I want, I want, I want... Take 2

There's not as many things that I want this week but one i've the items I want i've been lusting after for months and now it's in the sale when i'm having my spending ban. I did try to convince my mum that I was having a second birthday and that it would make a great gift but she wasn't having it.

1. Is a Mac from ASOS which I have loved for months, the green was in the last sale but the navy was still full price at £65 and I just couldn't justify buying it no matter how much I love it. This time both green and navy are in the sale and I can't buy it because i'm having my spending ban, even in the sale it is still £45.50 but that's a slightly more reasonable amount to spend on a coat.

2. I love these glitter bows from Dainty Roses, I really like the pastel pink colour so I think i'll be treating myself when my shopping ban is over. They're so pretty and at £3.50 it's not going to break the bank and make too big a dip into what I manage to save over the 8 weeks.

3. We discovered this nipple bar at work yesterday and I fell in love, who doesn't love a good cupcake? Baking is something I love along with my boobs so I think it makes a perfect combination really. We found it on Amazon for £6 I think.

Shampoo for oily hair.

I have really oily hair and i've always struggled to find a shampoo that works because most shampoos want to add moisture to your hair which is something I don't want at all and conditioner is just a complete no go for me. I'm lucky that my hair is in really good condition and i've never had any trouble with yet despite the fact it has had plenty of abuse from the hair straighteners and hair dye through my early teenage years.  

I originally thought i'd found the best shampoo when I discovered Herbal Essences balancing shampoo, when I first used it, it worked like a dream and was a bargain at less than £4 a bottle unlike many other shampoos. As I was on my third bottle I noticed that my hair was getting oiler after each wash, so I decided it was time yet again to try and find a different shampoo. 

It was recommended by someone that I work with who also has oily hair to go for something organic so I gave Lavera lemon milk shampoo a go but that really hasn't worked. If I wanted nice clean hair then I needed to wash it everyday which isn't great for your hair and something which I wanted to avoid. I paid £7.45 and I have a half used bottle in my bathroom cupboard, normally i'd just use it up but I don't like how it leaves my hair at all.


I have since discovered Aussie Mega Shampoo, I decided to give it a try because it says it's suitable to use everyday so I figured it must be a pretty light shampoo and wouldn't give my hair too much excess oil. So far i've found it a great shampoo to use, I can easily get two days wear out of it and I can push it to three like I did this weekend. I knew I was going to the gym Saturday morning so I skipped washing it until after and it wasn't too oily but I wouldn't have felt too comfortable wearing it down but I'd have been more than happy to wear it up all day with a headscarf.  

I've found it really difficult to found a shampoo that works and I thought i'd share my findings in case anyone else is also having the same problem I did, also if you have any other recommendations then please let me know.

A week with no trousers

In the middle of last week I set myself the challenge of going a week at work without wearing trousers for this week. I've slipped into wearing black trousers simply because it's easy and I don't have to put too much thought into it. I haven't been enjoying what I wear to work and so I decided it was time to change up what I wear.

If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that I posted OOTD photos each morning showing my outfit, so you will have had a sneak peek at what's to come.


I wore my black pleated maxi skirt from Primark, I got it while I was in Edinburgh for £12, the yellow vest top is also from Primark, which I picked up last summer in Birmingham. My scarf is from New Look though I 'borrowed' it from Mummy, the belt is from a pair of trousers I got in New Look last summer and my sandals are from George at Asda.


My Sainbury's dress came back out again, I did have plans to style it differently as this is almost the same as last weeks, however the tights I planned on wearing seem to have gone AWOL. My cardigan is from Primark and i'm wearing the same belt and scarf from Monday.


The maxi skirt from Primark came pack out again, because it is a fabulous piece. Looking at it most of this outfit is from Primark because the navy vest top I have on and the feather top are both from Primark last year. I'm not sure if you can see it but I have a butterfly necklace on which is from Internacionale, I think I bought it earlier this year but I could be wrong but it was about £1 in the sale so I couldn't leave it there. You can see the ears from my headscarf and it's from a bag I got for Christmas and I think it's from Next.


My Dorothy Perkins dress is back out again, I do tend to wear this dress a lot mainly because I love it and it doesn't require too much effort to make it into an outfit. I wore it with the same New Look belt as Monday and Tuesday and you can't see but I wore a headscarf again, this headscarf was from Primark. I knew my mum had this headscarf as my sister has the matching one so I nagged her into finding it for me.


This is on of the dresses I picked up from Rachel's blog sale for £5, it's originally from Tesco. I love this dress and I'm planning on wearing it to Plus North, though I need to come up with a different way of wearing it. I wore it with my Dorothy Perkins leggings which I got a few years ago and I could do with a new pair because there's a few little holes in them but they're so comfy. The necklace I wore is from The Hen House in Kirkby Lonsdale, I picked this up in February for £9 when we went on a family day out. The Hen House is one of my favourite shops, whenever I go to Kirkby Lonsdale I have to pop in and I usually leave with something.

It was much easier to go a whole week without wearing black trousers than I thought it would be and i've noticed i've been much more comfortable and more productive. I think I am definitely going to try and slowly update my work wardrobe with dresses and skirts, I didn't realise just how many work suitable clothes I had, I still have work appropriate dresses which I didn't wear this week but i'd forgotten I had them because i'm so used to black pants. I did have to put more thought into the outfits I wore this week but it's worth it to feel comfortable.

I still haven't quite got to grips with self timer on my camera but I have learnt to make my bed before I take my pictures. All of these photos were taken at the end of the day when i'd got in from work so I don't look my best.

A trip to the park turn photo shoot

You may remember that a few weeks a go I had a trip to the park with my friend which turned into on impromptu photo shoot. We had such a lovely afternoon getting ice cream and walking around for two hours with me posing for many a photograph along with trying to actually catch a squirrel on camera.

My friend always carries her camera on her so it's not surprising that it turned into a little photo shoot because she loves taking photos and now that i've got my blog I definitely won't say no to jumping in front of it though i've always been a willing model for her. I actually think that the last planned photo shoot we had was at the same park but we had nicer weather this time round.

 I think this is my favourite photo

 By the pretty pond

She got a squirrel!

We did intend on actually going on the park at the end of the evening but it was full of teenagers so we decided against it. I wanted to play on the swings, maybe next time we go we'll be able to play on the swings.

Here we are together

We always have a lovely time when we go out together and hopefully we'll be able to do more of it over the summer now that we don't want to hibernate after work and we'd rather take advantage of the lovely weather, fingers crossed it stays.

I think these photos show that I need to get a new camera because even though i've taken these from Facebook they're a better quality than the ones I get from my camera.

I want, I want, I want... Take One

I'm 5 days into my spending challenge and I will admit i'm finding it a little difficult, so i'm going to amend my rules slightly and say that i'm not allowed to buy any clothes, make up, jewellery or anything of that sort of thing. I'm planning on giving my room a complete overhaul and having a good clear out and I know that this will mean I need to buy more pretty storage and things, I will still try and limit my spending though.

Here is a list of things that I want so far in week one.

 1. I've been wanting a small hand held mirror for quite a while but this is the first one i've seen which matches the style of my room and will go with everything else which is out on display. I found this on Ebay for £4.85 but it is on auction so it will more than likely go up before the listing ends, though there is a similar one for £5.99 buy it now plus p&p.

 2. This is another Ebay find and has been sat in my watch list for probably the best part of a year and it's something that I would still love to have but haven't yet got round to buying. It's only £2.99 so I have no idea why I haven't bought it yet especially when no one else knows that I want it so I can't have thought I might receive it as a gift.

 3. I love these storage boxes and i'm looking for something similar on Friday when I go out to get the few items I need for organising my room. I currently have a wicker basket which holds all my hair things but hair pins get stuck in the bottom and it looks untidy due to the amount of things I have in it, where as these would look nice piled up on top of my chest of drawers.

 4. I love this dress from Lady V London, they had another dress that i absolutely loved but i decided against buying it at the last minute and I really wish I hadn't but there's nothing I can do about it now besides keep an eye out on Ebay and hope that someone decides to sell theirs but i'll be waiting a long time. This dress is £35 and would definitely be worth spending the money on as i'd get a lot of wear out of it and you can spend more than that for dresses from Dorothy Perkins or Evans.

I don't think i'm doing too bad on my list of wants with only 4 items but I have been avoiding window shopping online because I know just how tempted I can get, though i'm sure as the weeks go on i'll be able to resist less and less and my lists will become longer.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Fifty Shades Trilogy by now seeing as there is a huge hype about it and women seem to be swooning over Christian Grey.

I went out yesterday and bought all three books, to see just what this hype is about and whether it's worth it, and in my opinion it's not.

I'll give you a little background about the books, they were first written as a piece of Twilight fanfiction called Master of the Universe. According to Wikipedia they are pieces of erotic fiction, I wouldn't have called them that, in my mind erotic fiction fiction is supposed to make you hot under the collar and this doesn't do it.

The books are about college graduate Anastasia Steele and businessman Christian Grey and their relationship where Anastasia enters Mr Greys BDSM lifestyle as the submissive to his dominant.

Fifty Shades of Grey

As the first book all that it really does is set the background and for some will inform them of the BDSM culture. It's not very well written, the quality isn't great and the story doesn't really go anywhere. I didn't find the sex scenes to be of anything spectacular and there's nothing to get your heart racing. In the book there's a small clue to the fact it was originally Twilight fanfiction, on of the characters is called Dr Greene and as soon as I saw the name I thought that the Doctor had to be named after Ashley Greene who plays Alice in the Twilight films.

If I hadn't have already bought the second two books in the trilogy I wouldn't have wanted to go out and buy them after reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fifty Shades Darker

I must say that the quality of the writing does improve in this book, which is something I was glad about. The story through this book does start to make you want to read more as drama heats up though the sex scenes don't improve.

After reading this I will admit that it did make me want to start reading the third book and so I did.

Fifty Shades Freed

The beginning of this book jumps from the end of the last book which left me a little disorientated to start with but once i got my feet back on the ground I started to get into the book. The story is full of drama again in this book and as soon as things start going back to 'normal' the book just drops and you end up with the epilogue which is set about 3 years in the future.

All in all I would say that the books do improve on story for those of you that have only read the first books but if you're looking for erotic fiction then this isn't it.

I think that the three books really are the beginning, middle and end of a story in separate books and I think they could have been condensed into one good book.

On a side note, I have actually managed to read all three books in less than 24 hours as I finished the third one at lunchtime today and didn't start the first one until early yesterday evening.

A present for you and a present for me

I was a very spoilt girl yesterday as I received 4 parcels, though not all of them contained things for me. I had ordered a couple of birthday presents and they arrived but I will admit most of them were presents for me.

Earlier in the week I tried out the ParcelGenie App and sent my friend a present, it was just one of their cheapest ones and was some Love Heart sweets. I think she liked it, she sent me a picture of it when it arrived and for £0.99 I wasn't expecting it to be wrapped up or for the little message to be printed out looking all nice. It's a great way of sending a little gift and it definitely doesn't look like I only spent £0.99

The first parcel I opened yesterday was from Dolly Darling, i'd ordered myself a little necklace and a brooch. The brooch came in a nice little box which was tied up with string and looked beautiful before I opened it. As you can see from the pictures below I got a Christmas Kitty necklace and I got the Bow and Pearl Collar Brooch too, I love my brooch and instantly put it on my denim vest.

I got two parcels from Storm in a Teacup, where I bought two birthday presents from for my friends, which came beautifully wrapped up. I bought the first one simply because I think my friend will like it and while I was looking I saw that they had a necklace called Bethan. I have a friend called Bethan whose birthday is coming up in July and so I mentioned it on Twitter only to find out from Jennifer that she had originally made the Bethan necklace for her own friend Bethan's birthday and this seemed to me as though it was fate and so I placed a second order to buy Bethan the Bethan necklace.

On the left is the Bethan necklace and on the right is the Lorraine necklace

My last parcel was from Rachel and contained the two dress which I had bought from her blog sale. I love both dresses and can't wait to wear them soon, the Tesco dress is an option for Plus North and is currently in the lead and due to my spending challenge I shouldn't have bought any new options so i'll hopefully be wearing it in a few weeks time.

 ASOS dress
Tesco dress

I quickly tried them both on yesterday as soon as my stepdad arrived home with the parcel, I was planning on taking proper pictures but I forgot in all the excitement.

Spending Challenge

I have decided to give myself a spending challenge aka I’m to stop spending mainly because I majorly need to start saving up especially as I’ve decided that I need to get a new camera, along with the fact I should have been saving up for a new car for quite a while yet and I’ve also got very little saved up towards moving out.

I’m putting a ban on pretty much all spending, so expect to see a number of wish list posts as I work my way through this. I’m going to challenge myself to 8 weeks of no spending, though there will be a few exceptions. I would have loved to do the 100 day challenge which I’ve seen on other people’s blogs but I think it’s best to start off small.

Exceptions to the rule:

-          Birthday presents
-          Plus North
-          50 shades of grey trilogy

I’m going to tell you why I have chosen these exceptions. I think I have bought all the birthday presents which will be needed in these 8 weeks but I’ve put that there just in case I’ve forgotten any because I am always well prepared and my friends would be in shock if I didn’t have a present for a birthday. Plus North is a fairly obvious one, there’s no way I can go to such a wonderful event without a single bit of spending money and hopefully I will spend wisely. The 50 shades of grey trilogy is on the list mainly because I’ve been looking for them before I started my ban so I think it’s only fair that I’m able to pick them up especially as everyone keeps talking about them. I have asked my sister and her boyfriend to try and pick them up while they are out tonight seeing as I couldn’t find them in our local supermarkets.

The only things I’m really allowing myself to spend is the money for petrol because in theory I should manage perfectly well without spending money on anything else even if it does mean I may have to hibernate and not visit any shops. I am still allowing myself to spend money on essentials and anything which isn't clothes or beauty related.

My self imposed spending ban or challenge starts tomorrow 15th June until 10th August, and I really am going to need some strong will power.

Saturday will be my first test as I’m popping into Blackburn to take some stuff back to Primark and I’m sure that while we’re there my mum will want to do some shopping, hopefully I’ll be able to avoid looking so then I won’t see anything to tempt me.

Workwear Wardrobe

This is a little OOTD post which features what I wore to work today, if you follow me on twitter you may have caught a glimpse of it as I posted a picture this morning. I wasn't sure about this outfit this morning, I liked it but I wasn't sure if maybe it was a bit too adventurous to wear to work, this was mainly due to the colours I mixed with it. I did wear it and I felt pretty good in it.

My dress is from Sainsbury's I bought it a few weeks ago for £10 in the sale and it's perfect for work. The belt is off a pair of pants I got from New Look last year, I did plan on wearing my ASOS belt but we just don't get on. I think the tights are just Primark cheapies and the boots are from Schuh.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to change up my work wardrobe to include more dresses and skirts simply because I prefer them to pants, so i'm going to challenge myself to only wear dresses and skirts next week and at the weekend i'll do a post featuring all five of my work outfits and hopefully not a single pair of pants will be seen.

Also if anyone has any tips for taking your own photos using self timer it'd be a great help, i'm currently balancing my camera on a pile of books, we do have a small tripod somewhere though i'm not quite sure where it is.

A little holiday to Scotland

Last week I went up to Scotland with my mum and sister, we made a visit to New Galloway to see my Auntie and then we spent 2 nights up in Edinburgh.

When we were in New Galloway we attended a 1950's day for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, this involved dressing up in 50's clothing which allowed me to get out a dress I bought last summer and have only worn once or twice before.

 Spot the Belted Galloway Cows 

 The sandals aren't looking so great
 Looking rather surprised

The photos are not the best but it was difficult when there's three children running around along with a 5 month old puppy. It also would have been nice for the photographer (aka my sister) to tell me my fringe was doing it's own thing in the third picture.

I bought my dress of Ebay last summer for about £20 and so I couldn't say no to it, I just wish I had the opportunity to get it out more often. I wore it with my handbag which I bought in Volterra, Italy last summer and my Asda sandals due to the fact it involved a lot of standing up not that heels and fields go together all that well anyway.

While we were up in Edinburgh we spent a day at the zoo and got to see the Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang. As much as I love seeing the animals at the zoo I wasn't overly keen on Edinburgh Zoo I thought that some of the enclosures were too small for the animals and they were all really caged in. I much prefer Chester Zoo where the animals which aren't dangerous have a moat around the edge of the enclosure stopping them from getting too close to the visitors but allowing them to be much more out in the open.

 Tian Tian "Sweetie"
 Yang Guang "Sunshine"
 Me and a wooden panda.

I really enjoyed my little holiday and spent quite a bit of money on Princes St so i'm sure those clothes will soon make their way to my blog.

What's in my Handbag?

I've seen quite a few different people post about what they have in their handbag and because I'm nosey I've really loved reading them. Seeing as I've loved reading these posts I thought it was only fair that I do my own.

I tend to have quite a big handbag but often i can end up carrying around a lot of junk like old receipts and notes or lists I've written for myself.

This is everything that I had in my handbag today (Saturday), my bag was a Christmas present the year before last and was from H&M, it's been a great bag and I've never had struggle fitting everything I need in.

I love my purse I only bought it about 6 weeks ago but it's perfect as it holds everything I need without me having to overload any of the pockets. I got it from a small local shop, me and my mum had just decided to pop up into town for some lunch and we ended up having a look in the shops and we both came away with a new purse.

I always have my phone with me as well as a spare lead so that I can charge it or get pictures from it at any point, there's normally a computer somewhere which I can use, especially at work. You never know when you're going to need earphones so it's always best to have them, though my sister gets more use out of them than I do.

You are guaranteed to find at least 3 sets of keys in my handbag but usually I have 4, there will normally be my car keys which aren't in my bag at the moment along with a set of house keys and two sets of keys for work.

I've also started keeping a reasonable sized notebook on me at all times so that I can write down any ideas that I might have for future blog posts.

I always carry a small make-up bag which contains some hand cream, lipstick, lip liner, mirror and a nail file. I'm coming to the end of the perfume bottle, it's Anna Sui Secret Wish Magic Romance but since Christmas I've been wearing Paul Smith Rose which is lovely and I ran out the other month and took to using my old perfume until I could pick some up. I'm currently only using my new bottle for special occasions but once the Anna Sui is used up I'll be back to using Paul Smith all the time.

I'm one of those people that believes in carrying things for every occasion which is why I always have paracetamol and ibuprofen in my handbag along with hand sanitiser or paper soap. I always have a bottle of water with me and there's usually a bar of chocolate too or a little something to nibble on. One of my old friends used to call me mum because I had everything she needed in my handbag whenever she wasn't feeling too good or needed a good cry.

As it's the beginning of the month I have a copy of both Cosmopolitan and Glamour which are the two magazines I always read. I have read them both but I always keep hold of them in case I need something quick to read at any point but I also carry a book with me for reading at lunch or when someone leaves me waiting an incredibly long time.

That's everything which I have in my handbag at the moment, this post will be scheduled because I'm away on holiday this week and I'm not sure if I'll have chance to post anything.