I want, I want, I want... Take One

I'm 5 days into my spending challenge and I will admit i'm finding it a little difficult, so i'm going to amend my rules slightly and say that i'm not allowed to buy any clothes, make up, jewellery or anything of that sort of thing. I'm planning on giving my room a complete overhaul and having a good clear out and I know that this will mean I need to buy more pretty storage and things, I will still try and limit my spending though.

Here is a list of things that I want so far in week one.

 1. I've been wanting a small hand held mirror for quite a while but this is the first one i've seen which matches the style of my room and will go with everything else which is out on display. I found this on Ebay for £4.85 but it is on auction so it will more than likely go up before the listing ends, though there is a similar one for £5.99 buy it now plus p&p.

 2. This is another Ebay find and has been sat in my watch list for probably the best part of a year and it's something that I would still love to have but haven't yet got round to buying. It's only £2.99 so I have no idea why I haven't bought it yet especially when no one else knows that I want it so I can't have thought I might receive it as a gift.

 3. I love these storage boxes and i'm looking for something similar on Friday when I go out to get the few items I need for organising my room. I currently have a wicker basket which holds all my hair things but hair pins get stuck in the bottom and it looks untidy due to the amount of things I have in it, where as these would look nice piled up on top of my chest of drawers.

 4. I love this dress from Lady V London, they had another dress that i absolutely loved but i decided against buying it at the last minute and I really wish I hadn't but there's nothing I can do about it now besides keep an eye out on Ebay and hope that someone decides to sell theirs but i'll be waiting a long time. This dress is £35 and would definitely be worth spending the money on as i'd get a lot of wear out of it and you can spend more than that for dresses from Dorothy Perkins or Evans.

I don't think i'm doing too bad on my list of wants with only 4 items but I have been avoiding window shopping online because I know just how tempted I can get, though i'm sure as the weeks go on i'll be able to resist less and less and my lists will become longer.