Black and White

On Friday a new top I’d ordered arrived so I knew that I had to wear it yesterday, whenever I get something new I just have to wear it.

The combination of my new well fitting bra and the cut of this top is something I really liked, I love my boobs far too much as it is but I loved them even more yesterday. I definitely need to get buying more Curvy Kate bras, so that I can have amazing boobs everyday. I don’t know if it was the top, the bra or the combination of the two but I felt really great yesterday and not a big fat blob like normal.

This top is from an Australian brand Mermaid Killer and it is fabulous. When I first ordered my top they did them in three different cuts rather than sizes which were Tinkerbell, Maleficent and Ursula, i ordered Ursula and I was worried about how it would fit but it's perfect, however they now do them in sizes from XS up to XXL, so I don't know what size I'll be now. It was such a comfy top to wear and even though I’m sunburnt it didn’t give me any extra irritation like most other clothes do by trapping the heat in. I can’t wait until I can afford to buy some more clothing from them, it’s definitely worth the wait in delivery. The top is made from 100% cotton and everything is locally sourced in Australia so they're a very ethical company, I originally found out about the company through Tumblr and i'm very glad I did because i love my top. I think it will be coming back out on Wednesday when I go to the theatre.

This top is quite bold and so i decided to keep the the rest of the outfit simple which is why I paired it with some black shorts which i got from Dorothy Perkins earlier this year. 

I definitely took advantage of the sun and got my legs out again, though I did avoid sitting out in it due to my sunburn, which i'm sure you can spot. While I was out taking pictures is one of the few brief moments I ventured out. I’m avoiding the sun for a little while, I’m burnt enough for now, I think I’ll be picking some sun cream up before I go out for a long period of time again.

Sun and Summer Skirts

The sun has been fabulous these past few days and I have had the afternoon of work so I’ve been out enjoying the sun while I can. I have definitely caught the sun and I need to get some moisturiser on pretty soon. I attempted a bit of fun with my camera and had a play around with the self timer again, if nothing you get to see a bit of my garden.

I got a bit excited and decided to try catching a jump on camera.

I’ve noticed these past few days that I don’t have much in the way of summer clothes never mind clothes which are suitable for work. The skirt I wore today is one I got as an impulse buy in Asda last summer when I went away. I think I only wore it twice last summer and I don’t think it’ll be out much this year either as I’m not overly keen on it, but hopefully I can pick a skirt or two up this year.

Avenue Q

On 11th May, myself and a friend had a lovely night out to The Lowry to see Avenue Q. We don’t often get a night out together but we had a fabulous time and it was nice to get dressed up and have some fun. As much as I see my friend on a regular basis to go to the gym we don’t often get chance for a good catch up though we did get too for a change.

Avenue Q was fantastic and I would definitely recommend that you go and see it if you have the chance. If you know the songs then you’ll probably find yourself like us and not be able to stop yourself singing along.

 Happy, Happy, Happy
 Apparently i look like i'm about to be sent into outer space back to Lesbionica
 Trying a pose, not sure i pull it off though.
 All hyped in the car :)
This is me and my lovely friend before the show.

Although I got dressed up I didn’t get too dressed up because I needed flats for driving which limits my choice in clothes. I also wanted to wear something I hadn’t worn out in a while which is why o choose this lovely floral dress from Dorothy Perkins. The boots I’m wearing were a bargain at £19.99 from the SchuhStore on Ebay, they are real leather and should have been £70 so I saved myself a fabulous £50.

I think me and my friend are definitely going to try and have more nights out together, we’ve already decided that we’ll be going to see a friend play when she does a local gig, so that will be a lovely night plus we should hopefully get to catch up with her too.

My Big Fat Fetish

After hearing about My Big Fat Fetish while I was at work I knew I had to watch it online when I got home. I wish I’d have known it was on so that I could have watched it when it was shown on TV but I have now caught up online and it has made me think, so what better to do with those thoughts than blog about them? My thoughts may not make too much sense but my mind has travelled ten to the dozen so getting things down and in some semblance of an order has been a little difficult. It’s not the blog post I had planned for tonight but you might be lucky and get two.

I found it a very interesting programme, definitely not disgusting like people have made it out to be. I think if you don’t understand it then it could become disgusting to you but the same can be said about many things and just like anything new there will be people who are going to say bad things about it or make vile comments.

I will admit that I do think it does get too extreme when people like Patty aren’t able to look after themselves and rely on the help from someone else but if people are happy then I can’t fault them for doing it, I think being happy is one of the most important things you can get out of life. I really admire the confidence that the other women had, and I do wish I had that confidence in that I was 100% comfortable with my body, maybe one day I will be.

I can see why big women are sexual to people, and I do find them attractive on the programme I found Lizzie and Kit attractive. One thing I don’t understand is the feeding aspect and the gratification from being fed so much but that’s because for me there is a point where I no I’m full and I feel uncomfortable and bloated which isn’t a feeling to enjoy.

I can happily hold my hands up and say that I am a comfort eater which some of these women may be but when I comfort eat I can instant gratification from it but after it’s regret because I feel I shouldn’t have done it and that

The extreme feeding photo shoot was sexual, there is no denying that but I think I much preferred the photo shoot Lizzie did with Renee. Lizzie’s photo shoot seemed much more fun and easy going, and something which I could be comfortable doing. I think I would love to try the modelling side of it, unfortunately I’m not currently comfortable enough in front of a camera fully dressed, so there’ll be no photo shoots of that kind going on.

I really enjoyed the show and found it interesting, I definitely learnt something new by watching the show. I think the parts of the show I enjoyed most were the parts that I could fully understand and the parts that I could feel comfortable doing myself.

All in all I can say I enjoyed My Big Fat Fetish and I admire the women who took part for the confidence they have in doing something which they enjoy.

Poorly with poppies

I had to go into work this morning to do a test, I reluctantly went in because I knew that if I didn’t do it today I could be waiting months to do it again. I’m currently full of a cold and have a nose like Rudolph.

On Sunday I got a bit spending happy and bought some new clothes from George at ASDA. I wore the new poppy print dress from my order today in an attempt to make myself feel slightly more normal. I will admit that when this dress arrived yesterday I wasn’t so sure about it and I thought I would have to take it back but I can happily say that once I tried it on I fell in love with it. I don’t think I do it justice today, but I wore it quite simply with red shoes.

I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this dress because it’s suitable to be worn at work and it’s really comfy too. 

Work wear worries and summer saving

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve found that since I’ve started working in a job without a uniform I end up wearing the same things I wear out of work but with black pants instead of jeans. I start not wanting to wear my clothes because I’ve worn them too much and done everything I can to make them a little different, each time I’ve worn them. I always end up wearing black pants because I’m worried about pushing the boundaries of office wear because they’ve started really stressing the point that it is important that we’re dressed smartly because more and more clients are coming to visit us in the office. I love wearing a dress but now I’m a bit conscious that my maxi dresses may be too casual and that my other dresses may be too short.

 I'm quite far away.
 I'm getting closer.
And even closer (be scared!)

This is what I wore to work today, it’s nothing too exciting and I don’t particularly enjoy wearing it. I think I have that problem with a lot of my clothes because I’ve worn them so often.

Also I had a play around with the self timer on my camera and I just about managed pictures which are okay (it's just me that looks ridiculous), so you may have to get used to seeing my room in the background. 

I spent £65 on new clothes the other week and I feel as though I’ve nothing to show for it, I got a jacket, two tops, a jumper and a dress. I did get some jeans but I’m taking them back at the weekend. I think one of my biggest problems is I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes, even though I will get a lot of wear out of them. I spend pretty much every penny of my wage and yet I usually have nothing to show for it, well I have nothing to show for my ‘spending’ money.

If anyone has any tips for saving money please let me know because I desperately need them.

Blood Brothers

Unfortunately I’m having a falling out with my camera at the moment, so there’s only the one picture today. I practiced using the self timer on  Friday night before I went out but I got to my camera yesterday morning and all the images I had have been deleted, luckily it’s only the ones from Friday night which aren’t already on my laptop.

I took my mum to see Blood Brothers, at the Alhambra in Bradford, we had such a lovely time even if we did get there only moments before it started to find someone else in our seats. We had to take seats on the end of rows which weren’t next to each other so we got our original seats back after the interval, though the people that were in them seemed to be part of a really large group of people. We did feel quite bad for moving them but we wanted to be sat together, we would have just taken their original seats but the steward (?) insisted we had the seats on our tickets.

The outfit I wore was pretty much the same as the one in my last post, however I had a black cardigan on instead. Since starting this blog I’ve noticed I wear a lot of the same clothes and in the same way.
 Me on Friday night.

I really need to learn how to take pictures of myself, I always find that I look ridiculous, I'm going to get practicing with the self timer again, so maybe on my next post you'll see my shoddy attempts.

Sunday tea and sequins!

On Sunday night the folks treated me to tea out, I think they just missed me too much while I was away last week, it’s got nothing to do with the fact no one wanted to cook. 

Anyway here is what I wore, the sequined top is one I got in the sale while I was away last week, it was an absolute bargain at £5, there was no way I could let that stay in the shop. The top is more of a peach colour although it looks more gold in the photos.

You can just see our sexy carpet :)
 Attempting a pose like at our photo shoot
 Looking my most normal, it doesn't happen often.
I've moved to the kitchen

Cardigan – Primark
Top – Dorothy Perkins
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – Olivia’s

My sequined shoes are from a local shoe shop which is just across the street from where I work, whenever there’s a sale on me and a colleague always have to pop across. Normally the shoes in there are £60+ but in the sale there is usually a good bargain or two to have, these shoes only cost me £6 just after Christmas.

We had a lovely meal out, I had a wonderful mushroom and potato curry only to spill it down my top, luckily it's washed out. I think that's the first time I've spilt curry and had it wash out without leaving the slightest stain.