More, more, more!


Hello Folks,

Long time no see, sorry about that, I took a little break and then when I was ready to come back we had internet problems but all has been fixed and I’m ready to get blogging again.


Some of you may already be aware that More magazine is offering free Models Own goodies this week, and so while I was in Tesco I took a look and picked up two copies both with free nail varnishes, they are also offering lipgloss too, as far as I can tell from the packaging both of the products are available in two copies. More magazine only costs £1.50 and so you are saving £3.50 on a bottle of Models Own nail varnish, which is something I couldn’t resist.


I picked up both copies of the nail varnish which are Raspberry Crush and Nude Beige.

As you would expect Raspberry Crush is a lovely shade of pink while Nude Beige is well beige, both are suitable for wearing everyday, I think Raspberry Crush is a great choice for adding a nice bit of colour without being too bold.


I did struggle a little trying to get a picture of them in action, but here is the best of a bad bunch, Raspberry Crush does appear to be more of a red in my photo but in real life it does look pink!.

Tink x