Beauty Box – Christmas Idea


Hello Folks,

As you know i’ve recently subscribed to She Said Beauty and at the weekend I had a fantastic idea for reusing the empty boxes.

I’ll be left with 3 empty boxes once i’ve received the November box and I was unsure as to what I would do with them, the boxes are lovely and of a great quality and so I didn’t want to just put them in the recycling. Christmas is coming up, and I’ve decided to take the idea of a beauty box and create beauty boxes to give to my closest friends for Christmas.

Each box will contain all of the same items however they will be personalised towards each of my friends. I could just get them each a subscription to She Said Beauty however I much prefer receiving a personal gift and it’s a little more fun for me to create them too.


Each box will contain:

- Essie Nail Varnish
- Hand Cream
- Glass Nail File
- Face Mask
- Eye Shadow
- Bracelet
- Chocolate
- Vaseline

Some items will be the same in each of the 3 boxes while other items will be personalised like the nail varnish, bracelet, and chocolate. I have ordered most of my items online and so I’m missing the nail file from my photo because they’ve yet to arrive and i’m putting off buying chocolate until we’re closer to Christmas. I may come across other items while i’m out and about especially as Poundland seems to have a great range of cosmetics at the moment. Each box will currently have cost me about £10.00 to make up, which is less than I would normally spend on them at Christmas, however I don’t want the boxes to cost me much more than that i’m looking around £13 to be my maximum total spend per box which should be achievable with shopping around. If i spend more than £13 then I won’t have saved myself any money on their Christmas presents and I could have just gone to Boots and picked up gift sets on the 3 for 2 offer they do each year.

I know I would love to receive a pamper box as a Christmas present and hopefully they will too!

I will of course be tidying up the box with new tissue paper so that it looks all pretty and a little festive but I haven’t been out and bought my Christmas wrapping yet, or decided what i’m going for.

Tink x

PS. My sister is also planning on making a box for her friend so if anyone has a She Said Beauty box which they’re planning on throwing away, is there any chance I could have it? Just tweet me or email me and we can sort something out.