Two faces - part 1

I don't know about you but I have two go to faces, these are the faces I know that look good and which I can put on quick and easy. I have a face for the day at work and then I have a face which is for when i'm going out and doing something.

Today's face is my work face. I will apologise in advance for the pictures, I don't think they're great but at the same time it could just be because I don't like myself without glasses on.


My every day work make-up is made up of 3 products all by Benefit which are Girl Meets Pearl, Benetint and Posietint. I would never have tried these products if it wasn't for winning £250 worth of Benefit products at Plus North.

 My 3 face products

The base of my face is Girl Meets Pearl which I apply with my fingers, no brushes are used at all. It's really simple to use and looks lovely as an all over coverage because it has a nice golden shimmer.

 After Girl Meets Pearl

I use Posietint as my blusher, I like to wear a bright pink blusher rather than one that is more red in shade. I love that it has a little brush like a nail varnish because it makes it very easy to apply.

I quite simply brush it over my cheeks and the rub it in with my fingers to create the blush effect that I like. It does look like a lot when you brush it on but once it's rubbed in you'll see that you do need a decent amount to build up your blusher effect.

After Posietint 

I keep Benetint in my handbag at all times because I use it as a lip stain. I build it up a little because a first coat doesn't appear to make much difference but I keep it looking natural.

 After Benetint


There you go, you've seen my everyday go to face which I use mainly for work. I don't want to have to spend a long time in the morning putting my make up on, I prefer the extra sleep and this only takes about 5 minutes so what more could you want? Because it's such a natural look I don't need to worry too much about keeping it topped up, the only thing I will top up throughout the course of the day is my lips.

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