My Obsession

I have one major obsession and that is Christmas, it is my favourite time of year and I get very excited about it. I'm a Christmas baby so it really is the only time of year I get to be really excited about and I make the most of it.

I like to do my Christmas shopping in advance, i've actually already started as I've picked up a bracelet for my sister, I almost bought the rest of her present as she wanted tickets to go and see The Midnight Beast but she changed her mind just before I bought them. Earlier this month I created a spreadsheet to list the people I need to buy Christmas presents for, the amount I want to spend on them and ideas for their presents. I get paid weekly so each week I will try to pick up something or put money away towards someone's present so that come December I have bought all my presents. Last year I did this and everything went to plan though I did have a couple of things to pick up in December because I did cheese boards for a couple of people and so I wanted to pick up the cheese as late on as possible.

Many people think i'm insane because of how excited I get about Christmas but when it's the only big thing to look forward too all year it's really exciting. My friends aren't interested in Christmas any more but luckily my mum loves it as does her best friend and when we do tea we sit and talk about Christmas, we get the magazines out and start planning along with helping each other come up with ideas for presents and it really is just a lovely time. The three of us make Christmas cakes together every year, it did used to involve all of the other children but i'm the only one that is still interested in it. I really don't understand why the others aren't Christmas is just the best time of year and is one that I really enjoy.

I think my mum likes that I still love Christmas because my sister and stepdad aren't bothered about it, i'm the one that puts the most effort in and enforces that we follow our Christmas traditions. I really would be upset if it was decided that we weren't going to follow our traditions, some of them ave changed as me and my sister have grown up, she no longer shares my room on Christmas Eve and we don't share in the excitement because she doesn't get excited about it.

Christmas will always be a big deal for me and I will always make the most out of it because if I don't who will?