Giveaway Time!

Hello Girls,

I’ve reached 50 blog posts and have 25 followers!

I’m so glad to be able to do my giveaway at last, I love entering them so it’s only fair that I give something back. This giveaway is a little thank you to all my lovely readers, and also to mark the fact that i’ve managed to stick at blogging! Whenever I usually take up something new it only last a few weeks, well you guys have had me for a few months and you’ll be having my for many months more.

Unfortunately my giveaway is only open to my UK followers due to postage costs.

I’m feeling very generous and have 2 prizes to win for two winners and there will also be a couple of extra surprise goodies for you too.

Prize 1: Two Benefit Lipglosses
I have Sugarbomb and Bellabamba for you to win.

Prize 2: Chelsea Doll Jewellery
I have a gorgeous pair of earrings and a lovely necklace for you to win.

I’ve decided to use Rafflecopter to keep a record of all your entries so that I don’t need to remember to write them down as I would most likely forget and we can’t have that!

There are 3 mandatory requirements and a few extra chances for entries too.
1. You must leave a comment telling me which prize you’d like to win the most and why.
2. You must be following me on Twitter.
3. You must be following by GFC.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Tink x


I want, I want, I want

Hello Girls,
1. Cleanse and Polish, Liz Earle – I have a 30ml sample of this which I really like and i’ve just ordered the toner from Ebay and so I could do with a regular size of the cleanser now.
2. Spotty Skirt, Dorothy Perkins – I’ve noticed I have a real lack of skirts in my wardrobe and i’m trying to remedy this, since June i’ve bought 3 skirts however 2 of them are long and i’d like to have a couple of shorter skirts for in the warmer weather. I think this skirt will go well with a lot of things and it looks like it’ll be fun to twirl in!
3. Spotty Dress, New Look – I may have been looking to add skirts to my wardrobe but I love a good dress and this one is unlike any that i have in my wardrobe at the moment and i’ve yet to buy a maxi dress this year. If I didn’t already have a dress for my stepdad’s 40th birthday then this one would have been a contender.
4. Red Mary Janes, Tesco – I won Rachel’s £25 Tesco clothing voucher and bought the leopard print dress from last weeks post and i’d really love these shoes to go with it. I do have a pair of red shoes though and I will probably end up wearing them with it but I can dream about having these.
5. Nautical Dress, New Look – Another dress from New Look this week, it caught my eye as I was looking through the website and would look lovely in winter with woolly tights and a thick knit jumper and a pair of boots.

Tink x

Blog Sale

Hello Girls,
I’ve decided that because I didn’t get to go to the clothes swap in Leeds yesterday i’m going to have a bit of a blog sale instead so that I can get rid of the few things in my wardrobe which I don’t wear.
Postage & Packaging is £3 for any additional items it will be £1 extra with a cap at £6 within the UK. If you wish to buy an item email me at telling me which items you wish to purchase along with a PayPal address and I will send you an invoice. All items must be paid for by PayPal and if you wish for items to be posted internationally then please contact me so that I can work out postage costs for you.
All items have been washed but they haven’t been ironed and so many of them are creased in the photos, if you have any questions you can tweet me @TinksLostGirls.
1 - £6.00  SOLD
1. Debenhams Collection dress and cardigan, the dress is a size 20 and the cardigan is a size 22.
2 - £3.00 SOLD
2. Dorothy Perkins Jacket size 20.
3 - £3.00
3. New Look skinny jeans size 18, one of the belt loops has broken but can be easily stitched back on.
4 - £2.00 SOLD
4. George at ASDA jumper size 16 will fit a size 20.
5 - £1.50
5. F+F at Tesco cardigan size 22.
6 - £1.00
6. New Look Inspire t-shirt size 18.
7 - £2.00
7. New Look Inspire jumper size 18.
8 - £1.00
8. Dorothy Perkins long sleeved cream top size 20.
9 - £1.50
9. Matalan t-shirt size 18.
10 - £1.00
10. New Look t-shirt size 18.
11 - £2.00
11. G21 at ASDA colour block shirt size 20.
12 - £2.00
12. Dorothy Perkins beige cigarette trousers size 20, the top button is missing.
13 - £2.50
13. Dorothy Perkins gold tunic size 22, there is a pale stain at the bottom of the V but the camera is unable to pick it up.
14 - £2.00  SOLD
14. Simply Be bird print tunic size 18.

Love Your Skin – Cleanse & Smooth Exfoliating Wash

Hello Girls,
In my Latest In Beauty July Editor’s Picks box I got the Love Your Skin – Cleanse & Smooth Exfoliating Wash which i’m going to review for you today.
“Suitable for all skin types and ages, this cleanser delivers the complete cleansing experience for those who prefer to wash away make-up, grease, grime and dead skin cells. A complete cleanser and exfoliator that is so gentle it can be used every day and will not require the use of toner. Rich in nature’s most effective, yet kind to the skin ingredients, this cleanser will leave the skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, fresh and smooth to the touch.”
I’ve been using this cleansing exfoliator every other day for the past two weeks. I have noticed a change in the condition of my skin since i’ve been using it and it feels a lot nicer now and i’m not having some of the problems I was having before. I had a minor breakout when I first started using that but I expected it because I hadn’t exfoliated in a while. I will admit that I originally had a little trouble getting into it, but that’s because I didn’t read the top of the pump which tells you which way to twist it in order to open and close it.
It’s a very refreshing face wash perfect for first thing in the morning, and it lathers up lovely. It is a very gentle exfoliator and because of this you could easily use it as your everyday face wash, but i’m going to keep using it every other day for now and then i’ll reduce it to every third day because I have other face washes which work for me.
I like that it comes with a pump because if you haven’t got enough first time you can easily get some more without making a mess. I normally use two pumps to make sure that i can exfoliate my nose well as that is my main problem area.
My skin is now feeling much smoother than it used to do and i’m loving using it. I’ve actually hardly made a dent in it and so although it’s £22.99 it is very much worth it and will last a long time even if you’re using it everyday.

Tink x

Dolly Peg

Hello Girls,

Last week I discovered Dolly Peg on twitter and within moments I had an order placed, I promise I will stop spending so much at some point!

I ordered myself the stunning Lola necklace which is a pretty little colourful toucan, perfect for brightening up a plain outfit like I had on yesterday.

This is a picture from Dolly Peg.

I placed my order on Thursday evening and it arrived on Monday, which is fabulous service. It came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and tied with string, I love when parcels arrive which are wrapped so lovingly, it always makes me excited for opening them. I was a bit too excited and rushed into opening it without taking any pictures first.




My little Toucan necklace was £3.50 and everything on the website is under £5 so you can pick up a lovely bargain.

Dolly Peg is a new shop and only opened on 10th August, just two weeks ago! It is run by a mother and daughter team, Cathryn from Little Paper Swans runs the shop with her mum.  They both love sparkly things and so they decided to set up Dolly Peg together selling beautiful sparkly jewellery which they both love.

"Dolly Peg is a British online boutique selling affordable and up to date jewellery. Each product in the collection has been handpicked and if we don't love it we won't stock it."

You can find Dolly Peg at and on twitter @HelloDollyPeg

Here are a couple of images of other items available on the website.


Tink x

NOTD: Marble

Hello Girls,
I had a bit of fun the other night and decided to try some nail art, after a discussion at work we decided that marbling looked fun. It’s actually much easier to do than I expected and so I thought I’d show them to you, along with how I did them.
What you need:
-A plastic cup filled with water.
- A cocktail stick.
- Sellotape.
- Your choice in nail varnishes.
Everything I used.
My nail varnishes.
The nail varnishes I used were Models Own Lilac Dream, All About Nails Raspberry, and Barry M NP312.
The first thing you need to do is apply a base coat, this is a messy task and so you need to apply sellotape around your fingers leaving your nails free.
It’ll look a little like this and i’ll admit it is quite difficult to do anything once they’re sellotaped up so I would loosen the tops on your nail varnish first so that you can just pick them up.
You then need your cup of water, all you need do is drip some nail varnish onto the surface on the water, once the first drip starts spreading out add another colour into the middle and so on until you’re happy with the amount of nail varnish you have.
Two drops of nail varnish.
Now is the time for your cocktail stick and you need to draw a design into it, I just opt for drawing a couple of lines across. One thing you need to remember is don’t do it too slowly otherwise the nail varnish will set and you’ll be unable to draw a design into it.
The pattern I created.
I worked by putting a pattern on two nails at a time, and then doing my thumb separately. What you need to do is try to rest your nails on the top of the water and then push them under, you will then need your cocktail stick again to pull away the excess nail varnish. I’d also advise having a spare cotton pad with nail varnish remover on so you can clean your cocktail stick between doing each set of nails.
As you can see it is a messy job and the sellotape means that your fingers don’t end up covered up in nail varnish as you can just peel of the sellotape and you’ll only have a small clean up job to do. I unfortunately forgot to get a photo of my nails once I’d taken the sellotape off and I then just applied my usual top coat.
There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube if you search for nail marble are or nail tie dye, I hope you’ve liked the nail art and my long winded description/instructions. 

Tink x

I want, I want, I want

Hello Girls,
What am I wanting this week?
1, Leopard Print Dress, Tesco. I’ve only just this week bought my first ever piece of leopard print which can be worn and I know that I need to get a full on print. I’ve decided that this dress should be my first proper piece of leopard print because it’s suitable for work.
2. Owl Bunting, Sass and Belle. I spent last week clearing my room out and moving it around and i’ve decided that my room needs more owls, and these are so cute with a vintage print.
3. Bookends, Sass and Belle. Another item which I want to add to my room, though I bought a new bookcase and it’s already full of books with no space for the bookends.
4. Moroccan Argan Oil, Avon. I’ve heard lots of good things about Argon oil and the one from Avon and with it being the cheapest about it’s definitely the best place to start. If the leave in conditioner i’ve bought doesn’t help my dry hair then I’ll have to pick some up sooner rather than later.
5. Nothin’ Mousie about it, OPI. I love this it has little love hearts in and is just so cute. it’s from the vintage Minnie mouse range that OPI have, unfortunately I can’t find it on Ebay cheap and it’s not in the pack of miniatures.

Tink x

Tresseme Split Remedy

Hello Girls
I decided to try the Tresseme Split Remedy range as i’d accumulated 3 sample and it says you should begin to see a reduction in split ends after 3 uses as long as you use both the shampoo and conditioner. After the hair colouring I had the other week my hair did become really dry and I gained split ends so it was the perfect time to try it out really.
Tresemme split remedy
“There's nothing like freshly-cut hair to add a spring to your step, but over time split ends can make your hair look frizzy and dull. Introducing Tresemm√© Split Remedy. The revolutionary Reconstructing Complex repairs up to 80% of the splits you have in just three uses - try Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner together or any other product in the line - and with regular use keeps working to help prevent new split ends from occurring and visibly maintain repair. So you can now retain the look & feel of a salon fresh-cut for longer.”
Split Remedy Shampoo
The first sample I opened was really quite watery but the other two samples were much more creamier so I think something wasn’t quite right with the first sample though it was only a few weeks old and a bottle of shampoo would last that long. What I didn’t like about the creamier samples was that it didn’t lather up and I didn’t trust that it was working.
Split Remedy Conditioner
I didn’t have any problems with the conditioner, it was the consistency that you would expect. The only issue I had was with the sample size it was a stretch to manage to use it on all of the end of my hair but I did manage.
Split Remedy Treatment
This is a creamy leave in treatment, it says to leave it in and style your hair as normal. I did this which simply means leaving my hair to dry naturally. It left my hair feeling really horrible, it felt really disgusting to touch and I could feel that the treatment was there, and because of this I didn’t use it again.
I can say that after  3 uses I can’t see a difference in the amount of split ends I have and for the past week my hair has just felt disgusting and so I won’t be buying the full size. My hair did feel nicer to touch after not using the leave in treatment but even then it still didn’t feel nice to touch. I think even if I had seen a difference I wouldn’t use it because of how it left my hair, to look at it’s fine but to touch it just feels horrible and it’s not something i’ve liked experiencing.

Tink x

Dainty Roses

Hello Girls,

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t already blogged about Dainty Roses, I made my first order back in July and bought myself a few lovely treats and picked up an additional part of my sisters Christmas present.

I treated myself to the lovely glitter bows, I’d been eyeing them up since I was on my spending ban and the day I bought them they were only £2 each. I quickly added my favourite colours to my basket along with a £10 goodie bag and the Peace bracelet for my sister.


When it arrived it was wrapped up gorgeously and I felt as though it was my birthday and I couldn’t wait to get into it.
Here’s my goodies!

My 3 Glitter Bows were in Petrol, Pastel Lemon and Pastel Pink, they are currently £2 again until 19/08/12 (tomorrow!) so you’ll have to be speedy at ordering some if you want them at such a fab price.
My goodie bag included the Moustache ring, bunny necklace, glasses necklace, leather bracelet, and turquoise stone ring.

The pink owl bracelet was a lovely free gift which Lisa included with my order! Smile

Last week I was off work and decided to place another order because I fancied another present for myself. I do tend to think this on a weekly basis, which is why I buy so many new things.




Yet again it arrived and was wrapped gorgeously, I’d keep buying just for the fact it feels like my birthday every time I receive an order from Dainty Roses.


This time I picked up a number of hair accessories, I got these stunning vintage hair combs, glitter bunny ears, glitter heart headband which isn’t currently on the website. I also picked up the teapot bracelet for myself and the skull bracelets are a gift for my sister if she does well in G.C.S.E’s next week. The red bracelet says dream and was a free gift which Lisa added to my order.

Lisa is really lovely, the glitter heart headband I bought was the first one that she made and even though I’d already placed my order she let me add it. I really do love glitter, and so I couldn’t resist adding some new glitter accessories to my collection. I’m sure i’ll be back on the website soon as i’ve already seen some things which have caught my eye!

You can find Lisa on twitter @daintyrosesxo

Tink x

OOTD: Girlie day with Mummy

Hello Girls!
Last Friday I had a day out with my mum and we decided to pop to Hebden Bridge because we haven’t been for a while. The original plan was to go to York for the day but we decided that because we wanted to watch Tom Daley in the diving we were best off staying local.
We popped to a cafe in the park and had a drink and some cake Smile I chose a Forbidden Forest smoothie which was delicious and mummy chose a cup of tea. We shared a slice of rocky road, it was huge but really delicious!
We had a look round the shops and I did spend a small fortune on things, which will get blogged later. The majority of the shops are individual stores and so it’s nice to see the things they offer which I wouldn’t find in my home town. We wanted to look in the vintage boutique but it wasn’t open, so that was disappointing.
Many of the shops weren’t open because Hebden Bridge flooded a few weeks ago and so most of them are being refurbished at the moment. I can’t wait to go back once more of the shops have reopened so that I can have another look round as there were a few shops I wanted to go in which were closed.
I bought some new clothes especially for our day out, but the original pants i bought were from Forever 21 and I got a bit confused over the sizing because it’s American and I ended up buying the wrong size. I managed to get some though because I ordered some from Dorothy Perkins and paid for next day delivery so that they would arrive on Thursday.
Blouse – Dorothy Perkins
Capris – Dorothy Perkins
Flip Flops – Primark
I had a lovely day with my mum and it was nice to spend some time together, doing a bit of shopping for us rather than the food shopping like normal.

Tink x

* I have a few items up on Ebay which end on Sunday night if you fancy a peek* 

I Want, I Want, I Want

I've decided to make my want lists a regular thing and so we're going to have Wednesday Wants from now on.

Wednesday Wants

1. Tortoise Chain Belt, ASOS. I'm loving this belt and I think it would brighten up many of my outfits and add something a little different.

2. Meringue Petticoat, Domino Dollhouse. I really want a petticoat, I bought a skirt the other week which would look fabulous with a petticoat underneath as would my 50's style dress.

3. Floral Belted Hi Lo Dress, Excite. I'm really liking Hi Lo dresses and I already have one from Excite which I love and so this one would be another fabulous addition to my wardrobe.

4. Bird Print Playsuit, Simply Be.  I really want to try out a playsuit, but i'm a bit scared that i'll look a bit daft in one. I'm not quite sure that I will be able to pull it off but I might invest in one and try one out. I'm loving this bird print playsuit, i've seen others i've liked before but not bought them.

Latest in Beauty

I've been looking into beauty boxes but I found that a lot of them are quite expensive especially when some of them only contain samples, if i'm only getting samples I don't want to pay a lot. Another thing I wasn't keen on was not knowing what you were going to get in your box, I know a lot of people like the surprise but I want to know what i'm getting so I can decide whether or not the box is worth buying. Most beauty boxes are a subscription service which is something else I don't like the idea of, I like the idea of buying a one off box when I can afford to as a treat to myself.

I found a beauty box I wanted to try which was Latest In Beauty I purchased the July Editor's Pick box which was £14.95 including delivery. It contained 7 products one which was full sized.

One thing I like about Latest In Beauty is that there are 3 options for a Beauty Box you can choose the little beauty box which will cost you £1.50 and you can choose 3 samples. You can also create your own beauty box from the luxury samples and then there is the themed beauty box or editors pick beauty box. If you choose the themed beauty box or editors pick beauty box you can also add some of the luxury samples to it if you wish.

I added 2 samples to my beauty box, I added Percy & Reed dry conditioner as a gift for my sister to take on holiday and I also gave her the Batiste dry shampoo and the Mavala miniature nail varnish from my beauty box. The other addition to my beauty box was the Liz Earle cleanse and polish which I wanted to try out and at £3 for the sample I wasn't turning it down.

I also gave my mum the two Weleda pomegranate firming products and i'm going to ask her to review those for me when she's used them. I think she is much more likely to use them before I do and she would probably notice the benefits better than me.

 Beauty box with additions
 July Editors Pick Beauty Box.

My Sister's Gift

Once I've used all of the products I will give them a review and let you know how I got on with them. The August beauty box was an In-flight Rescue Kit which appears to be sold out already.