it gets to December we try to get together once a week to have tea and watch a Christmas film, our first one is usually The Muppets Christmas Carol, which i’m sure you will agree is an ace film. Once Christmas is lurking and almost here we have our Christmas walk, this year it will be the 21st, we get together and go for a nice long walk and look out for holly to collect, and we then come back for homemade soup and bread along with a lovely hot chocolate.

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is one of those days which always seems to drag, my mum is busy preparing Christmas dinner and sets me and my sister the task of cleaning the house, which she’ll then do again because we’re never good enough. We put off cleaning for as long as possible and make it into an afternoon task, however it only takes a couple of hours and we’re bored again. We spend our afternoon feeling up the presents under the tree and trying to guess what they all are. I will admit now that I am hopeless at this, and my sister is much better but still not as great as my mum! We go to church in the evening for the Christingle Service which is great fun and it’s lovely to see the church full which only happens at Weddings or Christenings.

When we come home me and my sister create little place markers so that Santa knows where to leave our presents and we still leave out a mince pie and glass of milk for Santa, and a carrot or two for Rudolph and the other reindeers. My mum still likes to put me and my sister to bed and to read us our Christmas stories, we have the story of the Nativity (we have a pop up book!) and the poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Me and my sister will then watch The Grinch together in bed before she goes off to her own room, when we were younger we would share a room.

Christmas Day

I always struggle to get to sleep on Christmas eve because i’m full of excitement and so come 2 in the morning I will be waking my sister up to open our stockings. It used to be a case of running in and physically waking her up but now I cheat and ring her and text her, it’s too cold to get out of bed. We will sit together in my bed and open our stockings together showing each other what we’ve got, normally we have very similar things. We will also watch another film together, and have lots of fun attempting to open the chocolate oranges from our stockings, for some reason it takes ages, even throwing them at the wall didn’t work one year! My sister will then share my bed with me until morning.

One rule we have in our house is that we aren’t allowed to get up and go downstairs until 7, this originally started when my mum and dad were together. My dad is a farmer and would have to go to work on Christmas day morning to milk the cows, and so I had to wait for him to get home before being allowed near my presents, however I was allowed my stocking to open before hand, My sister and I will wake my mum and stepdad up at 7 which they never appreciate! My mum usually gets up first and we go and see whether Santa has been by checking to see if his little snack has been eaten, he’s yet to leave without eating it! we than sit and wait for my stepdad to come down.

We open our presents for Santa and my mum then rushes to find paper and a pen so she can make note of what we’ve all got from other people so that we can thank them properly. Once all the presents are opened we have to get ready to leave for church, luckily the service is usually only have an hour long and again we tend to see a pretty full church. After church we drive round to find a pub so that we can have a quick drink because this is something which my stepdad likes to do.

Once we are home from church my mum will get cracking with Christmas dinner and so me and my sister will play with our new ‘toys’ and watch a film before being made to put everything away upstairs. When we were younger our presents would stay downstairs until after the New Year but because we have guests they have to be put away.

My stepdads parents. my uncle and his girlfriend come round for Christmas dinner and some years my cousins will have dinner with us or they will come after dinner, depending on if they’re having Christmas with their dad. Once Christmas dinner is over it’s usually around 5ish and so my mum will get ready of my birthday because at 17:16 (the time I was born) it becomes my birthday! I will open my presents and blow out the candles on my cake and then we go back to Christmas.

We spend our evening getting merry and playing a game together as a family, usually the one which Santa brings for us! My best friend also comes round in the evening to celebrate my birthday and so I get a second lot of presents from her.

I do really love Christmas, I just wish I didn’t have to share it with my birthday.

How do you spend your Christmas?

Tink x

On the 17th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me an Alice in Wonderland Brooch.

I love this brooch! I already have plans for an Alice in Wonderland themed outfit tomorrow!

Tink x

On the 16th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me a Peanut Butter KitKat.

My mamma will be enjoying this! She loves these KitKats but i'm not a peanut butter fan.

On the 15th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me a Cath Kidston hand cream.

Nope, you're not going crazy. I did get one earlier in the week which was Rose scented and this one is Bluebell scented. The rose one has made itself at home in my handbag so this one will go in my box of spares until I have an available space for it.

Tink x

On the 14th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me a little purse.
This purse is the perfect size for taking on a night out. I wish i'd opened it earlier today because it could have joined me at my works Christmas do.
Tink x

Girls Christmas Tradition


Hello folks,

Every Christmas I host our girlie get together, throughout the year half of us are at uni (2 of us!) and so it makes it very difficult to all be in one place. We always try to get together at least once during summer and again at Christmas, this summer we didn’t manage to all be in one place due to holidays and work, however we have managed to get a date for Christmas and I am in charge of organising. We always try to get together as close to Christmas as possible and this year it will be 22nd, the last Saturday before Christmas and only 10 days away!

I do the hosting and organising because I’m very particular about it, I hate last minute plans and changes, I want to be able to plan an outfit and makes sure I have the funds or that everything will be in order. Also my folks don’t mind having everyone round and will let us take over the main rooms in the house, while getting very drunk and sometimes (always) very loud.

This year we are having a board game and cocktails night, mainly because it has been ages since i’ve played a board game, and most of us fancy playing games. Normally I cook a meal so that our stomachs are lined before we’ve drunk too much but this year i’ve decided i’m just going to do nibbles and finger food so that we can eat and play at the same time.

I really wanted to make up a number of different cocktails but i’ve had to stick to two just because of the cost of the alcohol, i’ll be making Sea Breeze and Woo Woo! I’ve chosen them both because they are very different in flavour but both contain vodka as one of the main ingredients, helping to keep alcohol costs down! I’m unsure as to what food I will do but I am very tempted to go to the supermarket and pick up some of their party foods and have mini pizzas, sausage rolls, onion bajis and the like, along with crisps and dip, and a lot of cake and desserts.

I will also be decorating the dining room which is the room we are taking over, i’m going to make some Christmas bunting and i’ll be getting out festive napkins, and i’ll also be doing little gifts to be opened at our get together. I love doing these things and I missed out on planning my Tea Dance so i’m making up for it by going all out for Christmas.

We will swap all of our Christmas presents and get drunk, which is the perfect way to spend our time together!

Tink x

On the 13th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me a Cath Kidston hand cream.

This is the perfect size to fit in my handbag. I use hand cream so often throughout the day and I have some in my drawer at work and with my nail products at home. I did have one in my handbag but it's just run out so this will now be my replacement and arrived at the perfect time!

Tink x

On the 12th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me Models Own nail varnish.

I am a very happy girl today, I love Models Own nail varnishes and this is now the 6th one in my small.collection. I may have ordered 4 Models Own polishes last night!

I can't wait to get it on my nails tonight and see how Purple Imperial looks on me.

Tink x

On the 11th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me Fabulous Fingers!

I love food and was very happy to receive these and I did debate keeping them for my girls get together but then decided they were too ace to share with them.

Tink x

On the 10th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave me a ring!

This ring is actually very similar to the one I bought my mum for Christmas and so she may very well plan on stealing it from me once she gets hers.

Tink x

Winter Glamour


Hello folks,

This is just a quick post to say that I was featured on Clothing at Tesco’s blog this week, along with three other bloggers. We all know that Tesco are fab with supporting bloggers and having such a great clothing range, so it’s ace for me to be featured on their blog.


Tink x

On the 9th day of Christmas..

Kathryn gave to me a brooch!

When i'd felt up this present to try and guess what it was, i never guessed a brooch at all but it is so lovely and cute! I can't wait to wear this and it may have to make a debut for our works Christmas do.

Tink x

Posting every day in December Challenge


Hello folks,

As some of you may noticed I have posted everyday so far and it’s not just because of my advent presents. Toni tweeted about wanting to challenge herself to post everyday in December and wondered if anyone else would join her. Me and a couple of other bloggers were open to the challenge, and I will admit that I have it a little bit easier because for the first 24 days I do have something to post because of The Advent Present Project, but I will be doing normal posts when I find the time amongst getting ready for Christmas.

The other bloggers taking part are:

Toni - http://theonlywayistoni.blogspot.co.uk/
Becky - http://www.doesmyblogmakemelookfat.com/
Steph - http://www.sheselec.blogspot.co.uk/

So far it has been a great challenge this week and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks, to see what everyone posts.

Tink x

On the 8th day of Christmas...

Kathryn gave to me moustache straws!

I love these! I've actually been thinking about buying some for myself but i've not been able to justify it and now I don't need to.

The girls and I are having a cocktails and board games night for our Christmas get together, and so these will definitely be coming out!

Tink x