Plus North

On Saturday I went to Plus North and being the great blogger I am, I forgot to get a picture of my outfit besides this one which I posted on Twitter. I also got very few pictures of the day, sorry!

I had a fabulous day meeting Cath (@cathbore), Tricia (@rydertricia), Nadine (@MissPembers), Kirsty (@gazpachodragon) and many fabulous bloggers including Rachel, Lolly, Lisa, Nelly, Kaye, and others whose names i've most likely forgotten or just didn't catch.

While I was there I got a make over from Benefit and picked up a couple of product browzing and sunbeam. I only picked up those two as I thought they were the products I would get the most use from. Benefit isn't a brand I normally use because it's more expensive than I like to spend but I figured I could treat myself seeing as I was at Plus North.

After my Benefit make over

I visited the ladies from Evans and got measured for my body shape and apparently I'm pear shaped and I was already dressing for my shape with my outfit and I was just wearing something I liked. I also spoke to the lovely Jelena from Dea London and tried on the polka dot jacket they had, I quite liked the fit of the one I tried on as a cover up and the quality was great I just decided that it was more than I would normally spend on an item of clothing and I couldn't think of something which I had to pair it with. 

I loved the clothing which Excite Clothing had with them and I fell in love with the cream floral print they had so when I got home I ordered the dress along with picking up a couple of others while I was on the website. I'm looking forward to those arriving and I'll be wearing one to the theatre on Saturday because I've got my fingers crossed that they'll be here for then.

During the prize draw I won £250 worth of Benefit goodies, luckily for me the products I bought weren't in there or at least weren't the right shade. I now have more than enough make up to last me a long while but I did let my mum and sister choose a few things each from the selection of things that I just wouldn't use or which weren't the right colours for me so they were more than happy with my win.

These are all the goodies I won.

I'm planning on having a play around with the goodies that i'm keeping at the weekend along with some other new make up that I've bought, so i'll be sure to post about that for you.

Plus North was a fantastic day and i'm so glad that I decided to go, going alone was definitely worth it for meeting all the lovely people that I did. I've got a friend that wanted to come but who was on holiday but she's already said that she wants to come to any other similar events with me and I'll try my best to make sure she's there with me next year.

I'll just leave you with one last thing, the only images that i actually got from the day.

The lovely Plus North cupcake.