One last girlie night


Hell Folks,

A few weeks ago one of my friends went back to uni but before she did we decided to get together for one last girlie night until Christmas. I even managed to blag Lizzie into taking outfit pictures for me too!

We decided that we would have a quiet night and stay in, we went out the week before and it was quite eventful for a school night, especially when 2 of us had work the next day. We were good girls and grabbed a take away and had a nice little gossip before doing my friends psychology experiment, I was hopeless at it. She’s doing the delivery man experiment, I think that’s what it’s called basically we had to join up a bunch of dots with the shortest line, we could only go through each dot once and the line wasn’t allowed to cross over. I don’t think me or Lizzie did particularly well at it, I think I ended up going more for pretty pictures rather than the shortest route, I’d have been there all day otherwise.



Jumper – Dorothy Perkins
Trousers – New Look (Becky’s Blog Sale)
Shoes – Office
Handbag – Asos
Teapot Necklace – Life’s Big Canvas

I always hate it when uni starts back up again because I miss my friend, she goes back to her fun uni life and I stay at home waiting for her to come home again. It’s not too bad though cause I’ve got some girlie nights out with Lizzie planned at the end of this month, along with a few other plans and Christmas will be here before I know it.

Tink x

She Said Beauty – October Box


Hello Folks,


On the 3rd I went to collect my latest She Said Beauty box from the post office, they’d attempted to deliver it the day before but no one had been home. I spent all day at work in anticipation of what would be inside, I couldn’t wait to get home where I would finally be able to open it




So what was in this months box?

Cellnique – Advanced Bio Renewal Mask – 3g Sample size
B.liv – Off With Those Heads – 3ml Sample size
Amy Childs – Fragrance – Sample size
Biao – Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme – 2 sachets 2ml sample size
Palmer’s - Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion – Full size 50 ml travel size £1.19
My Vitamins – Vitamin D3 – Full size 30 tablets from £2.49

I’ll see you at the end of this month with my reviews for each product.

Tink x

She Said Beauty–September Box - Review


Hello folks,


It is now the end of September and time for me to review the products from my She Said Beauty September box, here is a quick reminder of what was in the box.




- Ginerva – Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel –  10g Sample Size

I have yet to use this sample, I haven’t had a need to use it yet but as soon as I do i’ll let you know what I think about it.

- DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil – 30ml Full Size £3.50

I don’t like this. The first time I used it I made the mistake of trying to use it like I would any other make up remover, baring in mind it was 1 in the morning and I was drunk. The second time I used it i followed the instructions but even after washing my face a few times after I’d used it it still felt really oily which I wasn’t comfortable with because my skin is naturally oily. I won’t be repurchasing this and I’ll be putting off using it unless I don’t have anything else.

- Collection – Primed and Ready Smoothing Make-up Primer – 18ml Full Size £5.99

I like this, it gives you a great base on which to put your makeup, the only thing I don’t like is that it’s clear. I have the Benefit That Gal primer which is a pink colour and so it’s much easier to see where it is on your face. I would buy this again though because it’s a great price.

- Collection – Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-up Fixer – 18ml Full Size £5.99

I’ve found this to be great, I’ve worn it on nights out where i’ve walked home in the rain and my makeup hasn’t ended up down my face. Normally I would rub my eyes without thinking and end up having smudged my makeup and for this reason I tend to avoid eyeliner but I wore it with this makeup fixer and I didn’t end up with black under my eyes. I wouldn’t think twice about picking this up when it runs out, I’ll only be using it when I’m going out because I don’t wear much makeup on a day to day basis.

- Amie – Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask – 10ml Sample Size

I loved this facemask! I used it a few days after my box arrived. As soon as I opened it I could smell the lovely citrus tones, it felt really nice on my skin, when it was first on I felt a slight tingle but that soon settled down. I used a muslin cloth to wash it off with and it left my skin feeling really soft. I will be rebuying this and i’m also planning on trying a few other Amie Skincare products.


Tink x

OOTD and a little haul


Hello folks,


Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with my sister, it was the only day she knew she’d be free to pick up birthday presents for our cousins and we decided that we may as well pick up their Christmas presents while we were there. However as can only be expected we didn’t manage to find anything for them and so I ended up treating myself.



In Boots picked up a Barry M base and top coat, i’ve been needing a new base coat for a while, I have a Collection one but it’s gone all sticky and I’m almost out of my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails top coat. I also picked up the build up removal shampoo, someone recommended it to me in the #bbloggers chat about a month or so ago but I hadn’t been able to find it.


I also had a trip to Superdrug where i picked up a new Rimmel nail varnish in Azure, they had a special offer on where if you spent over £6.99 you got a free eyeliner so my sister also got herself a nail varnish. I’ve almost run out of my hand cream and the 2 in 1 nail and hand cream was on offer for 99p so I just had to pick one up. I got a selection of MUA goodies too, a few weeks ago i bought a new Calvin Klein lipstick but I don’t have a lip liner which matches it and so i thought i’d try this MUA one in Brooding Plum. After watching Amy from The Camera Lies Beauty YouTube tutorial with MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, I knew that I wanted to try the red/pink coloured eyeshadow and it was just my luck that MUA do a similar colour which is Shade 25, I also got Shade 22 to go with the look.


I also picked up a few new items of clothing in Primark and today I wore a couple of them.




Denim Shirt – Primark £13
Skull Vest – Primark £4
Black Sheer Skirt – New Look £9


I love the Denim shirt it has spike and stud detailing on the shoulders which my hair covers up, but I love it and it has enough length that i can tie it under my bust too. My skirt is one I picked up during the summer when I had a little New Look spending spree.


If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I ordered myself a winter coat from ASOS last week, it arrived today and unfortunately I will be sending it back, it’s too big for me and because the coat is shapeless there is no way of making it work for me.


Tink x