I put myself through some ‘torture’ today, by getting two new piercings.

I originally had my nose pierced a few years ago but it fell out and healed up, I’ve been planning on getting it redone since the beginning of this year and I’ve finally got round to it. It was definitely the most painful piercing of the two when I wasn’t expecting it to be. I was also shocked at how much it bled, I don’t recall bleeding much first time round but I definitely didn’t enjoy feeling woozy afterwards. I also decided to get my nipple pierced, which didn’t hurt at all, I got told plenty of horror stories about it but they were all wrong. I do have to thank my friend who came along with me to hold my hand, I think I may have chickened out if she hadn’t been there with me. I’m so glad I’ve had them done. I did reward myself with some new needles and some wool, I’m going to get knitting later.

My nose piercing :)

I feel as though I look normal again now that I’ve had my nose pierced, it’s probably a strange thing to say but I have really missed it. It’s all in my head but it’s made me feel good, I feel as though I look like me now.

I’ve definitely got a mixed sense of fashion going on today, I bought some new coral jeans which I planned on wearing however they’re a little too tight so they’re going to have to go in my wardrobe for a little while, unless I do actually get round to returning them. Though I did get to wear my new jumper from Dorothy Perkins which has sequins on. Unfortunately, I seemed to have miss placed my camera somewhere in the midst of unpacking and there’s no one to be my photographer, I'll make sure I get pictures of the clothes next time I wear them.

Newby Hall with a touch of red.

Time for another little update, this is the first of hopefully many OOTD posts.

I’m on holiday so we attempted to have a trip to Newby Hall this afternoon, it's a stunning stately home with gardens. Unfortunately for us it decided that it would chuck it down and we could only view the gardens due to a coach trip having arrived at the same time as us.

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins
Top – New Look
Cardigan – Primark
Scarf – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – Clarks
Handbag - Next
Umbrella - Sainsbury's

My pictures are not the best, they're a bit too far away, I think I may need to sack my photographer already. This is one of my fail safe outfits, because you can never go too far wrong with jeans and a t-shirt. I'll just distract you with the lovely water garden I was stood in. I think an outfit like this which is pretty plain and ordinary needs a bit of colour just to make it pop and red is a colour i wear often thanks to the bag and shoes.

The scarf is currently available here in the sale, I love mine to pieces but it's not as amazing as my bag. My bag seems to be a bottomless pit I can fit all sorts of things in it and I'm constantly discovering things I'd forgotten about.

I didn’t get any pictures of yesterday’s outfit but I did have a fabulous farmer’s chic outfit going on, in the world of our farmers that means anything and everything goes along with a pair of wellies. 

I've also just discovered that my latest Dorothy Perkins order has arrived so my clothes should feature in a post next week and hopefully by then my Peter Pan Collars will have arrived.

Starting afresh.

My first official post is about my wardrobe clear out, I decided if I was going to do this then I needed to do it properly. I’ve cleared out my wardrobe of all the clothes that no longer fit, I don’t like or I haven’t worn in a long time. Unfortunately I haven’t gone through all of my clothes because I have a big pile of washing to get through which isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I have sorted my clothes into two piles, one pile will be bagged up to go to the charity shop while the other pile will be bagged up and taken to the clothes recycling bin, simply because they are in no condition to be worn by anyone else. We do have a local re-dress agency where I have thought about taking a few new items so that I benefit by getting rid of them but I’m not sure that I should benefit from selling them when I was given the items in the first place.

The charity shop pile.

 The pile for the clothes recycling bin.

It doesn’t look like I’ve got rid of much so far but I can tell that my wardrobe is thankful for it and as I work through my washing basket I’m sure more and more clothes will be finding their way to the charity shop and the clothes recycling bin. I've also cleared out my Pj's hence the funny looking patterned item in my pile for the clothes recycling bin.

I’m actually supposed to be packing because I’m off to visit a friend tomorrow for a few days, however I’ve ended up tidying my room and clearing out my wardrobe, for once I’ve had successful procrastination. I’m hoping that said friend will indulge me and take outfit pictures for me while I’m with her so that I can share them with you. I do need to get on with my packing all I’ve done is get my suitcase out, however I’ve got ironing to do which is putting me off but I also need to leave by half 10, so it could be a mad rush in the morning.

I said in my previous post that I was going to try and give up spending so much, which unfortunately isn’t working out for me because since then I’ve bought new things. I’ve treated myself to two Peter Pan collars from folksy and I’ve also bought myself a new make up bag (I’ve just bust mine trying to clean it out ready to take away), and an owl ring, I already have a necklace and earrings but I decided they need a new friend. 


I figured the best way to start off is with an introduction, I’m Beth, I’m 20 and I’m a copywriter for an internet marketing company. The name for this blog has simply come from me being called Tinkerbell by a friend and you my friends are the Lost Girls.

I’m sure you’ll be wondering why I’ve decided to start a fashion blog and honestly I wouldn’t call it that just yet because I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out, i've never done anything like this before so i don't want to make any promises. I don’t work in the fashion industry nor do I ever plan on doing, this blog is just going to be a little project for me to work on. I’ve looked at many different fashion blogs out of interest and I’ve seen some I love and some I hate, I guess the reasons I hate some of them is that I really don’t think they’ve put together great outfits in the majority of their posts. I know it’s all down to personal opinion and style, I’m never going to say I’m a fashion guru but I do know what shapes and styles suit me and those which don’t, though there will be time where I’ll fall in love with a piece and say forget the fashion guru, I love it so I’m wearing it. I can’t instantly put together a fabulous outfit, it does take a lot of effort and I don’t always want to look fabulous though I do try to make an effort everyday even if the only thing I know I’m doing is going into the office. I will see something I love in store but then try it on to see that no matter how much I love it, I really can’t make it work for me so it’s not worth spending the money.

My plans with the blog are to post about the outfits I put together which make me feel and look good no matter what the occasion, even if it’s a fabulous pair of Pj’s for a duvet day (I’m sure Elmo will make his debut soon enough).