6 things you didn't know about me.

I was planning on writing this post but then I was tagged by Rachel (A dress is for life) in the Liebster Blog Award and I was going to combine the two together, however I can't make it work for me just yet but I'll try and persevere with it.

So i'll let you in on 6 things about me.

- I'm a Christmas baby.

Yeah, I was born on Christmas Day and being the lovely baby I was I wasn't burn until after tea so Mummy missed out on her Christmas dinner.

- I love musicals, though you may have guessed that if you've read my other posts.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a musical, there's always one to cheer you up on a rubbish day and one to enjoy when you're happy and one that you can just cry too. There's nothing better than going to the Theatre and seeing a musical and I can happily say that in two weeks time I will have seen Legally Blonde the Musical.

- I love Doctor Who and Torchwood.

I'm currently on with building up my Doctor Who DVD collection and today I have bought series 1 and 4 of the new series. Yesterday I settled down and had a Pyjama day watching series 2 and I started series 3 so I'll be working my way through it this week and hopefully series 4 will be here for next Sunday. If the Doctor was to turn up tomorrow and ask me to go on a trip in the TARDIS with him, I think it would be the one time I wouldn't hesitate and think about the consequences. I must admit that I love Torchwood a little more simply because it's set in today and you could believe that it is happening and that you just aren't aware of it. 

- I'm not a big tea drinker, and i'd choose fruit tea over breakfast tea.

The girl can't believe how little tea I drink, the last cup of tea I has was in April before I even started blogging. I've not had any form of tea or coffee since then. 

- I love playing board games, though no one else ever wants to play them with me.

I think board games are a perfect way to spend the evening, I love a game of Scrabble, Monopoly or Cluedo but it usually ends up with me begging someone to play and it not happening.

- I'm currently stuck in limbo with many points of my life.

I like to say i'm having a quarter-life crisis, I've currently no idea as to where I want to go in life, I just know i'm not happy with quite a few aspects of my life as it is now. It's difficult trying to work out where I do want to go though.