Avon haul


Hello Folks,


While I was taking my little break I placed an Avon order with some girls from work where I managed to spend £20. I did pick up a couple of things for Christmas presents but I must admit that most of it was for me.

The Avon lady works at the sandwich shop across from where I work which is where we picked up a catalogue and we’d all said that when we place the order, we’ll all stick our money in an envelope to be locked away at reception, so that when the order was delivered reception could pay for it. That didn’t work out because the girl that placed the order didn’t tell any of us and we just assumed that it hadn’t been placed because it was about 3 weeks after we’d all written our orders down, however we were all at work one day when the Avon lady turned up with our order. The girl that had been and placed the order wasn’t in work and the three of us that were in hadn’t even known the order had been placed, and so we then panicked because payday was the next day and so we all had no money, but luckily I had some board which I owed my mum in my purse. The moral of the story is be sure to place your own order so that you know if it has or hasn’t been placed.

Anyway, what did I buy?

I bought some Argan hair oil, which I have found to be great on the ends of my hair so far. I picked up a lipstick which I love, but I do love most lipsticks. I also got the nail experts peeling and brittleness solver, though I’ve yet to notice any difference and the nail experts 24k gold strength, which doesn’t seem to be strengthening my nails, The last thing I bought was a speed dry + nail varnish in lime splatter which is a gorgeous colour but i’m not so sure it is quicker at drying.


I do like Avon products but I have now learnt to order my own, and probably online so that I know i’ve paid and don’t need to worry about it.

Tink x