Wardrobe Challenge – Week 1

Hello Folks,
I will admit that this week has been a bit of a let down on the outfit front purely because I was ill at the beginning of this week and so I spent three days in pj’s looking a mess and so I decided you didn’t need photographic evidence of that.
As you can see only the 4 outfits for you this week but they’re all different, which means that this week has been a success! My favourite outfit was Thursday’s however it was revamped on Thursday evening to go out with the girls.
I was planning on doing my favourite outfit posts separate to the weeks round up but because this weeks round up is late i’m going to post it along with this weeks round up.
We went out to a local pub because there was some music on, I already had plans to meet a friend up there but then another friend suggested doing something so we had something to eat there too and then joined our other friend. The food was really lovely, I hadn’t been in since it reopened but I was really impressed and I think it might become one of our regular places for a quiet night in town.
Me and my friends found it a little weird because we saw some of the people that have recently turned 18 and we remember them as being about 12/13 in high school, some of them we’ve known since primary school so it was a bit of a shock for us, especially as we were the oldies and we’re only 20.
Anyway on with the outfit!
Denim Gillet – Primark
Dress – Tesco (via Mrs BeBe)
Leggings – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – Office
Belt – New Look
Lipstick time!

Tink x