Matcha Monday

For those of you who haven't heard of it matcha is a type of green tea, instead of being the leaves from the tea in a bag it is ground tea leaves meaning that you get more of the benefits of matcha tea. I discovered matcha tea through Teapigs twitter which is @teapigs, I'm not quite sure how I discovered Teapigs though.

I got a free sample of matcha tea from Teapigs, each Monday they give away free samples and it's very simple to get one, all I needed to do the Monday I won my sample was to be one of the first 10 people to retweet their tweet about winning a sample. It really is that easy to win one of their samples!


The sample contains a leaflet with information about matcha tea along with a Teapigs badge which is super cute. The sample contains enough matcha tea to last around a week. I've been having a glass of matcha tea mixed with apple juice in a morning before work and i've noticed that I stay alert much more than I do by just having apple juice in a morning.

Matcha and apple juice

It doesn't look like such a great combination because of how green the apple juice turns but there isn't a huge difference in taste the apple flavour wins out over the flavour of matcha but there is a slight difference in taste but I don't find it strong enough to put me off drinking it.

I bought some more matcha from their website only a couple of days after I'd starting drinking it because i'd noticed the effects and I didn't want to finish my sample and then have to wait for more to arrive. 

They're currently offering £5 of matcha if you like their Facebook page and the website has much more information and the benefits it has.