A trip to the park turn photo shoot

You may remember that a few weeks a go I had a trip to the park with my friend which turned into on impromptu photo shoot. We had such a lovely afternoon getting ice cream and walking around for two hours with me posing for many a photograph along with trying to actually catch a squirrel on camera.

My friend always carries her camera on her so it's not surprising that it turned into a little photo shoot because she loves taking photos and now that i've got my blog I definitely won't say no to jumping in front of it though i've always been a willing model for her. I actually think that the last planned photo shoot we had was at the same park but we had nicer weather this time round.

 I think this is my favourite photo

 By the pretty pond

She got a squirrel!

We did intend on actually going on the park at the end of the evening but it was full of teenagers so we decided against it. I wanted to play on the swings, maybe next time we go we'll be able to play on the swings.

Here we are together

We always have a lovely time when we go out together and hopefully we'll be able to do more of it over the summer now that we don't want to hibernate after work and we'd rather take advantage of the lovely weather, fingers crossed it stays.

I think these photos show that I need to get a new camera because even though i've taken these from Facebook they're a better quality than the ones I get from my camera.