Avenue Q

On 11th May, myself and a friend had a lovely night out to The Lowry to see Avenue Q. We don’t often get a night out together but we had a fabulous time and it was nice to get dressed up and have some fun. As much as I see my friend on a regular basis to go to the gym we don’t often get chance for a good catch up though we did get too for a change.

Avenue Q was fantastic and I would definitely recommend that you go and see it if you have the chance. If you know the songs then you’ll probably find yourself like us and not be able to stop yourself singing along.

 Happy, Happy, Happy
 Apparently i look like i'm about to be sent into outer space back to Lesbionica
 Trying a pose, not sure i pull it off though.
 All hyped in the car :)
This is me and my lovely friend before the show.

Although I got dressed up I didn’t get too dressed up because I needed flats for driving which limits my choice in clothes. I also wanted to wear something I hadn’t worn out in a while which is why o choose this lovely floral dress from Dorothy Perkins. The boots I’m wearing were a bargain at £19.99 from the SchuhStore on Ebay, they are real leather and should have been £70 so I saved myself a fabulous £50.

I think me and my friend are definitely going to try and have more nights out together, we’ve already decided that we’ll be going to see a friend play when she does a local gig, so that will be a lovely night plus we should hopefully get to catch up with her too.