Black and White

On Friday a new top I’d ordered arrived so I knew that I had to wear it yesterday, whenever I get something new I just have to wear it.

The combination of my new well fitting bra and the cut of this top is something I really liked, I love my boobs far too much as it is but I loved them even more yesterday. I definitely need to get buying more Curvy Kate bras, so that I can have amazing boobs everyday. I don’t know if it was the top, the bra or the combination of the two but I felt really great yesterday and not a big fat blob like normal.

This top is from an Australian brand Mermaid Killer and it is fabulous. When I first ordered my top they did them in three different cuts rather than sizes which were Tinkerbell, Maleficent and Ursula, i ordered Ursula and I was worried about how it would fit but it's perfect, however they now do them in sizes from XS up to XXL, so I don't know what size I'll be now. It was such a comfy top to wear and even though I’m sunburnt it didn’t give me any extra irritation like most other clothes do by trapping the heat in. I can’t wait until I can afford to buy some more clothing from them, it’s definitely worth the wait in delivery. The top is made from 100% cotton and everything is locally sourced in Australia so they're a very ethical company, I originally found out about the company through Tumblr and i'm very glad I did because i love my top. I think it will be coming back out on Wednesday when I go to the theatre.

This top is quite bold and so i decided to keep the the rest of the outfit simple which is why I paired it with some black shorts which i got from Dorothy Perkins earlier this year. 

I definitely took advantage of the sun and got my legs out again, though I did avoid sitting out in it due to my sunburn, which i'm sure you can spot. While I was out taking pictures is one of the few brief moments I ventured out. I’m avoiding the sun for a little while, I’m burnt enough for now, I think I’ll be picking some sun cream up before I go out for a long period of time again.