She Said Beauty – September Box

Hello Folks,
On Wednesday I received my first ever She Said Beauty Box. I decided to buy a 3 month subscription when Sophia had a 25% offer on her blog, I’ve been wanting to try a beauty box for a while and so this gave me the perfect chance.
This months came with 6 different products and they are all ones which I will use and am looking forward to using or tasting as the case may be.

Can I just say how gorgeous is the box and wrapping? I loved it, I was also really good and didn’t sneak a peek online to see what was in the box so it was all a surprise for me, and a fabulous surprise at that.
This months box contained 5 beauty items and a lovely snack, so what was in my box?
- Ginerva – Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel –  10g Sample Size
- DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil – 30ml Full Size £3.50
- Collection – Primed and Ready Smoothing Make-up Primer – 18ml Full Size £5.99
- Collection – Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-up Fixer – 18ml Full Size £5.99
- Amie – Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask – 10ml Sample Size
- Popchips – Barbeque – 11g Sample Size
I’m going to review all products at the end of the month once i’ve had time to use them all, however i’ve already eaten my Popchips so you can have a little review about them now.
I loved my Popchips, I got barbeque flavour and i’m really glad that I did because i’m not too keen on original flavoured crisps. An 11g bag is actually a perfect size for a little snack mid morning, I’m one of those people that when at work has regular snacks in the morning and afternoon so yesterday I took these for my mid morning snack and I loved them! They’re like a cross between normal crisps and the puffed ricecakes that most healthier crisps are made from, they’re much thinner than ricecakes and still have the crunchiness of a crisp. If i can find these locally then I will definitely be picking more up so that they can become my mid morning snack and with 11g only having 46 calories there’s no reason to say no.
How much are they I hear you asking? Well they are a little pricier than your standard bag of crisps with 23g being £0.79 and 85g being £1.89, however for such a healthy and filling snack they’re worth spending that little more on.

Tink x


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