NOTD – Essie

Hello Folks,

A few weeks ago I bought some Essie nail varnishes from Fragrance Direct because they had them for £1.99, BARGAIN! I couldn’t say no and bought myself a few colours.


The two colours I used to paint my nails were Brooch The Subject and Navigate Her, I fell in love with both colours and have worn them many times since they arrived on my doorstep.


For these nails I decided that I would paint my nails with Navigate Her but use Brooch The Subject on my ring finger, because I’d used two different colours I decided to put some green gems on my ring finger to tie it all together.

Navigate Her is a pistachio shade of green while Brooch The Subject is a coffee shade of brown. I love both colours and am really impressed with the Essie nail varnishes, I would never pay the £8 but if Fragrance Direct get any more shades in then I will be buying myself many more to add to my nail varnish collection.

Tink x

Lux Box – Limited Edition Box

Hello Folks,

Back sometime in August I decided to treat myself to the Limited Edition Lux Box, I’d been thinking about subscribing to a beauty box and I decided that the Limited Edition box would be the best way to get an idea of whether or not I would like the box.

My first impressions on Twitter may have seemed as though I don’t like the box and its not that, I just think a lot of people did get muddled up with it being a Limited Edition box.

I’m happy with the box and I will use 5 out of the 7 items, however I think if people bought the box who were already subscribed to Lux Box then many of them will be disappointed because all of the products have been in previous boxes and were the same size items. I can definitely understand them repeating products especially if they been the most popular ones out of the monthly boxes, however I know many people will have expected to see products they hadn’t already had. The great thing is that they are all full size, which isn’t what you normally get in a beauty box and for me that was the main draw. It has also helped to give me an insight into Lux Box and what kind of quality products they offer.




The last picture shows the five products I will be keeping, the only reason I won’t be keeping the other two are because they are eye products which would irritate my eyes if I was to use them.

What was in my box?

- Sensationelle – Flicktips
- Eldora – False Eyelashes
- Green People – Eco Eye Trio, Earth
- Balance Me – Wonder Eye Cream
- The Rosebud Perfume Co. – Mocha Rose Tube
- Delicious Teeth – Tooth Cleanser
- Steamcream

I will review the products which i’m keeping in a months times and let you know what I thought of them!

Tink x

Beauty Box – Christmas Idea


Hello Folks,

As you know i’ve recently subscribed to She Said Beauty and at the weekend I had a fantastic idea for reusing the empty boxes.

I’ll be left with 3 empty boxes once i’ve received the November box and I was unsure as to what I would do with them, the boxes are lovely and of a great quality and so I didn’t want to just put them in the recycling. Christmas is coming up, and I’ve decided to take the idea of a beauty box and create beauty boxes to give to my closest friends for Christmas.

Each box will contain all of the same items however they will be personalised towards each of my friends. I could just get them each a subscription to She Said Beauty however I much prefer receiving a personal gift and it’s a little more fun for me to create them too.


Each box will contain:

- Essie Nail Varnish
- Hand Cream
- Glass Nail File
- Face Mask
- Eye Shadow
- Bracelet
- Chocolate
- Vaseline

Some items will be the same in each of the 3 boxes while other items will be personalised like the nail varnish, bracelet, and chocolate. I have ordered most of my items online and so I’m missing the nail file from my photo because they’ve yet to arrive and i’m putting off buying chocolate until we’re closer to Christmas. I may come across other items while i’m out and about especially as Poundland seems to have a great range of cosmetics at the moment. Each box will currently have cost me about £10.00 to make up, which is less than I would normally spend on them at Christmas, however I don’t want the boxes to cost me much more than that i’m looking around £13 to be my maximum total spend per box which should be achievable with shopping around. If i spend more than £13 then I won’t have saved myself any money on their Christmas presents and I could have just gone to Boots and picked up gift sets on the 3 for 2 offer they do each year.

I know I would love to receive a pamper box as a Christmas present and hopefully they will too!

I will of course be tidying up the box with new tissue paper so that it looks all pretty and a little festive but I haven’t been out and bought my Christmas wrapping yet, or decided what i’m going for.

Tink x

PS. My sister is also planning on making a box for her friend so if anyone has a She Said Beauty box which they’re planning on throwing away, is there any chance I could have it? Just tweet me or email me and we can sort something out.

The Bloggers Library

The Bloggers Library
Hello folks,

How many of you are little bookworms like me?

If you love books and reading then you’ll be very glad to hear about The Bloggers Library. It has been set up by Kirsty and the idea is that 6 of us bloggers who love reading (including Kirsty) will be reviewing books for you, along with having a little book club type of thing.

We will all be choosing our own books to review as and when we read one, which means you’ll be seeing reviews from a wide range of different genres from chick lit to sci-fi. No matter what books you like reading there will be reviews for you somewhere.

There will also be a monthly book which the majority of the reviewers will be reading and reviewing. Each month the book will be from a different genre so us reviewers will be reading books outside of our comfort zone and hopefully you’ll be joining us with that. As far as i’m aware we will announce the book to you before we read it so that you can read it with us and when we post our reviews the comments will be open to have a civilised discussion with everyone being able to express their opinion. Due to so many regular reviewers we’re hoping to see diversity within our reviews which will help to prompt discussion and of course we will be joining in.

We will also be reviewing many popular book series such as Fifty Shades of Grey, The Hunger Games, and many more.

The opportunity for guest blog posts may come up once in a while and so if you’ve read a book you love then keep an eye out on the blog and you could review it for us!

If you’re on the look out for a new book but not sure what to read then take a visit and see which books we’ve rated highly and maybe you’ll find something new to read.

The blog is all about helping you and ourselves find something new to read, and what better way to do that than with reviews from other people who love reading?

Tink x

I want, I want, I want

Hello folks,

1, The Hunger Games – I loved the books and I loved the film when I saw it as the cinema and now I want to own it. It really is that simple a want this week.
2. Swan by Clements Ribeiro Pansy Print Trousers, Evans – I think these pants are my favourite piece from the new collection. If i can’t afford to buy them before Christmas then they’ll definitely making their way on to my letter for Santa.
3. The Fabulous Baker Brothers – I’ve has this book in my Amazon basket ever since it was released and after watching GBBO bread episode I really want to give bread a go. I’m hoping that by buying this book and the mixture of bread recipes i might actually get round to baking a loaf without the use of the bread maker.
4. Morning Dew Moisturiser, Amie Skincare – After trying out the Amie face mask I had a trip over to the website because I want more! While i was there I spotted this moisturiser which will create a matte look to skin even oily skin and so I want to give it a try.
5. Land Girls, BBC -  I love the programme but I often miss episodes because it tends to be on quite early in an evening, plus I love having a good boxset. It’s probably going to be something that ends up on my Christmas list as it’s unlikely i’ll be able to afford it before Christmas.

Tink x

Wardrobe Challenge – Week 1

Hello Folks,
I will admit that this week has been a bit of a let down on the outfit front purely because I was ill at the beginning of this week and so I spent three days in pj’s looking a mess and so I decided you didn’t need photographic evidence of that.
As you can see only the 4 outfits for you this week but they’re all different, which means that this week has been a success! My favourite outfit was Thursday’s however it was revamped on Thursday evening to go out with the girls.
I was planning on doing my favourite outfit posts separate to the weeks round up but because this weeks round up is late i’m going to post it along with this weeks round up.
We went out to a local pub because there was some music on, I already had plans to meet a friend up there but then another friend suggested doing something so we had something to eat there too and then joined our other friend. The food was really lovely, I hadn’t been in since it reopened but I was really impressed and I think it might become one of our regular places for a quiet night in town.
Me and my friends found it a little weird because we saw some of the people that have recently turned 18 and we remember them as being about 12/13 in high school, some of them we’ve known since primary school so it was a bit of a shock for us, especially as we were the oldies and we’re only 20.
Anyway on with the outfit!
Denim Gillet – Primark
Dress – Tesco (via Mrs BeBe)
Leggings – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – Office
Belt – New Look
Lipstick time!

Tink x

She Said Beauty – September Box

Hello Folks,
On Wednesday I received my first ever She Said Beauty Box. I decided to buy a 3 month subscription when Sophia had a 25% offer on her blog, I’ve been wanting to try a beauty box for a while and so this gave me the perfect chance.
This months came with 6 different products and they are all ones which I will use and am looking forward to using or tasting as the case may be.

Can I just say how gorgeous is the box and wrapping? I loved it, I was also really good and didn’t sneak a peek online to see what was in the box so it was all a surprise for me, and a fabulous surprise at that.
This months box contained 5 beauty items and a lovely snack, so what was in my box?
- Ginerva – Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel –  10g Sample Size
- DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil – 30ml Full Size £3.50
- Collection – Primed and Ready Smoothing Make-up Primer – 18ml Full Size £5.99
- Collection – Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-up Fixer – 18ml Full Size £5.99
- Amie – Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask – 10ml Sample Size
- Popchips – Barbeque – 11g Sample Size
I’m going to review all products at the end of the month once i’ve had time to use them all, however i’ve already eaten my Popchips so you can have a little review about them now.
I loved my Popchips, I got barbeque flavour and i’m really glad that I did because i’m not too keen on original flavoured crisps. An 11g bag is actually a perfect size for a little snack mid morning, I’m one of those people that when at work has regular snacks in the morning and afternoon so yesterday I took these for my mid morning snack and I loved them! They’re like a cross between normal crisps and the puffed ricecakes that most healthier crisps are made from, they’re much thinner than ricecakes and still have the crunchiness of a crisp. If i can find these locally then I will definitely be picking more up so that they can become my mid morning snack and with 11g only having 46 calories there’s no reason to say no.
How much are they I hear you asking? Well they are a little pricier than your standard bag of crisps with 23g being £0.79 and 85g being £1.89, however for such a healthy and filling snack they’re worth spending that little more on.

Tink x


Ps. What do you think of the new blog design?

And the winners are.....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The first winner drawn out was Elena so she wins the Benefit lipglosses which she chose as the price she wanted to win most.

The second winner was Lisa, unfortunately she doesn't get to win the Benefit goodies which she wanted to win but she has won some lovely jewellery.

Congratulations ladies!

The winners will be contacted on Twitter later today but for now I need to get going to work!

I want, I want, I want

Hello Folks,
This week i’ve decided to opt for just the one thing on my wish list purely because it’s one big and expensive item.
May I present to you the Kindle Touch!
I know it’s been out a while but it’s still pretty impressive, that tiny thing can hold 3,000 books. I can’t fit that on my bookcase which is a hell of a lot bigger.
I do a lot of reading and it’s something I enjoy, I can’t step foot in a supermarket without looking at the books and 9 times out of 10 i’ll walk away with at least one new one. My bookcase  doesn’t have space for all these books not even after I upgraded and purchased a bigger one the books I owned at that point filled it and i’ve bought more since.
The Kindle is my Christmas list, my letter to Santa this year will mainly consist of Kindle Touch plus a pretty case, any alcohol will be a bonus.
Plenty have people told me that I will benefit from owning a Kindle and i’ve come to realise that they’re right and I really will!
Maybe I should get that letter to Santa sent off early so he can’t forget about my Kindle and a pretty case for it.

Tink x

40 Leopard

Hello Folks,

This weekend has been my stepdad’s 40th birthday which has meant celebrations!

Me and my mum organised a surprise meal for him on Sunday night with some of his friends that he hasn’t seen in a while. My mum spent a few days making a birthday cake in secret and it was lovely!

Our surprise didn’t quite go to plan because when we turned up at the restaurant one of his friends was stood outside, though it was really nice to see people that we haven’t seen in a while. I also think my mum did a fab job of getting together so many of his friends when her only way of getting hold of them was trying to find them through Facebook which is never easy.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Birthday boy and his cake!

Apologies for the pictures you’re about to see, the lighting is terrible but when you’re two drunkards they look pretty good when you take them.

I bought a new dress especially for the occasion, it’s from Tesco.

I won a £25 Tesco Clothing voucher from  Rachel and with it I decided that I would step out of my comfort zone and bought the leopard print dress. I love the dress and I’m so glad that I bought it, it’s a lovely dress and made from a silky material.

The dress is pulled together at the side which makes for really nice detailing and makes it much more than a plain dress, unfortunately you can’t see it on the photos though I did try to get a close up.

The dress is very clingy and the first time I tired it on there was a VBO which I didn’t like but because I tried it on in advance I was able to fix it. I bought some shapewear from Evans, they were the cheapest ones available and they looked nice too. I may give them a blog post of their own if I feel comfortable with doing so.

I attempted to go for a slightly 40’s look with my hair and make up which unfortunately you can’t see very well in the photos.

Avec shoes
Sans shoes
Side detail

Dress – Tesco
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

It was a very successful weekend however I now have food poisoning, my thoughts are that it came from a pancake I made on Sunday because I accidently made it too thick so it probably didn’t cook all the way through.

Tink x

Wardrobe Challenge

Hey Folks,
I think we all know that i’m terrible for spending money on clothes and yet I don’t really post all that many OOTD posts. Well for September that’s about to change, i’m not allowed to buy any new clothes at all this month but I have to try and wear a new outfit everyday. I will be allowed to wear the same item of clothing multiple times but each time it needs to be worn with something different to the last or accessorised differently. I have access to my whole wardrobe so it should be manageable right?
I’m going to take photos each day most likely on my phone before work as a quick snap and i’ll post it to Twitter (follow me @TinksLostGirls). On Saturday mornings i’ll do a post rounding up my week in outfits and doing an OOTD post on my favourite outfit from the week.
I’m hoping i’ll be able to rediscover many pieces which are in my wardrobe along with seeing that I don’t need to buy any more clothes and should in fact be selling them. I’m sure more items of clothing will make their way to my blog sale so keep an eye out for that.
Next Saturday will be your first clothing round up but there’s one unspectacular outfit in the midst because today is looking like a pj day!

Tink x