Two faces - part 1

I don't know about you but I have two go to faces, these are the faces I know that look good and which I can put on quick and easy. I have a face for the day at work and then I have a face which is for when i'm going out and doing something.

Today's face is my work face. I will apologise in advance for the pictures, I don't think they're great but at the same time it could just be because I don't like myself without glasses on.


My every day work make-up is made up of 3 products all by Benefit which are Girl Meets Pearl, Benetint and Posietint. I would never have tried these products if it wasn't for winning £250 worth of Benefit products at Plus North.

 My 3 face products

The base of my face is Girl Meets Pearl which I apply with my fingers, no brushes are used at all. It's really simple to use and looks lovely as an all over coverage because it has a nice golden shimmer.

 After Girl Meets Pearl

I use Posietint as my blusher, I like to wear a bright pink blusher rather than one that is more red in shade. I love that it has a little brush like a nail varnish because it makes it very easy to apply.

I quite simply brush it over my cheeks and the rub it in with my fingers to create the blush effect that I like. It does look like a lot when you brush it on but once it's rubbed in you'll see that you do need a decent amount to build up your blusher effect.

After Posietint 

I keep Benetint in my handbag at all times because I use it as a lip stain. I build it up a little because a first coat doesn't appear to make much difference but I keep it looking natural.

 After Benetint


There you go, you've seen my everyday go to face which I use mainly for work. I don't want to have to spend a long time in the morning putting my make up on, I prefer the extra sleep and this only takes about 5 minutes so what more could you want? Because it's such a natural look I don't need to worry too much about keeping it topped up, the only thing I will top up throughout the course of the day is my lips.

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As some of you may be aware Chloe from Life's Big Canvas has started making glasses chains which you can see here. Being the lovely lady that she is Chloe sent me, Rachel and Rosie a chain each to try out.

I came home from work last night to find that my chain had arrived and I put it on my glasses straight away and wore it while I went round to my friend's house for a gossip and movie night. I've also worn it all day today to get a good judgement on whether I like it or not and I love it! The length is perfect for me, I have a couple from ASOS and I find that they sometimes feel really tight around the back of my neck and so to stop that I have to wear the chain quite far back on my glasses meaning that all the prettiness gets hidden by my hair. This chain is really long meaning that i've had no problems with tightness and the swallows can be seen by all!

 My Face!
Glasses and Swallow!

As you can see from the last photo the chains are very long, mine sits beneath my boobs so if you're a plus size lady like me then you won't have any problems at all as you should find the chain a comfortable length to wear and not too short.

I've already got my eye on another chain from the website, though Chloe only makes a few pieces the same so i'll need to be quick buying it, not that my bank account yet approves. If you have any ideas or requests for a glasses chain of your own then you can tweet Chloe at @Peskychloe.

You can see Rachel's post about them on her blog here.

Tuscan Rose

This is one of the books that 'fell' into my basket while I was in Sainsbury's on Friday after work. I started reading it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday.

"A mysterious stranger known as 'The Wolf' leaves an infant with the sisters of Santo Spirito. A tiny silver key hidden in her wrappings is the one clue to the child's identity. When Rosa turns fifteen, she must leave the nuns who have raised her and become governess to the daughter of an aristocrat and his strange, frightening wife. Their house is elegant but cursed, and Rosa - blessed with gifts beyond her considerable musical talents -- is torn between her desire to know the truth and her fear of its repercussions. Meanwhile, the hand of Fascism curls around beautiful Italy, threatening her citizens. In the face of unimaginable hardship, will Rosa's intelligence, intuition and her extraordinary capacity for love be enough to ensure her survival? A compelling and beautiful tale about sacrifice and reward, of beauty and horror, and of redemption."

The book starts in 1914 in Florence, Italy but it doesn't really start until 1930 when we are properly introduced to the main character Rosa the story follows the trials and tribulations of her life in Italy under the rule of Mussolini and during the Second World War. There is also a little mystery about her heritage, which she slowly discovers more about throughout the course of the book.

I really enjoyed reading this, one of the reasons I picked it up was because it was based in Italy and set in the past, both things I really enjoy. The style of this novel is something I wouldn't normally have picked up because I tend to read novels which are mainly set in modern day but take a dip into the past as someone learns about their heritage. I enjoyed that the story wasn't obvious in the way it was leading when Rosa finds out about her heritage I had guessed part of it but there was a twist I hadn't guessed at all and I liked that it wasn't easy to guess and an obvious conclusion. I really enjoyed the connection that many things had in Rosa's life without her or the reader knowing until pieces were given to us later on in the story even though Rosa had yet to piece them together we could do.

This is the first book i've read by Belinda Alexandra but I will definitely be picking up her others, if you've enjoyed reading Victoria Hislop or Rosie Thomas novels then I think you will enjoy this too.

My Obsession

I have one major obsession and that is Christmas, it is my favourite time of year and I get very excited about it. I'm a Christmas baby so it really is the only time of year I get to be really excited about and I make the most of it.

I like to do my Christmas shopping in advance, i've actually already started as I've picked up a bracelet for my sister, I almost bought the rest of her present as she wanted tickets to go and see The Midnight Beast but she changed her mind just before I bought them. Earlier this month I created a spreadsheet to list the people I need to buy Christmas presents for, the amount I want to spend on them and ideas for their presents. I get paid weekly so each week I will try to pick up something or put money away towards someone's present so that come December I have bought all my presents. Last year I did this and everything went to plan though I did have a couple of things to pick up in December because I did cheese boards for a couple of people and so I wanted to pick up the cheese as late on as possible.

Many people think i'm insane because of how excited I get about Christmas but when it's the only big thing to look forward too all year it's really exciting. My friends aren't interested in Christmas any more but luckily my mum loves it as does her best friend and when we do tea we sit and talk about Christmas, we get the magazines out and start planning along with helping each other come up with ideas for presents and it really is just a lovely time. The three of us make Christmas cakes together every year, it did used to involve all of the other children but i'm the only one that is still interested in it. I really don't understand why the others aren't Christmas is just the best time of year and is one that I really enjoy.

I think my mum likes that I still love Christmas because my sister and stepdad aren't bothered about it, i'm the one that puts the most effort in and enforces that we follow our Christmas traditions. I really would be upset if it was decided that we weren't going to follow our traditions, some of them ave changed as me and my sister have grown up, she no longer shares my room on Christmas Eve and we don't share in the excitement because she doesn't get excited about it.

Christmas will always be a big deal for me and I will always make the most out of it because if I don't who will?

Lady date!

As you know I met some lovely ladies at Plus North and last night I met up with Lisa, Rachel, and Lolly to celebrate Lisa's birthday.

I failed at being a blogger and didn't get any outfit pictures, however I was wearing this dress that I got from Excite. I did want to wear this dress however I knew I would be eating and I tend to spill so I figured cream would not be the best of options. 

I wore it with leggings and my trusty brown boots simply because I was getting the train to Sheffield and I left my house before 4 so I didn't want to be too dressed up or in heels when I had to change trains at Leeds. I'm very glad I was wise enough not to wear heels as my train back from Sheffield was running late and when I got to Leeds I only had 4 minutes to get from one side of the train station to the other which was quite difficult to do with a mass of people having got off the train and not moving very fast but taking up the whole set of stairs. I did make it to my train though which is what counts, but there's no way I would have made it in heels seeing as we don't have a good record together.

We went to Champs for something to eat and my veggie chilli burritos were lovely though a little bit too spicy for my liking and we then went across the road for some drinks.

Me and Rachel (stolen from Lolly)
 My Pimms
Classy ladies have a pitcher each!

I had a lovely night and I can't wait to see them all again when we go to the clothes swap in Leeds. I'll have to get on with hunting out some clothes soon, it's not until the end of August.

NOTD: Button Moon

I had a bit of fun tonight and had a go at a little bit of nail art, this is the first time i've ever tried something like this and I should have started off with something easier.

I don't know if anyone else used to watch Button Moon but it was one of my favourite programmes when I was younger and I still love it now. If I ever go to the Museum of Film and Photography/National Media Museum in Bradford (I still use its old name) then I have to watch an episode of Button Moon along with The Sooty Show and The Wombles.

I will also admit that I do have Button Moon on DVD so i'm sure you can see that I love it.

I decided to paint the night sky, the button moon and Mr Spoons rocket which he flies to the moon in.

 This was after I'd finished painting
A close up of the rocket.

I don't think they've turned out too bad to say it was my first ever attempt at nail art but i'm hoping to try and do them again once i've got better at nail art so that I can possibly do a tutorial because I love reading them. There's many other nail art designs I want to try out to so i'll be investing in some more nail varnishes in different colour shades.

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Beach and Legally Blonde

This is another week where my social life has picked up, it started on Friday and will carry through to Saturday.

My friend had asked me to join her at a house party on Friday, that was being thrown by her uni friends. I'd had my outfit planned and was going to wear my new dress from Excite. However I got a text at Friday lunch telling me that it was beach themed and I panicked a little. All I could think of was a hula outfit or shorts and a t-shirt, a hula outfit was out of the question at with such short notice and I wouldn't have felt comfortable in shorts so I took the question to Twitter. Luckily Sera came to my rescue and suggested a maxi dress, along with giving me some tips on how to get quick beach waves.

Here you can see my outfit, however I was mid dance and sing so it's not the best of pictures, but I didn't get to take my own as I ended up having to rush getting ready as we decided to go an hour sooner. I had to steal the picture from Facebook and yes I am classy enough to drink wine from a pint glass.

Saturday saw me have a trip to the theatre with the same friend and my folks to see Legally Blonde the Musical. "Oh my God, Oh my God you guys!" Ray Quinn and Les Dennis were in it!

We did have a crisis on our way to Bradford when we discovered that we had left the tickets at home but thanks to my quick thinking and idea of ringing the theatre we didn't need to go back home for them. We went to Spoons for something to eat and we ended up having to wolf it down as it wasn't served until 7.20 and the show started at half past, we made it though!

 Being daft!
 Me and Mummy

My dress was from Excite and I love it though I had to take to Twitter again because I wasn't sure what to put with it, both Sera and Elena suggested a belt which I went with. The belt came with another dress, I wore my Primark denim vest, my necklace was one I found that i've never worn and my shoes I got from New Look many moons ago.

I had a fantastic night and absolutely loved Legally Blonde, I now need to see the film. In theory I should have watched the film first but I never like doing things the right way. 

A different style of I want, I want I want.

You may have noticed that last week I didn't do a want list and that's because there was nothing I'd seen that I wanted which was different to what I'd posted in the previous two weeks. There also isn't one this week and this is almost a replacement post.

While i've not been spending i've been thinking a lot about the other things that make me happy, which aren't the quick rush I get from placing an order online and the rush I get when the parcel arrives or the rush I get from spotting something in the shops and picking it up.

I'm not quite sure the thinking has done me any good but i've noticed that I do really like my own company but I do love getting out and socialising. I think I like my own company because I can do what I want without any repercussions, no one can tell me that they don't agree with how I want to spend my time.

Plus North taught me that i'm not as shy as I thought I was and i'll definitely be trying to attend other similar events when I can. I don't know if it was because i'd already talked to some girls online or the glass of wine I had there but I really did enjoy chatting away, it was a little like being with some of my closest friends.

I'm planning on doing some getting out alone and doing new things which of course I will blog about as I do them. I think I might make a list of things that I want to try or the places that I want to go so that I can cross them off as I do them, I guess you could call it a Bucket List. If you have any suggestions of things I should try or places to go then please feel free to suggest them to me, the first thing I will do is have a trip to the cinema alone, which is something I haven't dared to do because I'm worried about the looks I might get from other people.

My mum commented earlier on how I've been getting more adventurous in the clothes I'm wearing which is something I definitely want to keep up and I'll be trying my best to do so.

Although you haven't got a want list in the way of things I want to buy you've learnt about the things I want to do instead.

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Plus North

On Saturday I went to Plus North and being the great blogger I am, I forgot to get a picture of my outfit besides this one which I posted on Twitter. I also got very few pictures of the day, sorry!

I had a fabulous day meeting Cath (@cathbore), Tricia (@rydertricia), Nadine (@MissPembers), Kirsty (@gazpachodragon) and many fabulous bloggers including Rachel, Lolly, Lisa, Nelly, Kaye, and others whose names i've most likely forgotten or just didn't catch.

While I was there I got a make over from Benefit and picked up a couple of product browzing and sunbeam. I only picked up those two as I thought they were the products I would get the most use from. Benefit isn't a brand I normally use because it's more expensive than I like to spend but I figured I could treat myself seeing as I was at Plus North.

After my Benefit make over

I visited the ladies from Evans and got measured for my body shape and apparently I'm pear shaped and I was already dressing for my shape with my outfit and I was just wearing something I liked. I also spoke to the lovely Jelena from Dea London and tried on the polka dot jacket they had, I quite liked the fit of the one I tried on as a cover up and the quality was great I just decided that it was more than I would normally spend on an item of clothing and I couldn't think of something which I had to pair it with. 

I loved the clothing which Excite Clothing had with them and I fell in love with the cream floral print they had so when I got home I ordered the dress along with picking up a couple of others while I was on the website. I'm looking forward to those arriving and I'll be wearing one to the theatre on Saturday because I've got my fingers crossed that they'll be here for then.

During the prize draw I won £250 worth of Benefit goodies, luckily for me the products I bought weren't in there or at least weren't the right shade. I now have more than enough make up to last me a long while but I did let my mum and sister choose a few things each from the selection of things that I just wouldn't use or which weren't the right colours for me so they were more than happy with my win.

These are all the goodies I won.

I'm planning on having a play around with the goodies that i'm keeping at the weekend along with some other new make up that I've bought, so i'll be sure to post about that for you.

Plus North was a fantastic day and i'm so glad that I decided to go, going alone was definitely worth it for meeting all the lovely people that I did. I've got a friend that wanted to come but who was on holiday but she's already said that she wants to come to any other similar events with me and I'll try my best to make sure she's there with me next year.

I'll just leave you with one last thing, the only images that i actually got from the day.

The lovely Plus North cupcake.

A night with the girls

Apologies for it having been a small while since I last posted an outfit, unfortunately i've not done anything or made the best of efforts.

I did go out with two of my closest friends on Wednesday, they're both home from uni for the summer and so we got together and went for a 'quiet' meal at our local Italian. I say quiet meal we went for half 7 and didn't leave until half 1, to be fair this is how most of our meals turn out when we go there but 3 bottles of wine between us and an early morning at work did not turn out too well for me.

I'll apologise in advance for the photos as these were taken at half 1 in the morning by two drunken idiots, one being me and the other my little photographer.

I wore my black maxi skirt which was from Primark and you will have seen it in my last post featuring clothes. The Leopard vest top was from Dorothy Perkins which I picked up when I was in Edinburgh for £16 and it was available in the sale for about £10 when I looked earlier this week so if you like it you might find it still there.

I'm off to Plus North tomorrow and i'm looking forward to seeing everyone there, if you're there and see me please do come and say hello.

6 things you didn't know about me.

I was planning on writing this post but then I was tagged by Rachel (A dress is for life) in the Liebster Blog Award and I was going to combine the two together, however I can't make it work for me just yet but I'll try and persevere with it.

So i'll let you in on 6 things about me.

- I'm a Christmas baby.

Yeah, I was born on Christmas Day and being the lovely baby I was I wasn't burn until after tea so Mummy missed out on her Christmas dinner.

- I love musicals, though you may have guessed that if you've read my other posts.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a musical, there's always one to cheer you up on a rubbish day and one to enjoy when you're happy and one that you can just cry too. There's nothing better than going to the Theatre and seeing a musical and I can happily say that in two weeks time I will have seen Legally Blonde the Musical.

- I love Doctor Who and Torchwood.

I'm currently on with building up my Doctor Who DVD collection and today I have bought series 1 and 4 of the new series. Yesterday I settled down and had a Pyjama day watching series 2 and I started series 3 so I'll be working my way through it this week and hopefully series 4 will be here for next Sunday. If the Doctor was to turn up tomorrow and ask me to go on a trip in the TARDIS with him, I think it would be the one time I wouldn't hesitate and think about the consequences. I must admit that I love Torchwood a little more simply because it's set in today and you could believe that it is happening and that you just aren't aware of it. 

- I'm not a big tea drinker, and i'd choose fruit tea over breakfast tea.

The girl can't believe how little tea I drink, the last cup of tea I has was in April before I even started blogging. I've not had any form of tea or coffee since then. 

- I love playing board games, though no one else ever wants to play them with me.

I think board games are a perfect way to spend the evening, I love a game of Scrabble, Monopoly or Cluedo but it usually ends up with me begging someone to play and it not happening.

- I'm currently stuck in limbo with many points of my life.

I like to say i'm having a quarter-life crisis, I've currently no idea as to where I want to go in life, I just know i'm not happy with quite a few aspects of my life as it is now. It's difficult trying to work out where I do want to go though.