A present for you and a present for me

I was a very spoilt girl yesterday as I received 4 parcels, though not all of them contained things for me. I had ordered a couple of birthday presents and they arrived but I will admit most of them were presents for me.

Earlier in the week I tried out the ParcelGenie App and sent my friend a present, it was just one of their cheapest ones and was some Love Heart sweets. I think she liked it, she sent me a picture of it when it arrived and for £0.99 I wasn't expecting it to be wrapped up or for the little message to be printed out looking all nice. It's a great way of sending a little gift and it definitely doesn't look like I only spent £0.99

The first parcel I opened yesterday was from Dolly Darling, i'd ordered myself a little necklace and a brooch. The brooch came in a nice little box which was tied up with string and looked beautiful before I opened it. As you can see from the pictures below I got a Christmas Kitty necklace and I got the Bow and Pearl Collar Brooch too, I love my brooch and instantly put it on my denim vest.

I got two parcels from Storm in a Teacup, where I bought two birthday presents from for my friends, which came beautifully wrapped up. I bought the first one simply because I think my friend will like it and while I was looking I saw that they had a necklace called Bethan. I have a friend called Bethan whose birthday is coming up in July and so I mentioned it on Twitter only to find out from Jennifer that she had originally made the Bethan necklace for her own friend Bethan's birthday and this seemed to me as though it was fate and so I placed a second order to buy Bethan the Bethan necklace.

On the left is the Bethan necklace and on the right is the Lorraine necklace

My last parcel was from Rachel and contained the two dress which I had bought from her blog sale. I love both dresses and can't wait to wear them soon, the Tesco dress is an option for Plus North and is currently in the lead and due to my spending challenge I shouldn't have bought any new options so i'll hopefully be wearing it in a few weeks time.

 ASOS dress
Tesco dress

I quickly tried them both on yesterday as soon as my stepdad arrived home with the parcel, I was planning on taking proper pictures but I forgot in all the excitement.