Starting afresh.

My first official post is about my wardrobe clear out, I decided if I was going to do this then I needed to do it properly. I’ve cleared out my wardrobe of all the clothes that no longer fit, I don’t like or I haven’t worn in a long time. Unfortunately I haven’t gone through all of my clothes because I have a big pile of washing to get through which isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I have sorted my clothes into two piles, one pile will be bagged up to go to the charity shop while the other pile will be bagged up and taken to the clothes recycling bin, simply because they are in no condition to be worn by anyone else. We do have a local re-dress agency where I have thought about taking a few new items so that I benefit by getting rid of them but I’m not sure that I should benefit from selling them when I was given the items in the first place.

The charity shop pile.

 The pile for the clothes recycling bin.

It doesn’t look like I’ve got rid of much so far but I can tell that my wardrobe is thankful for it and as I work through my washing basket I’m sure more and more clothes will be finding their way to the charity shop and the clothes recycling bin. I've also cleared out my Pj's hence the funny looking patterned item in my pile for the clothes recycling bin.

I’m actually supposed to be packing because I’m off to visit a friend tomorrow for a few days, however I’ve ended up tidying my room and clearing out my wardrobe, for once I’ve had successful procrastination. I’m hoping that said friend will indulge me and take outfit pictures for me while I’m with her so that I can share them with you. I do need to get on with my packing all I’ve done is get my suitcase out, however I’ve got ironing to do which is putting me off but I also need to leave by half 10, so it could be a mad rush in the morning.

I said in my previous post that I was going to try and give up spending so much, which unfortunately isn’t working out for me because since then I’ve bought new things. I’ve treated myself to two Peter Pan collars from folksy and I’ve also bought myself a new make up bag (I’ve just bust mine trying to clean it out ready to take away), and an owl ring, I already have a necklace and earrings but I decided they need a new friend.