Blood Brothers

Unfortunately I’m having a falling out with my camera at the moment, so there’s only the one picture today. I practiced using the self timer on  Friday night before I went out but I got to my camera yesterday morning and all the images I had have been deleted, luckily it’s only the ones from Friday night which aren’t already on my laptop.

I took my mum to see Blood Brothers, at the Alhambra in Bradford, we had such a lovely time even if we did get there only moments before it started to find someone else in our seats. We had to take seats on the end of rows which weren’t next to each other so we got our original seats back after the interval, though the people that were in them seemed to be part of a really large group of people. We did feel quite bad for moving them but we wanted to be sat together, we would have just taken their original seats but the steward (?) insisted we had the seats on our tickets.

The outfit I wore was pretty much the same as the one in my last post, however I had a black cardigan on instead. Since starting this blog I’ve noticed I wear a lot of the same clothes and in the same way.
 Me on Friday night.

I really need to learn how to take pictures of myself, I always find that I look ridiculous, I'm going to get practicing with the self timer again, so maybe on my next post you'll see my shoddy attempts.