Tresseme Split Remedy

Hello Girls
I decided to try the Tresseme Split Remedy range as i’d accumulated 3 sample and it says you should begin to see a reduction in split ends after 3 uses as long as you use both the shampoo and conditioner. After the hair colouring I had the other week my hair did become really dry and I gained split ends so it was the perfect time to try it out really.
Tresemme split remedy
“There's nothing like freshly-cut hair to add a spring to your step, but over time split ends can make your hair look frizzy and dull. Introducing Tresemmé Split Remedy. The revolutionary Reconstructing Complex repairs up to 80% of the splits you have in just three uses - try Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner together or any other product in the line - and with regular use keeps working to help prevent new split ends from occurring and visibly maintain repair. So you can now retain the look & feel of a salon fresh-cut for longer.”
Split Remedy Shampoo
The first sample I opened was really quite watery but the other two samples were much more creamier so I think something wasn’t quite right with the first sample though it was only a few weeks old and a bottle of shampoo would last that long. What I didn’t like about the creamier samples was that it didn’t lather up and I didn’t trust that it was working.
Split Remedy Conditioner
I didn’t have any problems with the conditioner, it was the consistency that you would expect. The only issue I had was with the sample size it was a stretch to manage to use it on all of the end of my hair but I did manage.
Split Remedy Treatment
This is a creamy leave in treatment, it says to leave it in and style your hair as normal. I did this which simply means leaving my hair to dry naturally. It left my hair feeling really horrible, it felt really disgusting to touch and I could feel that the treatment was there, and because of this I didn’t use it again.
I can say that after  3 uses I can’t see a difference in the amount of split ends I have and for the past week my hair has just felt disgusting and so I won’t be buying the full size. My hair did feel nicer to touch after not using the leave in treatment but even then it still didn’t feel nice to touch. I think even if I had seen a difference I wouldn’t use it because of how it left my hair, to look at it’s fine but to touch it just feels horrible and it’s not something i’ve liked experiencing.

Tink x