My Big Fat Fetish

After hearing about My Big Fat Fetish while I was at work I knew I had to watch it online when I got home. I wish I’d have known it was on so that I could have watched it when it was shown on TV but I have now caught up online and it has made me think, so what better to do with those thoughts than blog about them? My thoughts may not make too much sense but my mind has travelled ten to the dozen so getting things down and in some semblance of an order has been a little difficult. It’s not the blog post I had planned for tonight but you might be lucky and get two.

I found it a very interesting programme, definitely not disgusting like people have made it out to be. I think if you don’t understand it then it could become disgusting to you but the same can be said about many things and just like anything new there will be people who are going to say bad things about it or make vile comments.

I will admit that I do think it does get too extreme when people like Patty aren’t able to look after themselves and rely on the help from someone else but if people are happy then I can’t fault them for doing it, I think being happy is one of the most important things you can get out of life. I really admire the confidence that the other women had, and I do wish I had that confidence in that I was 100% comfortable with my body, maybe one day I will be.

I can see why big women are sexual to people, and I do find them attractive on the programme I found Lizzie and Kit attractive. One thing I don’t understand is the feeding aspect and the gratification from being fed so much but that’s because for me there is a point where I no I’m full and I feel uncomfortable and bloated which isn’t a feeling to enjoy.

I can happily hold my hands up and say that I am a comfort eater which some of these women may be but when I comfort eat I can instant gratification from it but after it’s regret because I feel I shouldn’t have done it and that

The extreme feeding photo shoot was sexual, there is no denying that but I think I much preferred the photo shoot Lizzie did with Renee. Lizzie’s photo shoot seemed much more fun and easy going, and something which I could be comfortable doing. I think I would love to try the modelling side of it, unfortunately I’m not currently comfortable enough in front of a camera fully dressed, so there’ll be no photo shoots of that kind going on.

I really enjoyed the show and found it interesting, I definitely learnt something new by watching the show. I think the parts of the show I enjoyed most were the parts that I could fully understand and the parts that I could feel comfortable doing myself.

All in all I can say I enjoyed My Big Fat Fetish and I admire the women who took part for the confidence they have in doing something which they enjoy.