A night with the girls

Apologies for it having been a small while since I last posted an outfit, unfortunately i've not done anything or made the best of efforts.

I did go out with two of my closest friends on Wednesday, they're both home from uni for the summer and so we got together and went for a 'quiet' meal at our local Italian. I say quiet meal we went for half 7 and didn't leave until half 1, to be fair this is how most of our meals turn out when we go there but 3 bottles of wine between us and an early morning at work did not turn out too well for me.

I'll apologise in advance for the photos as these were taken at half 1 in the morning by two drunken idiots, one being me and the other my little photographer.

I wore my black maxi skirt which was from Primark and you will have seen it in my last post featuring clothes. The Leopard vest top was from Dorothy Perkins which I picked up when I was in Edinburgh for £16 and it was available in the sale for about £10 when I looked earlier this week so if you like it you might find it still there.

I'm off to Plus North tomorrow and i'm looking forward to seeing everyone there, if you're there and see me please do come and say hello.