A different style of I want, I want I want.

You may have noticed that last week I didn't do a want list and that's because there was nothing I'd seen that I wanted which was different to what I'd posted in the previous two weeks. There also isn't one this week and this is almost a replacement post.

While i've not been spending i've been thinking a lot about the other things that make me happy, which aren't the quick rush I get from placing an order online and the rush I get when the parcel arrives or the rush I get from spotting something in the shops and picking it up.

I'm not quite sure the thinking has done me any good but i've noticed that I do really like my own company but I do love getting out and socialising. I think I like my own company because I can do what I want without any repercussions, no one can tell me that they don't agree with how I want to spend my time.

Plus North taught me that i'm not as shy as I thought I was and i'll definitely be trying to attend other similar events when I can. I don't know if it was because i'd already talked to some girls online or the glass of wine I had there but I really did enjoy chatting away, it was a little like being with some of my closest friends.

I'm planning on doing some getting out alone and doing new things which of course I will blog about as I do them. I think I might make a list of things that I want to try or the places that I want to go so that I can cross them off as I do them, I guess you could call it a Bucket List. If you have any suggestions of things I should try or places to go then please feel free to suggest them to me, the first thing I will do is have a trip to the cinema alone, which is something I haven't dared to do because I'm worried about the looks I might get from other people.

My mum commented earlier on how I've been getting more adventurous in the clothes I'm wearing which is something I definitely want to keep up and I'll be trying my best to do so.

Although you haven't got a want list in the way of things I want to buy you've learnt about the things I want to do instead.

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