Dainty Roses

Hello Girls,

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t already blogged about Dainty Roses, I made my first order back in July and bought myself a few lovely treats and picked up an additional part of my sisters Christmas present.

I treated myself to the lovely glitter bows, I’d been eyeing them up since I was on my spending ban and the day I bought them they were only £2 each. I quickly added my favourite colours to my basket along with a £10 goodie bag and the Peace bracelet for my sister.


When it arrived it was wrapped up gorgeously and I felt as though it was my birthday and I couldn’t wait to get into it.
Here’s my goodies!

My 3 Glitter Bows were in Petrol, Pastel Lemon and Pastel Pink, they are currently £2 again until 19/08/12 (tomorrow!) so you’ll have to be speedy at ordering some if you want them at such a fab price.
My goodie bag included the Moustache ring, bunny necklace, glasses necklace, leather bracelet, and turquoise stone ring.

The pink owl bracelet was a lovely free gift which Lisa included with my order! Smile

Last week I was off work and decided to place another order because I fancied another present for myself. I do tend to think this on a weekly basis, which is why I buy so many new things.




Yet again it arrived and was wrapped gorgeously, I’d keep buying just for the fact it feels like my birthday every time I receive an order from Dainty Roses.


This time I picked up a number of hair accessories, I got these stunning vintage hair combs, glitter bunny ears, glitter heart headband which isn’t currently on the website. I also picked up the teapot bracelet for myself and the skull bracelets are a gift for my sister if she does well in G.C.S.E’s next week. The red bracelet says dream and was a free gift which Lisa added to my order.

Lisa is really lovely, the glitter heart headband I bought was the first one that she made and even though I’d already placed my order she let me add it. I really do love glitter, and so I couldn’t resist adding some new glitter accessories to my collection. I’m sure i’ll be back on the website soon as i’ve already seen some things which have caught my eye!

You can find Lisa on twitter @daintyrosesxo

Tink x