An extraordinary week in the life of Tinkerbell featuring Barry and Stuart.

I've been a very busy bee this with last night my first chance to relax since last Friday. Not only have I been at work all week like every week but I've also had a busy social life for a change.

On Saturday me and a friend had a night in and watched Eurovision, I will admit Denmark were my favourite. I had to turn over after the 26 performances as my friend felt she has suffered enough of Eurovision for her liking.

Sunday took me out for a meal to celebrate my friends birthday, three if us went out for a lovely meal. We just went out to a local pub so I kept my outfit pretty casual, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures but it will surely be out again some time soon.

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that on Monday night me and Lizzie (the friend I saw Avenue Q with) had a spur of the moment trip to the park which turned into an impromptu photo shoot, so you'll be hearing more about that another night. We also went out to the same pub I'd been too the night before, though this time I wasn't happy with my meal but they offered me a free dessert which of course I accepted :)

I think for a lot of us Tuesday was really the last proper day of sunshine, don't get me wrong it keeps popping it's head out but so does the rain. Mummy had decided we were going to have a family BBQ to make the most of the weather.

Wednesday night i took a trip to the local theatre The Muni to see Barry and Stuart: Show and Tell where the wonderful Lizzie joined me again :) The show was fabulous and while we were there I bumped into another friend and her hubby, they were called up on stage by Barry and Stuart to take part in their hostage trick. We all went out for a drink together after the show which was lovely as it allowed me to catch up with my friend and her hubby.

You get an outfit post for Wednesday. I bought these fabulous Daisy print leggings from George at Asda on Monday when I had a sneaky trip out of work. When I got them home I did have a brief moment of panic about what I would wear them with. I settled on this peach blouse I got from Primark last year, I just wore a plain white vest top underneath and I nipped myself in with a black belt. My sandals are also from Asda and are another item I picked up on Monday, I also got their tribal print leggings but I've taken them back.

'Fucking Hot Desert Chick'

While I was out I got a a compliment on my outfit from a random lady in the toilets which was lovely to hear, as it's not often that it happens. I also got a compliment from my friends hubby, he claimed I looked 'fucking hot' and that I had a desert chick vibe going on which would make Indiana Jones want to rescue me. I think all in all this outfit has to be classed as very successful.

We got to meet Barry and Stuart after the show so once I have the pictures from Lizzie I'll be sure to update this post with them.