I want, I want, I want

Hello Folks,
This week i’ve decided to opt for just the one thing on my wish list purely because it’s one big and expensive item.
May I present to you the Kindle Touch!
I know it’s been out a while but it’s still pretty impressive, that tiny thing can hold 3,000 books. I can’t fit that on my bookcase which is a hell of a lot bigger.
I do a lot of reading and it’s something I enjoy, I can’t step foot in a supermarket without looking at the books and 9 times out of 10 i’ll walk away with at least one new one. My bookcase  doesn’t have space for all these books not even after I upgraded and purchased a bigger one the books I owned at that point filled it and i’ve bought more since.
The Kindle is my Christmas list, my letter to Santa this year will mainly consist of Kindle Touch plus a pretty case, any alcohol will be a bonus.
Plenty have people told me that I will benefit from owning a Kindle and i’ve come to realise that they’re right and I really will!
Maybe I should get that letter to Santa sent off early so he can’t forget about my Kindle and a pretty case for it.

Tink x