I put myself through some ‘torture’ today, by getting two new piercings.

I originally had my nose pierced a few years ago but it fell out and healed up, I’ve been planning on getting it redone since the beginning of this year and I’ve finally got round to it. It was definitely the most painful piercing of the two when I wasn’t expecting it to be. I was also shocked at how much it bled, I don’t recall bleeding much first time round but I definitely didn’t enjoy feeling woozy afterwards. I also decided to get my nipple pierced, which didn’t hurt at all, I got told plenty of horror stories about it but they were all wrong. I do have to thank my friend who came along with me to hold my hand, I think I may have chickened out if she hadn’t been there with me. I’m so glad I’ve had them done. I did reward myself with some new needles and some wool, I’m going to get knitting later.

My nose piercing :)

I feel as though I look normal again now that I’ve had my nose pierced, it’s probably a strange thing to say but I have really missed it. It’s all in my head but it’s made me feel good, I feel as though I look like me now.

I’ve definitely got a mixed sense of fashion going on today, I bought some new coral jeans which I planned on wearing however they’re a little too tight so they’re going to have to go in my wardrobe for a little while, unless I do actually get round to returning them. Though I did get to wear my new jumper from Dorothy Perkins which has sequins on. Unfortunately, I seemed to have miss placed my camera somewhere in the midst of unpacking and there’s no one to be my photographer, I'll make sure I get pictures of the clothes next time I wear them.