40 Leopard

Hello Folks,

This weekend has been my stepdad’s 40th birthday which has meant celebrations!

Me and my mum organised a surprise meal for him on Sunday night with some of his friends that he hasn’t seen in a while. My mum spent a few days making a birthday cake in secret and it was lovely!

Our surprise didn’t quite go to plan because when we turned up at the restaurant one of his friends was stood outside, though it was really nice to see people that we haven’t seen in a while. I also think my mum did a fab job of getting together so many of his friends when her only way of getting hold of them was trying to find them through Facebook which is never easy.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Birthday boy and his cake!

Apologies for the pictures you’re about to see, the lighting is terrible but when you’re two drunkards they look pretty good when you take them.

I bought a new dress especially for the occasion, it’s from Tesco.

I won a £25 Tesco Clothing voucher from  Rachel and with it I decided that I would step out of my comfort zone and bought the leopard print dress. I love the dress and I’m so glad that I bought it, it’s a lovely dress and made from a silky material.

The dress is pulled together at the side which makes for really nice detailing and makes it much more than a plain dress, unfortunately you can’t see it on the photos though I did try to get a close up.

The dress is very clingy and the first time I tired it on there was a VBO which I didn’t like but because I tried it on in advance I was able to fix it. I bought some shapewear from Evans, they were the cheapest ones available and they looked nice too. I may give them a blog post of their own if I feel comfortable with doing so.

I attempted to go for a slightly 40’s look with my hair and make up which unfortunately you can’t see very well in the photos.

Avec shoes
Sans shoes
Side detail

Dress – Tesco
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

It was a very successful weekend however I now have food poisoning, my thoughts are that it came from a pancake I made on Sunday because I accidently made it too thick so it probably didn’t cook all the way through.

Tink x