Wardrobe Challenge

Hey Folks,
I think we all know that i’m terrible for spending money on clothes and yet I don’t really post all that many OOTD posts. Well for September that’s about to change, i’m not allowed to buy any new clothes at all this month but I have to try and wear a new outfit everyday. I will be allowed to wear the same item of clothing multiple times but each time it needs to be worn with something different to the last or accessorised differently. I have access to my whole wardrobe so it should be manageable right?
I’m going to take photos each day most likely on my phone before work as a quick snap and i’ll post it to Twitter (follow me @TinksLostGirls). On Saturday mornings i’ll do a post rounding up my week in outfits and doing an OOTD post on my favourite outfit from the week.
I’m hoping i’ll be able to rediscover many pieces which are in my wardrobe along with seeing that I don’t need to buy any more clothes and should in fact be selling them. I’m sure more items of clothing will make their way to my blog sale so keep an eye out for that.
Next Saturday will be your first clothing round up but there’s one unspectacular outfit in the midst because today is looking like a pj day!

Tink x