A little holiday to Scotland

Last week I went up to Scotland with my mum and sister, we made a visit to New Galloway to see my Auntie and then we spent 2 nights up in Edinburgh.

When we were in New Galloway we attended a 1950's day for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, this involved dressing up in 50's clothing which allowed me to get out a dress I bought last summer and have only worn once or twice before.

 Spot the Belted Galloway Cows 

 The sandals aren't looking so great
 Looking rather surprised

The photos are not the best but it was difficult when there's three children running around along with a 5 month old puppy. It also would have been nice for the photographer (aka my sister) to tell me my fringe was doing it's own thing in the third picture.

I bought my dress of Ebay last summer for about £20 and so I couldn't say no to it, I just wish I had the opportunity to get it out more often. I wore it with my handbag which I bought in Volterra, Italy last summer and my Asda sandals due to the fact it involved a lot of standing up not that heels and fields go together all that well anyway.

While we were up in Edinburgh we spent a day at the zoo and got to see the Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang. As much as I love seeing the animals at the zoo I wasn't overly keen on Edinburgh Zoo I thought that some of the enclosures were too small for the animals and they were all really caged in. I much prefer Chester Zoo where the animals which aren't dangerous have a moat around the edge of the enclosure stopping them from getting too close to the visitors but allowing them to be much more out in the open.

 Tian Tian "Sweetie"
 Yang Guang "Sunshine"
 Me and a wooden panda.

I really enjoyed my little holiday and spent quite a bit of money on Princes St so i'm sure those clothes will soon make their way to my blog.