I want, I want, I want... Take 2

There's not as many things that I want this week but one i've the items I want i've been lusting after for months and now it's in the sale when i'm having my spending ban. I did try to convince my mum that I was having a second birthday and that it would make a great gift but she wasn't having it.

1. Is a Mac from ASOS which I have loved for months, the green was in the last sale but the navy was still full price at £65 and I just couldn't justify buying it no matter how much I love it. This time both green and navy are in the sale and I can't buy it because i'm having my spending ban, even in the sale it is still £45.50 but that's a slightly more reasonable amount to spend on a coat.

2. I love these glitter bows from Dainty Roses, I really like the pastel pink colour so I think i'll be treating myself when my shopping ban is over. They're so pretty and at £3.50 it's not going to break the bank and make too big a dip into what I manage to save over the 8 weeks.

3. We discovered this nipple bar at work yesterday and I fell in love, who doesn't love a good cupcake? Baking is something I love along with my boobs so I think it makes a perfect combination really. We found it on Amazon for £6 I think.