A visit to Scotland


Hey folks,

Last weekend I headed up to Scotland for the weekend because my Granddad and his wife reaffirmed their vows for their 25th wedding anniversary. It was really lovely to head back up to Scotland because I haven’t been since June, so a trip was long overdue for me.

We stayed in a lovely cottage, which had 4 bedrooms so there were no complaints from my sister about sharing a room with me for a change It was great and just round the corner from the church and my Auntie was staying at a B&B only a few doors up from us.

On the way up I realised that although I had a fully charged camera my memory card was in my laptop at home so we only have a couple of phone snaps for you.


Dress – Queen of Holloway
Blazer – Dorothy Perkins
Bag – Borrowed from Mamma
Necklace – Life’s Big Canvas

I also wore my stunning Irregular Choice shoes but I didn’t manage to get a photo of me wearing them, but maybe they’ll come out again sometime over Christmas!


The reception was held at The Murray Arms, in Gatehouse of Fleet and I just had to take a picture from under the staircase because the wonderful Rabbie Burns stayed there and wrote a poem in one of the rooms there, where we had some family photos taken.

I had a wonderful weekend and it was nice to meet some people that we had only heard of before and to catch up with family, some which I hadn’t seen since my birthday and others that I hadn’t seen since summer.

Happy St Andrews Day!


Tink x

The 24 Days of Advent


Hello folks,

I have chosen to take part in The Advent Present Project which involves purchasing 24 presents, one for each day of advent with a budget of £20 and then posting them to your swap partner. The Advent Present Project was organised by Kirsty, (@gazpachodragon) and she organises quite a few events across Leeds where The Advent Present Project originated but due to interest from outside of Leeds a postal version was offered. I jumped at the chance to take part because I love Christmas and what could be better than creating an awesome advent calendar.

The person I bought my presents for was Kathryn from MissKathryn’s MissTakes, it was nice to have a fellow blogger because I think it made it that little bit more easier than buying for a complete stranger.

I’ve really enjoyed taking part and buying presents along with wrapping presents, which is what I love about Christmas!

Stage 1 of wrapping!

Stage 2 of wrapping!

All ready for posting!


I posted my parcel off yesterday and so it should arrive today or tomorrow!

I’m planning on sharing my advent with you all and so if I can keep to it there will be a short daily post each day with a picture of what i’ve got in my advent.

Tink x

Avon haul


Hello Folks,


While I was taking my little break I placed an Avon order with some girls from work where I managed to spend £20. I did pick up a couple of things for Christmas presents but I must admit that most of it was for me.

The Avon lady works at the sandwich shop across from where I work which is where we picked up a catalogue and we’d all said that when we place the order, we’ll all stick our money in an envelope to be locked away at reception, so that when the order was delivered reception could pay for it. That didn’t work out because the girl that placed the order didn’t tell any of us and we just assumed that it hadn’t been placed because it was about 3 weeks after we’d all written our orders down, however we were all at work one day when the Avon lady turned up with our order. The girl that had been and placed the order wasn’t in work and the three of us that were in hadn’t even known the order had been placed, and so we then panicked because payday was the next day and so we all had no money, but luckily I had some board which I owed my mum in my purse. The moral of the story is be sure to place your own order so that you know if it has or hasn’t been placed.

Anyway, what did I buy?

I bought some Argan hair oil, which I have found to be great on the ends of my hair so far. I picked up a lipstick which I love, but I do love most lipsticks. I also got the nail experts peeling and brittleness solver, though I’ve yet to notice any difference and the nail experts 24k gold strength, which doesn’t seem to be strengthening my nails, The last thing I bought was a speed dry + nail varnish in lime splatter which is a gorgeous colour but i’m not so sure it is quicker at drying.


I do like Avon products but I have now learnt to order my own, and probably online so that I know i’ve paid and don’t need to worry about it.

Tink x

The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge

Hello folks,

I’ve been itching to take part in the challenge since the beginning and my turn finally came around! This is a challenge set up by Sera of The Agoraphobic Fashionista where the aim is to find a complete outfit at budget prices, showing that you can get something fabulous without having to spend major pennies.

The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge November

This month was sponsored by Tesco and we were given £30 to spend on an outfit to fit the theme party. Now I ended up buying two outfits for this challenge, one which you will see below and the other which was something I would wear for our family boxing day get together. I know that generally at this time of year most people have a party or two to go to, but I don’t because our works Christmas do will most likely end up in us going bowling at lunch time and then on to the pub where I escape as soon as possible and I already have my outfits for Christmas Day and New Years Eve.
I did manage to forget that my 21st birthday is Christmas Day and so I need something glam to wear when I get together with the girls! I’m not sure what we’re doing but it will be a great excuse to get dressed up! Luckily I remembered about my birthday in time and managed to place a quick order on Tuesday which I could run and collect on Wednesday after work, so I did end up with a little rush but I much prefer this outfit.

You can find the Tesco women's partywear range here, where there are many beautiful pieces. However on with the show and time to see what I picked!

Purple Lace Dress - F+F True at Tesco - £20
Black Satin Pleated Clutch Bag - F+F at Tesco - £8
6 Pack of 15 Denier Tights - F+F at Tesco - £2
Black Bow Court Shoes – New Look - £3
I choose this dress because I do usually pick up a lace dress at this time of year but I choose to stay away from the black dress and go for a brighter colour which is a little more festive and I do love it. Purple isn't a colour that I wear often but I think it quite suits me so i'll definitely be wearing it more often. I do think it would look nice with a belt around it but unfortunately I don't have a black one so I wasn't able to give it a try, but i'll be on the look out for one so that I can. 
I would have loved to have some purple eyeshadow to wear with this but instead I opted for a pinky/red shade from MUA, not that you can see it. The lipstick i'm wearing is True Vintage by Rimmel.
How beautiful is the lining of the bag? The leopard print would definitely win me over if the bag hadn’t already!
Just a little close up of the bag so that you can see it clearly.

I had great fun doing this challenge and I can’t wait to see what the other girls have come up with for their outfits, and to have a closer look, you will be able to find theirs by following the links below.
Kathryn - http://misskathrynsmisstakes.blogspot.co.uk/
Steph - http://sheselec.blogspot.co.uk/
Kellie - http://www.bigfashionista.co.uk/
Sera - http://www.theagoraphobicfashionista.com/

Tink x

More, more, more!


Hello Folks,

Long time no see, sorry about that, I took a little break and then when I was ready to come back we had internet problems but all has been fixed and I’m ready to get blogging again.


Some of you may already be aware that More magazine is offering free Models Own goodies this week, and so while I was in Tesco I took a look and picked up two copies both with free nail varnishes, they are also offering lipgloss too, as far as I can tell from the packaging both of the products are available in two copies. More magazine only costs £1.50 and so you are saving £3.50 on a bottle of Models Own nail varnish, which is something I couldn’t resist.


I picked up both copies of the nail varnish which are Raspberry Crush and Nude Beige.

As you would expect Raspberry Crush is a lovely shade of pink while Nude Beige is well beige, both are suitable for wearing everyday, I think Raspberry Crush is a great choice for adding a nice bit of colour without being too bold.


I did struggle a little trying to get a picture of them in action, but here is the best of a bad bunch, Raspberry Crush does appear to be more of a red in my photo but in real life it does look pink!.

Tink x

A very merry unbirthday to me!


Hello folks,

*Just a little warning this is going to get picture heavy*

On couple of weeks ago I had a surprise birthday, you may know that I’m a Christmas day baby so when my mum woke me up telling me it was my birthday as expected I was very confused and wondering if i’d slept for a couple of months. I was brought breakfast in bed though which I don’t get on my actual birthday so an added bonus.


It was a fantastic day, I got early birthday presents of my mum the main one being a beautiful satchel! I’ve been wanting a satchel for a while and not so subtly hinting about it aka forcing her in front of the laptop while I showed her all of my favourite ones. It’s big and yellow with polka dots, what girl could ever resist it?


The best part of my unbirthday was that I had surprise tea dance! My Auntie was supposed to be coming down for the weekend but for some reason they were only able to make it down for the day, and so I was told we would be going out for vintage style afternoon tea and that we would be dressing up. I was a happy bunny at that because I never say no to a chance to dress up. We then had surprise visitors in the form of my granddad and his wife, so I just thought that the 11 of us were going out for afternoon tea.

OH NO!  When we arrived there all of my mums side of the family were there and some of my closest friends which was really lovely. My mum had also hired dance teachers who taught us a barn dance and a swing dance, I can remember the steps to both dances too! We also had afternoon tea, which was all made by my mum and her best friend.

I had the best day ever and it was such a lovely surprise and one I wasn’t expecting, I’d dropped a hint or two that I would like a party for my 21st but I didn’t think my mum would actually organise one for me. I am truly amazed that she managed to keep it a secret from me knowing just how much I would love it and love organising it.

Me having just been surprised.

My family and friends!

Learning the steps.

and then they let us loose!

Birthday cake time!

Making a wish!

Afternoon tea spread.


I had the best time ever and it was lovely to have everyone together.

Tink x